The latest chapter of Immortal Executioner, the body of the fifty-fifth chapter of the fist is the big rule (below), floating astronomy
    "Destroy the rules, everyone can get it!"The voice of Li Cheng is ringing again when Yang Chen wants to do it.

    This time, not only the great expert of Greatest Heaven Sect, but also the other experts who were shocked by Supreme Elder, Monster Demon Continent, also cast a strange look.

    Li Cheng spoke for the first time, and then the old guy released the pressure of Haotian directly, and pressed everyone down. No one would dare to say half a word. How come it is now, even if he dares to jump out of gibberish, is it tired?

    "You are stubborn, you two die together!"Supreme Elder almost no joy and no sorrow, and once again, a Sword Light flew from the body and flew high into the sky.

    At the same time, there was another light, but it was flying from Li Cheng. The same is Sword Light, but compared to Supreme Elder's radiant Sword Light, Li Cheng's Sword Light is very dim, even arguably almost no light, just a gray shadow that can hardly be seen.

    Hey, Supreme from Supreme Elder is flying directly to Yang Chen, and Li Cheng's Sword Light is also heading to Supreme Elder.

    In addition to Yang Chen and Li Cheng, everyone in the audience recognized a result. Yang Chen's first level was smashed, and Li Cheng's flying sword was blocked, then the next Sword Light flew back, and Li Cheng's head was also smashed.

    Supreme Elder This level of expert, has been too lazy to cope with severe opponents, especially two juniors, certainly one by one, he will not worry that the other side can resist success, kill in order, a little hope does not leave opponent under. This is the real expert.

    Everyone was watching the moment when Yang Chen's first class flew, but only saw Yang Chen reach out and grabbed the Sword Light.

    Grab the flying sword? This young man will not be stupid, right? Not to mention the level of expert, even the young man of the same realm of Nascent Soul Early Stage, who is also a big loss to the flying sword. Even if there is no better Body Refining Technique, it can't stand the quenching ** and the quenching Magic Weapon confrontation, barely weak, it is clear at a glance.

    Accordingly. In the guesswork of everyone, before the scene of Yang Chen's first flight, there was another plot in which the palm of the hand was cut off. It should be coherent.

    The peer-removed expert just said that he only needs Yang Chen and Li Cheng's life, and everyone else will be fine as long as they don't move. All those who are not suppressed by Supreme Elder are actually loose in their hearts, as long as they have nothing to do with themselves. Then no matter how good.

    No one has put the rules of the gathering point into action, as Supreme Elder said. The big fist is the rule. At this moment, Supreme Elder has the biggest fist, so his words are rules. This gathering point up and down hundreds of people close to thousands of people, there is a later generation of young people dare to jump out to maintain the original rules, or a newcomer.

    From this point of view, the guy in the presence of the monster Monster Demon Continent to gain experience, except Li Cheng. Every one should feel embarrassed. It is a pity that the mind is not as important as life and death. No one will jump out to be the one who makes a living.

    When everyone’s fears were put down, another mind came out. An expert take action like Supreme Elder. Being able to witness it, it is definitely a precious experience. Can not help, everyone has some expectations, expecting their guess results.

    Flying sword has arrived in front of Yang Chen's, and Yang Chen's hand is very fast and grabs it. Sword Light slammed as the crowd waited for the bloody scene.

    Brush, Sword Light from the pole to the static situation makes people's eyes uncomfortable for a while, but no more uncomfortable than the shock in their hearts.

    Yang Chen just took the take action, grabbed Sword Light, and then the flying sword of the peer-only expert was caught in the hands of Yang Chen. Not to mention breaking the palm of your hand, it is estimated that even the hair of Yang Chen's hand is not broken.

    How is this possible?
A sword that is more serious than the presence of the great Ascension stage expert, which is a formidable expert, can't even be a younger generation finger of a Nascent Soul Early Stage? What a big joke? Could it be that this old one is a little together to make everyone play and play?

    Not only the people of the thing Monster Demon Continent, but even the people of Greatest Heaven Sect are all a glimpse. What is going on? How could How could Supreme Elder let Yang Chen grab his flying sword?

    The most surprising thing on the scene was not the other person, the Rather Supreme Elder. From the very beginning to the present, he has been firmly in charge of the initiative, holding all the atmosphere here, to be windy, to rain, to wait for a sword to kill Yang Chen, but suddenly there is the current change .

    The heart of life, the Life Source Flying Sword that is connected with his heart, will kill Yang Chen from another angle. However, this is just a thought. The flying sword in the hands of Yang Chen only slightly shakes the tail of the sword. The sword was caught in the hands of Yang Chen and did not move.

    Supreme Elder, the young man in the Nascent Soul Early Stage, is an expert that hides such depth. Emptyman grabs his Life Source Flying Sword of this level expert, even if he is strong as Supreme Elder Surpasses, he doesn't dare to just cross the Tribulation ascending guy. Yang Chen did not hesitate to reach out and grab it.

    Surprisingly, a black light flashed in front of me, when Supreme Elder was remembers, and another younger generation was planning to attack himself with the flying sword. I just immersed myself in the shock of Yang Chen's empty-handed sword, and actually forgot about it.

    The tiger is not angry. Is it really a sick cat? Even the younger generation of the two Nascent Soul Early Stage dare to ride on the neck of the old man? From the beginning to the end, it was just a shock to the Supreme Elder, and it was no longer a state of no joy and no sorrow.

    This area flying sword, would you like the Supreme Elder of Greatest Heaven Sect? This afterlife is too much to put the expert in the eye, right?

    The anger was so dark that Supreme Elder stood still on the spot. Yang Chen dared to take the flying sword with his empty hand. Didn't he dare to go out of the game? He just wants to let other people see, my old man is standing here, let me use the flying sword to cut it, and can't do anything to my old man.

    So another scene that shocked everyone was happening again. Such a superb expert of formidable, just use the breath to let the Supreme Elder of Greatest Heaven Sect, which is close to thousands of experts, not standing out, standing straight on the spot, let Li Cheng, the flying sword of the later generations, My own neck.

    Then, a white-haired head, like a hydrangea thrown up by people, with a blood spring bursting out of the sky, rushed into the sky, after flipping a few times in the air, oh, it fell not far away The place, rolled a few rolls, no longer move.

    The headless body, standing on the spot, flattened the neck, made a burst of snoring, squirting blood, red blood around the surrounding.

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