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    When the two men walked into a room at the gathering point, the guys who watched the two people's moving points finally released a long breath.

    It seems that these two comets are not particularly angry, but the guys of Monster Demon Continent are all blushing. They safely enjoyed the security of the gathering point for hundreds of years, but when they arrived, they did not know the rules for maintaining the gathering point. If this is the case, they will not be able to find a place where they can rest on the Monster Demon Continent.

    It was this kind of shameful feeling that these guys were exceptionally merciless when faced with the Greatest Heaven Sect disciple left by the thing. Just a wave of shocks, there is more than ten Greatest Heaven Sect's Nascent Soul expert.

    The people of Greatest Heaven Sect were all killed, but the cosmos bag left by these greatest Heaven Sect disciples, but no one dared to put away. In the end, the two Great Ascension stage experts took the initiative to collect these cosmos bags and then sent them to the room where Yang Chen and Li Cheng went to drink.

    People kill them, but they can do their best. The two young people seem to be drinking, but no one dares to squint into the face. The performance of the two juniors is more powerful than the old guys who don’t know how many years they have on the Monster Demon Continent. A young man in front of this, the people at this gathering point can not lift their heads.

    The two people in the room did not pay attention to what happened outside, and did not say much about what had just happened. The two just chatted and drank.

    The wine is Jade Dragon Wine prepared by Yang Chen. Because Sun Qingxue also likes to drink a little, Yang Chen brews a lot of auxiliary wines to blend the wine masters. Every year, it is brewed with Spirit Spring from all over the world. After so many years, it has also left a lot of homes. In particular, some of the auxiliary wines have been in existence for a long time, and there have been fires for one or two hundred years.

    The auxiliary wine is also a good wine. It is not known how many thousands of years of Dragon Clan brewed in the gourd. When it is taken out, it is the fragrance of the wine, which makes people intoxicated.

    "Good wine!"Li Cheng is obviously a wine-loving person, and he knows the wine very well. It just smells the smell and seems to be able to determine the source of some wine.

    “This is made by Wuliang, at least one hundred and seventy years.”After the smell, Li Cheng drank a little bit, and the closed eyes tasted for a while. This continued: "The old-aged sake, the new one has Chen, and the new one in Chen Zhong, it really has a taste."

    After taking another drink, I said again: "This water should be in Spirit Spring in the Tiannan area. It incorporates a little Seventh Metal essence, Jin Shengshui, don't have a wonderful mouth! Good wine! ”

    Just for these two reviews, let Yang Chen look at it. Whether it is the vintage material of the brewing or the land of the water source, all of them are said to be in the middle of the world. It is absolutely impossible to be familiar with the mountain geography of this world.

    "This auxiliary wine is brewed by hand, but the wine girl is from other places. It is rare for Li brother to like it, and then drink more."Some people appreciate the wine they brew, and Yang Chen is naturally happy.

    Yang Chen's auxiliary wine is also taken out by Li Cheng. The wines blended by different auxiliary wines have different tastes, and the ones that come out are the best wines of the world.

    Both of them are bold people, and whether or not they have a drink, just take a cup of my drink and talk about some interesting things about the world.

    "If you are jingling, you can actually rectify a good dish on the table."When drinking, Yang Chen did not forget to praise his wife: "Specially for the younger brother's appetite, in the mortal world to learn a full ten years, after the single month, Li brother is still here, will be able to enjoy a meal. ”

    "Oh ?" Is there such a thing? ”As soon as Yang Chen was so praised by his wife, Li Cheng’s eyes brightened, and the look of his face looked like a food: “So, the younger brother must wait for the severe month.”

    Both of them must have secrets that are not humane, and even the pleasure seems to be unwilling. They all understand the combination of work and rest, understand the appropriate indulgence of their emotional instinct, and naturally can talk together.

    Chatting and chatting, I naturally talked about this Monster Demon Continent. Everyone is in this Monster Demon Continent to gain experience, naturally there are many common topics.

    Yang Chen is not very clear about the existence of these gathering points and the definition of the entire Monster Demon Continent. It is natural to ask Li Cheng.

    However, Li Cheng claimed that it was just a short time. In fact, the two should enter Monster Demon Continent at the same time, but Li Cheng has been in the periphery for several decades, so I don't know much.

    However, Li Cheng is not completely to gain experience, but also has gone a lot of places, saw a lot of things, knowing a little more than Yang Chen. Just the extra ones, but also where Demon Qi is particularly anomalous, for Yang Chen, is a reference, not much of a role.

    Actually Li Cheng is very interested in Yang Chen's current robe. With his eyesight, it is natural to see that this is a Magic Weapon, but it will be retouched and worn by Demon Qi's Magic Weapon. This is too much for Yang Chen. Bold, right?

    "Yang brother still has to be careful about this Demon Qi attack."Li Cheng said with a bit of enthusiasm: "This Demon Qi younger brother has been studying for many days. Although it can't hurt people, but if the concentration is high, the general cultivator will be entangled for life, and can't get rid of it. Because this Demon Qi is deadly, there are countless, Yang Xiong. Still safe.

    It’s not too difficult to find Demon Qi of Nine Quiet Flying Sword at a glance. This Monster Demon Continent person can deal with Demon Qi almost every day. However, as Li Cheng said, the concentration is high and life is entangled, it is not so simple.

    Yang Chen is now simply holding Demon Qi as the heart's devil incentive to temper the Mental State, and the concentration of Demon Qi is far from being entangled in life. But Li Cheng has already reached this conclusion, and I can imagine how deep Li Cheng's research is.

    "The younger brother will pay attention."Yang Chen hurriedly thanked, the other party is good intentions anyway.

    "For the time being, don't be too nervous. This Tool Spirit is a bit interesting. It is used to temper the Mental State, but it is a great thing."Li Cheng has been staring at Yang Chen's robe, and seems to see what to thank, followed by saying: "If Spiritual Awareness is strong enough and determined, don't worry. It's just that the ordinary cultivator Spiritual Awareness cultivation base is not so high, and naturally it's going to be sneaked in by Demon Qi. You just have to pay attention to this point and you don't have anything to worry about. ”

    This is really good news, at least Yang Chen can also be used with confidence. Nine Quiet Flying Sword Yang Chen also feels a pity if it has to be sealed if it is refining. Since Li Cheng said this, I believe that Yang Chen will be able to control it easily.

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