The latest chapter of Immortal Executioner, the body of the 513th chapter is in a good mood refining device (below), floating astronomy
    I couldn’t think of leaving Yang Xi’s life inadvertently, and there would be such a benefit. Yang Chen also heard about Yang Xi's recent work through other channels, which is quite suitable for Yang Chen's appetite. With his help, I believe Li Liheng will go further and further on the road of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

    Just pity Yang Xi, he thought he was making trouble for Yang Chen in non-stop, revenge and hate. Of course, Yang Chen will not easily break Yang Xi's fantasy. He also counts on Yang Xi to give advice to the distinguished Young Sect Master.

    Naturally, this is just a small trap. The real big trap is still behind, and it is a temptation that all the high-level Heaven Sect can't refuse. But throwing it out is not very suitable now, always picking the right time.

    Now Yang Chen is in a good mood. It is the right way to vent some resentment. If you work together, you can't always stare at the stress life cultivation. Appropriate relaxation is always necessary.

    Sixth Earth flying sword or Sixth Earth Magic Weapon is no more difficult, just use Sixth Earth Magic Weapon. Yang Chen made the decision. After checking the surrounding Formation, Enron began to refine the Sixth Earth Magic Weapon.

    Demon Qi on the Nine Quiet fly dust should be absorbed and purified. After the refining is completed, Demon Qi will be re-absorbed. Otherwise, the concentration of Demon Qi will be high, and Yang Chen's refining process will not go smoothly.

    The Demonized Monster Vine in the Sea of ​​Consciousness is still entwined by the Spiritual Awareness thread, and Nine Quiet's Demon Qi enters the Yang Chen's Sea of ​​Consciousness and joins the body of the powerful Demonized Monster Vine.

    It is undeniable that Demon Qi, which has no idea of ​​how long Nine Quiet fly contains, far exceeds Yang Chen's imagination. Even in the middle of absorbing Demon Qi, Yang Chen had to temporarily stop the process of absorption, and spent a short period of time to temper himself again with Demon Qi.

    This process was almost cycled at least five times, which drove away Demon Qi from the Nine Quiet fly, and then began the final preparations before refining, familiar with the material.

    Nine Quiet flying dust directly in Yang Chen's Sea of ​​Consciousness is everywhere, the particles of this flying dust is very small, even if it is magnified in Yang Chen's Sea of ​​Consciousness, I don't know how many times. Still still very subtle, can not see clearly. After a careful understanding of the characteristics of the Nine Quiet flying dust, Yang Chen began to refine.

    Before the official refining, Yang Chen first nourished the Nine Quiet with the Universe Treasure Raising Secret Art, and then began the refining process, the process is not too difficult, the powerful Spiritual Awareness will be all the Nine without any obstacles. Quiet dust control, after the creation of their own Spiritual Awareness Imprint. Everything becomes simple.

    The most troublesome process is to use Demonized Monster Vine's phantom as a Tool Spirit refining to Magic Weapon, but it's hard to beat Yang Chen. Have the knowledge and experience of the previous life Great Principle Golden Immortal. There is the powerful Spiritual Awareness of Human Immortal Second Grade. Adding Tool Spirit to Magic Weapon is not a hassle.

    The only thing that makes Yang Chen feel a pity is that the Demonized Monster Vine, which is Tool Spirit, has a higher monthly success rate when refining Tool Spirit. Even with Yang Chen's current forformable, it still can't let the Demonized Monster Vine phantom rise to the maximum. It can only be controlled by the circumference.

    Forcing the Spiritual Awareness thread to encroach on the remaining consciousness of the Demonized Monster Vine, carefully retaining the instinct of Demonized Monster Vine to swallow Demon Qi, and then successfully enter the Tool Spirit into the already formed Magic Weapon.

    This is the only one of Yang Chen's Big Yin Five Five Phases Magic Weapon with Tool Spirit. The whole body is dark, even without a fixed shape. It's just a thick black fog, changing shape from time to time according to Yang Chen's control. When Yang Chen is not in control. It is a black smoke that looks like a natural one.

    The process of refining, in Yang Chen's own case, is not perfect, because Yang Chen's Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art are not completely finished yet. Sixth Earth True Secret Art has not yet been cultivated, so there is no cultivation, so Sixth Earth spirit power is not an essence spirit power. Relatively speaking, the effect of refining Magic Weapon is a little worse.

    However, Yang Chen did not intend to cultivation Sixth Earth True Secret Art at this time. These advantages cultivation methods can be used at critical moments. The cultivation is wasted on weekdays. And Magic Weapon can continue to refine at the time, I believe that after the baptism of Sixth Earth True Secret Art, the quality will be higher.

    Without control, the diffuse black fog naturally surrounds Yang Chen's, and Yang Chen is like a demon. Yang Chen thought of a move, the black fog became a black robe, and suddenly became a black armor, very comfortable.

    The newly refining Magic Weapon, Yang Chen gave a very interesting name, called Nine Quiet Flying Sword. Although it is not the shape of the flying sword, Yang Chen likes to call it.

    Nine Quiet Flying Sword Because the Tool Spirit has been deliberately weakened, and the Nine Quiet fly dust has been purified before refining, the Demon Qi of contains is not sufficient, and it is still very weak.

    But despite this, Nine Quiet Flying Sword has shown the effect of Demon Qi, which is not as good as the formulation of Li Tianxue's research. Demon Qi, who has been condensed by Formation, has begun to glimpse toward Nine Quiet Flying Sword. Yang Chen's is surrounded by a thick Demon Qi.

    This kind of Demon Qi is in the eyes of outsiders, definitely a cultivator contaminated by Demon Qi and then Demonization? Maybe this will Li Tianxue have become this look.

    Although Yang Chen did not kill Li Tianxue, he left another result besides Demonization, and was killed by Demonization Monster Beast. There is no other possibility.

    Even if someone wants to save him, but a Culture deviation is almost crazy, the Great Ascension stage cultivator, not killing the rescued person is already burning high. What's more, here is Monster Demon Continent, not a close friend, who would be so kind? Maybe you will find a chance to meet up, you can get some benefits from the body. It's just the way it is.

    With a wave of it, Nine Quiet Flying Sword turned into a black long whip and was drawn on a big tree next to it. The black Demon Qi directly invaded into the trunk with the broken big mouth, not a moment. The whole tree will die and die. This is just a plant that can withstand the thin Demon Qi, where it can withstand such attacks.

    The effect made Yang Chen very satisfied, but now Yang Chen still needs to find a suitable opponent to test the effect of the attack, is it really with the evil power of the Culture deviation. All this needs to be verified again, just to see where you can find a suitable enemy.

    Can't help but say, Yang Chen's luck is just good to Heaven Defying, thinking about what's there. I was thinking about where an enemy could come out and try the power of Nine Quiet Flying Sword, and someone immediately appeared in the range of Yang Chen's Spiritual Awareness.

    Even more coincidentally, Li Liheng's Spiritual Awareness Imprint in Yang Chen Sea of ​​Consciousness was slightly shocked, and suddenly let Yang Chen understand that the other hand must have a compass to track his whereabouts.

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