The latest chapter of Immortal Executioner, the body of the fifty-fifth chapter of the fist is the big rule (on), floating astronomy
    The words of Li Cheng seem to have inspired all the murders. At the same time as the voices fell, the boundless pressure shrouded everyone in the gathering. Under this powerful pressure, even the Great Ascension stage expert, I feel a chill.

    The source of the pressure is from the old man who is stunned. Countless people are surprised, but they also add a huge shock. How high is such an expert, cultivation base, so that they can feel the fear of those who are pretentious on weekdays?

    There are a number of severes that seem to be unaffected, all along with the old man, distributed in all directions, firmly guarding the middle.

    Seeing this situation, dozens of Great Ascension stage experts around are a bunch of suck in a cold breath. It is possible to suppress everyone in this situation, and to be able to accurately control not to harm oneself. What kind of cultivation base?

    RulesThe old man suddenly seems to have suddenly become a strong man with a sacred muscle knot. The temperament of the sky is straight into the sky. The cold words are like the masters of high and high, and cannot be violated: "What rules? Where I am, I am the rule! ”

    Everyone at the gathering point heard this arrogant discourse. Everyone's face showed a burst of anger, but the strange thing is that, except Li Cheng, no one stood up.

    According to the rules of the past gathering points, if someone dares to be so blatantly destroying the rules, they will never escape the end of the crowd, even if his cultivation base is high, it is impossible for everyone to embrace the opponent.

    Monster Demon Continent has lived for so long. Everyone has always felt that it is a natural rule to be a gathering point, and no one has ever thought about violating it. But today, a guy who stands arrogantly in front of the crowd and said loudly that I am the rule, these long-lost guys seem to have chosen silence.

    Everyone who comes here to gain experience, even if it kills more in Monster Demon Continent, is also killed from the low to high First Layer layer. Demonization Monster Beast can be counted in the hands, and the number of battles exceeds the sum of the battles that many people can face in a lifetime. According to the truth, there should be no fear of thinking.

    It can happen that this unreasonable thing happened. Whether it was the Old Ancestor of Nascent Soul Stage or the expert of the Great Ascension stage, when faced with the horror of the old man, the mind could not afford to rebel. Except for fear, the rest is only natural that feels right.

    This is definitely a peerless expert. And it's still high enough to let all the great Ascension stage experts in the room add up to the super expert. Such an expert. Why is it here?

    The gap in the realm is really too big. The strength of Supreme Elder is infinitely close to the Human Immortal of Crossing Tribulation ascending. As long as there is no cultivator that has been Crossing Tribulation, in this big realm or even a world gap, Firmly suppressed.

    Relative to the fear and timidity of all the Experts in the gathering point, follow Supreme Elder to the wonder Experts of Monster Demon Continent. It’s the real pride and the pride of a face.

    Did not come before Monster Demon Continent. Everyone thinks that this is a terrible place, but it was discovered when it came. But it's just a simple Demonization Monster Beast. Even before they start, Supreme Elder releases a little bit of breath, and there's no longer a long-sighted Demonic Creature.

    This made them feel that Monster Demon Continent is no big deal. Others regard it as a fierce land. They should be smooth. And so many people come to the purchase of a younger generation of the Nascent Soul Early Stage, which is a bit overkill.

    But think about Yang Chen's previous record, or can't say the record, can only say that the Greatest Heaven Sect sent people out. It seems that Yang Chen also has an expert at the guard, six Nascent Soul Stage experts at the same time, plus even Elder Hu Changyi is inexplicably in the dark, and sending Supreme Elder is a safe plan.

    From the moment Yang Chen appeared at the gathering point, he was destined to be a dead man. Someone still intends to follow the compass all the way, but Supreme Elder did not fully agree, just let the severe people divide into the longitudinal direction to start tracking, but with all Experts waiting for this gathering point, the elders seem to be sure, Yang Chen will definitely come here.

    The waiting time is not very long. It has only been more than a year since they arrived at Monster Demon Continent, and most of them are on the road.

    After coming to this gathering point, everyone started to follow the rules and did not do anything excessive until Yang Chen's appeared.

    This ridiculous place, set the rules to say that it is not allowed to do it, don't tell me They don't know, is the rule determined by the big fist? Even if there is an expert oversee, what about it, isn't it scared by Supreme Elder?

    It’s ridiculous to break the rules and attack them. Their pedestrians have blatantly destroyed the rules, but until now, no one has come out to maintain the rules.

    No, there is a little guy jumping out, which is actually the worst one of the cultivation base in this gathering point. It may be that just after coming to Monster Demon Continent, there are no signs of killing and temperament. The temperament is not enough forformable. The newcomers don’t know how tall and thick they are. Do you think that someone will respond in the first place?

    Several Greatest Heaven Sect's expert thought, his face sneered, watching Li Cheng jump out like a joke, and no one was moving. They just need to ensure that Yang Chen can't escape, and the rest are naturally solved by Supreme Elder.

    As for Supreme Elder, he won't be interested in a little guy who jumped out of his blood. When he got to this point, what fame and fortune, what is the power to fight for profit, the mind is light, the heart is like water, there will be no blood impulses.

    The little guy is good, knowing the rules of maintenance, but that's about it. Supreme Elder didn't even look at Li Cheng with just the right eye, just stepping toward Yang Chen step by step with firm and solid steps. Yang Chen is his real goal. He solved Yang Chen and completed the Crossing Tribulation ascending for the sect.

    "I don't care what rules you have here, I only follow my own rules."Supreme Elder is like a dominant voice, calm and majestic, and everyone who hears it is shocked.

    "I only need one person's life, others, as long as you are honestly staying, otherwise, you will die!"In two consecutive sentences, Supreme Elder has clearly stated his attitude and his own purpose. His goal is Yang Chen.

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