The latest chapter of Immortal Executioner, the body of the fifty-sixth chapter Demon Qi can not be used (on), floating astronomy
    There are only two swords in total, Supreme Elder kills Yang Chen's sword, and Li Cheng kills Supreme Elder's sword. The two swords look very ordinary, there is no special place, but the result is very different.

    A sword to Yang Chen's was caught by Yang Chen, and now the flying sword is still in the hands of Yang Chen's. And a sword against Supreme Elder is a one-shot effect, neatly decapitating Supreme Elder.

    The facts were so overwhelming that the Supreme Elder head didn't move until the corpse fell to the ground, and everyone waited.

    "How is this possible?
"The most incredible thing is the greats of the Great Greatest Heaven Sect, Supreme Elder. They are going from the sect to the Monster Demon Continent more than ten years. Not to mention a small Nascent Soul Early Stage, which is ten hundred, and it should be Supreme Elder.

    However, the situation that everyone saw was not at all. The expert of Great Greatest Heaven Sect even thought that Supreme Elder was joking with everyone and deliberately got Illusion out.

    Just, is this Illusion too real? Reality is true to everyone. That is Surpasses Supreme Elder with Crossing Tribulation ascending expert strength, impossible!

    On the other hand, the guys who are shocked by the monster Monster Demon Continent, a peerless expert who only stunned them and darted to move them, was so simply beheaded by a sword, no resistance? What happened to the world? Is Nascent Soul Early Stage the most formidable realm in mortal world?

    Could it be that this expert is just a flower shelf. Just the momentum is amazing, but there are no two under the hand? This is the most likely situation, otherwise an expert with such a formidable, flying sword is caught by a young man of the Nascent Soul Early Stage, it is too fake.

    "Someone is killing Grandmaster Yang bad rules today. You don't take action. When someone kills your bad rules someday, who else will save you?"Li Cheng's sword killed the overbearing Supreme Elder. However, he did not continue to work on the Greatest Heaven menthose, and Rather shouted.

    Li Cheng's break-up time made the people who were stupid around wake up. Today they are shameful and thrown into their homes. They are bullied and don't say anything, so many of them don't even dare to let go. The youngest two Nascent Soul Early Stage cultivation bases have been maintaining the rules, which is why they are now?

    Countless pairs of eyes with shyness and venting, directly eyeing the Greatest Heaven Sect expert that those and Supreme Elder came out together. There are dozens of Great Ascension stage experts here. Also add hundreds of the worst, the Nascent Soul Early Stage's Expert in the Monster Demon Continent to gain experience for at least ten years.

    Greatest Heaven Sect sent this time, except for a Supreme Elder. Everything else is just Nascent Soul Late Stage Nascent Soul peak. More than ten Nascent Soul. Faced with the eyes of hundreds of expert hatreds, the mood that has just been sentimental is no longer there. At this moment, their mood is exactly the same as that of the people who started the all gathering point when they were suppressed by Supreme Elder. Out.

    It’s a pity that these killing guys are not angry. In the strong desire to vent, there is no Supreme Elder's kind of arbitrage as long as they don't get in the way. Someone took the lead and just took a step. Everyone in the time rushed to the nearest Greatest Heaven Sect disciple.

    More than ten Greatest Heaven Sect's Nascent Soul expert was buried in the blink of an eye by hundreds of angry Monster Demon Continent killers. I can't see a trace of it anymore.

    In the chaos, only two places were completely undisturbed. One is the place where Yang Chen stands, and the other is where Li Cheng stands. The distance between the two is almost two feet, but within the circumference of the ten-foot circumference, there is no other living person, only one without head. The corpse lies a few feet away from the opposite side.

    An empty hand picks up the super expert flying sword, a sword that decapates the super expert, and the hundreds of people present are not fools, acting? Is there such a person who uses his head to play? What's more, when the peer-only expert just came out, there are more than ten experts in the Nascent Soul Late Stage Nascent Soul peak, which is absolutely true.

    Since the peerless expert is true, how terrible is it for a sword to decapitate this level of expert? How terrible is the man who grabs the expert flying sword with empty hands?

    In Monster Demon Continent, in addition to having the pride of not being afraid of death, you must have enough eyesight to judge the strength of the opponent. When you run, you should run the grandson. Before the Supreme Elder in front of, everyone installed the grandson and installed it well, obviously the eyesight is also very good.

    Such two super-formidable killers, whoever dare to provoke, is really looking for death. Still smother the gas on the guys who come out with the peer expert.

    "flying sword, your cosmos bag, my, how?"Li Cheng just drank so much, didn't care about the performance of these people around, and talked to Yang Chen. The two are not far away, and they can hear each other clearly.

    Flying sword naturally refers to the flying sword of Supreme Elder, which is now in the hands of Yang Chen's. Because of the owner's body, I am no longer struggling, and I am honestly put away by Yang Chen. Cosmos bag is the cosmos bag on the body of Supreme Elder. It is estimated to be the family that the old guy has accumulated in his life.

    ParadeYang Chen knew that Li Cheng was a little mysterious, but he still didn't expect it to be so terrible. A sword daggers the Supreme Elder of Greatest Heaven Sect. Although there are Supreme Elder elements in it, Li Cheng's own strength is not to be underestimated.

    Although Yang Chen wants to do this, he can desperately kill the Supreme Elder, but I am afraid to use a lot of capital, and may even destroy many of the things, revealing countless days to count the Greatest Heaven Sect. Maybe you still have a wound on your body, and you won't wave your hand like Li Cheng.

    In this way, the strength of Li Cheng, Yang Chen is not overrated, and rather is underestimated. Fortunately, it is not too late to know, just do not know which mysterious expert is from which sect.

    Greatest Heaven Sect Supreme Elder's Life Source Flying Sword is definitely a good thing. This kind of thing to accompany Supreme Elder ascending Spirit World Immortal World for a lifetime must be made by him at the expense of blood, and the value will never be lower than the thing in the cosmos bag.

    See Li Cheng is refreshing, and there is no hostility from the beginning. Yang Chen also intends to have more contact. When Li Cheng flying sword hooks up the Supreme Elder's cosmos bag, he smiles and invites: "Li brother, younger brother here. There are still some good wines. Would you like to have a few drinks together?"

    "I can't ask for it!"Li Cheng is also a refreshing person, haha ​​smiles and directly agrees. (To be continued ……

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