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    Strictly speaking, Li Cheng and Yang Chen are also met together. I just said a few words when I first entered Monster Demon Continent. This is the second time.

    And the two people face the same enemy this time, but the purpose of the take action is different. Yang Chen is fighting against the other side to kill himself, and Li Cheng is to maintain the rules of the Monster Demon Continent gathering point.

    Therefore, even though the two have drunk a lot of wine, the exchange is also very speculative, but at best it is two wine friends, not yet to the point of close friends.

    After drinking, Li Cheng didn't stay with Yang Chen all the time, and Rather found a room cultivation. There are many rooms in this gathering point, which is a safe place for cultivation. It is very easy to find a room.

    The cosmos bag at the door of the room where the two men were drinking, Li Cheng didn't even look at it. He directly played Yang Chen in half according to the quantity, and he took away the other half by himself.

    Li Cheng's own cultivation, Yang Chen is not so focused, Rather first came out to see if you can buy some Demon Fiend Bead in the near future, add some wealth, but also absorb some high concentration of Demon Qi.

    Since Li Cheng said that Yang Chen doesn't have to worry, Yang Chen doesn't know why, and he is very convinced of Li Cheng's words. Although there are not many people in the relationship, there is a kind of silent tacit understanding and trust. Even if Yang Chen is a little jealous of Li Cheng, there is no doubt about it.

    To be honest, if Li Cheng really wants to be unfavorable to Yang Chen, Yang Chen has no sure way to win. There is even a hunch in the heart that will not work even if you release your own Bloody River. So he wouldn't doubt that Li Cheng would have any problems with this small problem that didn't know when it would happen.

    Walking in the street. Those people look at Yang Chen's eyes are a little dodging. The people at their gathering point lost their grown-ups this time. A group of expert names and even the courage to do it is not enough. It is simply a sneak peek.

    "The treasurer, there is no Demon Fiend Bead, there is no purified Demon Fiend Bead, big and small."The atmosphere was awkward, and Yang Chen quickly entered a store and explained his requirements directly.

    "You two buy any thing. All the stores here are 20% off. ”The treasurer was also one of those who did not dare to start yesterday. When he saw Yang Chen, he was slightly blushing, and then he hurriedly said loudly.

    After saying this, the treasurer took out the Demon Fiend Bead in his store and let Yang Chen pick it. There is no such treatment for everyone else. They are all about the level of Demon Fiend Bead. The treasurer will take out one, and at most two will let customers choose.

    Yang Chen is also welcome. I picked the largest ten directly. Then let the treasurer settle the account. They are all unpurified Demon Fiend Bead. Seeing Yang Chen in the shopkeeper only picked these things, and the mind was slightly moved. Carefully asked: "You are Demon Refining Master ?"

    "Okay!"Yang Chen nodded and admitted, then directly told: "Account!"

    This kind of shop can't get much better Demon Fiend Bead, the best one on Sixth Grade. The worst Sixth Grade under the worst Sixth Grade. It is already a good harvest. Be aware of the two years before Yang Chen. But a Demon Fiend Bead has not been harvested.

    "The treasurer, when did you have an auction recently?"I bought Demon Fiend Bead. Naturally, I would like to ask when there is an auction. I can find a big High-grade Demon Fiend Bead at the auction. The higher the Demon Fiend Bead, the more pure Demon Qi, I believe it is Nine. The more you benefit from Quiet Flying Sword.

    "You are lucky, there will be after half a month."The shopkeeper is also a well-informed person, and he is also able to tell him the latest news on a slightly incomprehensible Yang Chen's share.

    "There is a superb Demon Refining Master, Yang Risheng, Grandmaster Yang. These two or three months may come to this gathering point. He is a legend who can completely purify Demon Fiend Bead. ”The one of the shopkeepers said this is the excitement of the face: "You don't look at so many Great Ascension stage experts here, they are waiting for Grandmaster Yang to arrive."

    Yang Chen didn't actually think about the gathering point of the first layer than the outermost gathering point. How can there be so many Great Ascension stage experts? Now I finally understand what it is, but it is because of my own reasons.

    In the last gathering place, Yang Chen said that he would be in the gathering point two years later, and it is estimated that people who know of it spread the news, so there are so many people waiting here.

    In this way, these experts hands have a good demon fiend Bead, can fully meet the needs of nine Quiet Flying Sword, even without Yang Chen looking around for demon Qi to absorb, but also can exchange to a number of similar Nine Quiet fly dust Such a good material, even if there is no good material, a large number of spirit stones into the incoming can also give their own Mrs. several more pocket money, in one fell swoop.

    With Nine Quiet Flying Sword, the speed of absorbing Demon Qi has increased dramatically. The purchased Demon Fiend Bead is directly surrounded by Nine Quiet Flying Sword. Even without three days, all Demon Qi is absorbed by Nine Quiet Flying Sword. The cleanliness did not leave a trace.

    It is the super-class Demon Fiend Bead of Sixth Grade. When Yang Chen is considering whether to sell it on the auction floor, he suddenly finds that Xiao Tian seems to have some slight instigation.

    Xiao Tian has been digesting the huge Dragon Bead all the time. Although Yang Chen used several times before Xiao Tian, ​​Xiao Tian did not completely absorb the Dragon Qi in Dragon Bead. Rather is stored in the body. Refining anywhere. Especially when it’s okay, I like to stay in the cultivation of Dragon Tower.

    In the past few years at Monster Demon Continent, Yang Chen was afraid that Xiao Tian was also contaminated by Demon Qi and became Demonization Wolf-Dragon. In addition to the purpose of to gain experience, it was easy to use Xiao Tian.

    Now Yang Chen knows that the idea passed from Xiao Tian knows that Xiao Tian this time is really absorbing all the Dragon Qi in Dragon Bead. This time, the Dragon Bead, directly let Xiao Tian enter the Third Layer from the Dragon Tower Second Layer, and the strength is raised to a level.

    Xiao Tian's power is mainly reflected in the increase of flying sword Magic Weapon. The higher the level, the more the flying sword contained in the mouth is, the more formidable, the sharper it is. In particular, this is almost a legendary property. It is simply the existence of Heaven Defying, and even the illusory Illusion Array can be directly cut off. Nine Quiet Flying Sword This kind of smoke form Magic Weapon, on the flying sword contained in Xiao Tian, ​​can also be divided into two sections.

    Xiao Tian, ​​who has never been exposed to Demon Qi, is actually agitated by the thing Demon Fiend Bead, and Yang Chen is also a little curious. Xiao Tian is this want to swallow these Demon Fiend Bead? Can you improve the Demon Fiend Bead of the cultivator cultivation base? Is it also useful for Xiao Tian?

    Just don't know, Xiao Tian swallowed these Demon Fiend Bead, will there be any obstacles to the growth of Xiao Tian in the future. (To be continued ……

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