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    Far from the distance, the other side is just a Nascent Soul peak. The scope of the Spiritual Awareness exploration is far less horrible than that of Yang Chen, so it is not known that his figure has fallen under the direction of Yang Chen's Spiritual Awareness, just in accordance with the direction of the compass. While marching, killing the ever-presenting Demonization Monster Beast.

    Yang Chen quietly puts the Those Qi's Formation around the few miles away, and then walks straight toward the man.

    While walking, Nine Quiet Flying Sword absorbed Demon Qi at the non-stop. It doesn't take long for this kind of journey, but it can be absorbed a little bit. Adding a little bit of the power of Demon Qi may make the other party fall into the situation of Cultural deviation.

    When it was less than the time of the week, the other party found Yang Chen's whereabouts. The pointer of the compass clearly told him that Yang Chen, the target of the trip, was not far away, and his Spiritual Awareness also found Yang Chen's figure.

    However, this guy is a cautious guy. Even if he found Yang Chen's people, he still couldn't be completely sure. He just watched out and put out an Array flag with a stealth Formation. He wanted to confirm it carefully.

    "Are you coming to me?"Yang Chen directly smashed his line, and asked him not to wait until he was close.

    “concocting pills Grandmaster Yang ?”The other party has never seen Yang Chen. I just heard about the description. Seeing Yang Chen, I no longer hide it. I put up the Array flag and asked the tone very calmly.

    “Correct.”Yang Chen directly acknowledged and then asked: "What do friends call?"

    "Not so troublesome. Take the thing that Hu Changyi Elder wants and let you live! ”The other party has a Nascent Soul peak expert and is naturally confident in Yang Chen's Nascent Soul Early Stage. He is also very aggressive and condescending: "Otherwise, there will be another Demonization cultivator in this world."

    Yang Chen is surrounded by black mist and can't even look at each other's eyes. And Yang Chen didn't intend to hide it. At least in the eyes of the other party, Yang Chen is now attacked by Demon Qi. He thought that he had said that he had given Yang Chen a face, and this situation was also rejected by Yang Chen.

    "Oh ?" What is Elder Hu wanting, what is it? ”Yang Chen asked with a smile.

    "Don't know…"Nascent Soul peak's expert smiled and replied. Nor did he give Yang Chen the opportunity to speak again, directly telling: "So. Hand over all your things. Rao you are not dead! ”

    Yang Chen is still laughing now, at least in the eyes of the other party, Yang Chen should be crying. Fifth Grade concocting pills Grandmaster, not a strong character on this Monster Demon Continent, Demonization Monster Beast Whether you are Alchemist Master or not, Grandmaster, Demonization of Demonization. Isn’t Yang Chen now in this crisis?

    It’s not fun that this expert is not happy, Yang Chen looks like this. It can be said that it is the hand to come, how to knead how to knead. He should go to great luck. Yang Chen's is a good thing and he is cheaper. This time, not only can find the thing that sect needs, make a great contribution, but also can retrieve Yang Chen from the sect blackmail's thing.

    Those Yang Chen's extortion from Greatest Heaven Sect is a huge asset in itself, whether it is a return to sect or not, it means a huge benefit to the expert of Nascent Soul peak.

    In fact, he didn't want to leave Yang Chen's life at all. The reason why he said so much is that the deeper Yang Chen is invaded by Demon Qi, the more laborious it is to deal with. As for failure, can this kind of nonsense happen?

    "If you want thing, you can still take it yourself!"Yang Chen stood on the spot, and there was no extra movement, just a faint smile and a provocation.

    "Toasting, not eating and drinking!" Complete you! ”The expert snorted and did not hesitate to summon the flying sword, far away from Yang Chen. Anyway, here is Monster Demon Continent, be careful not to be wrong, expert is still doing a good job.

    The black gas on Yang Chen suddenly skyrocketed and greeted the other's flying sword. Seeing this situation, the other party stunned, apparently did not expect such a situation, but only a sigh of relief, still control the flying sword to Yang Chen.

    Flying sword When it comes to black fog, it is like a fiery sword inserted into the cold pool, making a squeaky sound, making people feel creepy when they listen.

    Those who are slower also understand that this black gas is not a good number. Nascent Soul expert hastened to recall the flying sword and carefully check it, but there is no big problem, so rest assured.

    "Is this strange means to think about Demon Sect? I can't think of the Fifth Grade Alchemist Master Yang Chen Grandmaster Yang, but it's still a devil's head, and I don't want the old man to choose the Demons and Protect the Dao! ”After all, it was Dao Sect's birth. Even under these circumstances, the other party did not forget to find a righteous name, and gave Yang Chen a devil's hat and said a big sense of ambiguity. The end is the Evolution of Demons and Protect the Dao's Expert.

    "So much nonsense!"Yang Chen underestimated the sound, directly turned the black fog into a huge whip, and swept his face toward the other side.

    The Nascent Soul peak expert, how can it be hit by this kind of attack, the other side of the body flashes, it has already flashed, then the flying sword immediately counterattacked.

    The black fog suddenly rises, and the space is directly filled with dozens of circumference spaces, and the Nascent Soul peak is directly enveloped. Seeing this situation, the other party yelled, and hurriedly offered a few Protection Magic Weapons to protect the whole body, and they would quickly leave the dark fog.

    The prey that has already entered the hub, how could Yang Chen let him escape, Nine Quiet Flying Sword can change shape, instantly become countless spikes, stabbed toward the centrally wrapped opponent.

    What Protection Magic Weapon is good, what flying sword is worth mentioning, lying on the black fog, no effect. Who has seen the knife cut off the smoke? Black fog directly invaded his skin.

    As soon as he came into contact with the black fog, the other party felt that his heart was stunned, and then he was confused. When he was standing up, he was not aware of it. He quickly mobilized a clear cultivation method, and quickly pushed down these distractions.

    Can't help but say that Dao Sect cultivator is still determined and indulged by Demon Qi. Although there are some signs of heart's devil, it quickly subsided.

    "It really means Demon Sect, you can't leave it!"When I noticed the anomaly in the black fog, the opponent was even more furious. I almost took out the hard work of the bottom of the box, and regardless of the black fog attack, I just attacked Yang Chen.

    That was closeYang Chen, who is opposite, can only make such a sigh. This Nine Quiet Flying Sword, after all, is still not finished, Demon Qi is not enough, otherwise it is just that, just enough to trigger this guy's heart's devil, directly into the end of Li Tianxue, it is a pity.

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