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    Together with this idea, Yang Chen did not evade Xiao Tian's knowledge and passed it to Xiao Tian through the connection between Master and Pet. Immediately, Xiao Tian gave a response.

    "Delicious, big make up!"Yang Chen thought about chewing the severe words of Xiao Tian leans over and transmit, and could not help but smile. In his eyes, Xiao De Fiend Bead, which seems to affect the future cultivation and needs to be corrected, is just a big addition to Xiao Tian's eyes.

    Sure enough, the Dragon species is different from the human cultivator. This actual is also normal, the human cultivator must cultivate the essence cultivation method to absorb the essence spirit power, but some formidable Monster Beast relying on instinct can directly absorb the attribute spirit power of this attribute, between human and Monster Beast, originally Many differences. This difference also exists between Xiao Tian and Yang Chen.

    Since Xiao Tian thinks so, Yang Chen doesn't worry too much. You know, Xiao Tian got the inheritance of Dragon Tower, and even got the inheritance of Dragon Palace. I know that the family's thing is definitely more than Yang Chen. It says no problem, naturally it is no problem.

    Without thinking about it, Yang Chen threw a few purified Demon Fiend Beads to Xiao Tian in Medicine Garden. Xiao Tian swallowed directly in the air. Compared to Xiao Tian's current size, several Sixth Grade Demon Fiend Beads are not qualified for the teeth. But Yang Chen looks like it seems that Xiao Tian is using Demon Fiend Bead as a jelly bean, slowly melting and looking delicious.

    This is also good, at least Yang Chen absorbed the place where Demon Qi's Demon Fiend Bead was consumed. This super-class Demon Fiend Bead, too much to put out will lead to a big drop in value. And it will also cause many people's embarrassment, with the consumption of Xiao Tian, ​​but it does not seem wasteful.

    While using Nine Quiet Flying Sword to refine his heart, Yang Chen waited for the auction. After staying for half a month, I finally waited for the auction.

    However, when this time Yang Chen reappeared, someone recognized his identity. All people waited to see Yang Chen is the Grandmaster Yang they are waiting for here, and the thing Experts at the gathering point is once again ashamed. Even when Grandmaster Yang is in trouble, they don't take action. This is definitely a sin for Grandmaster Yang. I want to be a superb Demon Fiend Bead. I don't know if there is any chance.

    Everyone knows what Grandmaster Yang is going to buy at the auction. Even the organizers of the auction have specially prepared five High Rank-class Demon Fiend Beads. The lowest one, the highest one, even the highest one. Under the Third Grade. Sure enough, it is deeper than the periphery. Even the Demon Fiend Bead is getting bigger and bigger.

    Yang Chen is very satisfied and bids with others. Yang Chen has spiral stones in his hand. Not afraid at all, he is afraid of no Demon Fiend Bead. Unexpectedly, the five Demon Fiend Bead, all people, etc., only slightly meaning a few times, they were all bought by Yang Chen at a low unimaginable price, and no one had a higher price.

    From the auction organizer to the owner of Demon Fiend Bead, it seems to be the mind. Even the starting price of the first set is very low, the final transaction price. Even is better of the outside market price. The meaning of this contained, Yang Chen is clear.

    As expected… The auction has changed the rules a bit. At least Yang Chen was on the spot when he last attended. He handed the spirit stones and took Demon Fiend Bead in one hand, but this time he waited until all the Demon Fiend Beads were auctioned, and the In-charge was auctioned by the auctioneer. I personally invited Yang Chen to a room and offered all the Demon Fiend Beads.

    "Grandmaster Yang, this is a tribute to the nickname and senior predecessors, and please Grandmaster Yang."The auction site In-charge has a very good attitude, a very low profile, and a respectful and horrible one.

    "I don't lack this severe spirit stones."Of course, Yang Chen understands that he is not tempted to take Demon Fiend Bead and leave a sufficient number of spirit stones. The auction house In-charge was intended to be rejected, but after watching Yang Chen's face, he carefully took it down.

    "Many thanks everyone to face, these Demon Fiend Bead, wait for the auction after the purification."Yang Chen first gave the auction house a guarantee, and suddenly let the In-charge of the auction house laugh almost.

    “Several seniors appreciate their faces and replace them with several thanks.”Given the benefits of the auction house, it is natural to give these people the benefits of Demon Fiend Bead, so Yang Chen gave a promise directly: "Trouble to bring a word, if these seniors still have Demon Fiend Bead need to purify, under All will be followed, but the number is large, and each person is limited to one."

    Including the auction site, the person who provided Demon Fiend Bead, this time the auction of the auction does not bid for the Experts, etc. is nothing more than Yang Chen's promise. The auction house In-charge was so overjoyed that it was sent to the flattering of the money, and he did not see that he was an expert of the Great Ascension Early Stage.

    "This time I may stay here for two years. You don't have to worry."There are many experts who provide Demon Fiend Bead, and Yang Chen needs a lot of Demon Qi, just to take the opportunity to trim it.

    Of course, in addition to Yang Chen, there are four ladies, Yang Chen's. In the three years before and after, only a short ten days of meeting, Yang Chen also really missed. What's more, with Nine Quiet Flying Sword, Yang Chen just let the four ladies also honed the Mental State, and everyone can get together for some time.

    Yang Chen soon took Demon Fiend Bead back to his room, and the anxiety of the heart that has long been waiting for it, looked at the respectful and intimately sent Yang Chen back to the room and rushed back to the auction floor's In-charge, looking forward to it. Waiting for his news.

    “Grandmaster Yang said that he will stay here for two years. If you have Demon Fiend Bead in your hand, you can also go to him for purification. However, there is only one person per person.”The auction house In-charge naturally knows what everyone is waiting for and announces it directly upon return.

    All Nascent Soul Great Ascension stage expert cheered when he heard that Yang Chen promised to clean Demon Fiend Bead. Everyone gathered here to wait for what is being done, isn't it waiting for Grandmaster Yang take action?

    When the peerless expert had to kill Grandmaster Yang, none of them had the courage to speak up. When they found out that they were almost killed on the day they were waiting for Grandmaster Yang, they didn’t know how many people regretted their lameness. At that time, even if I was brave enough to say a word to Grandmaster Yang, wouldn’t it be so careful now?

    Fortunately, Grandmaster Yang finally accepted everyone's kindness, accepted the five low-priced Demon Fiend Bead, and promised to help everyone refine the Demon Fiend Bead, finally let everyone mention that the heart of the blind eye was put down. Many people have begun to squat, and after the advanced Demon Fiend Bead in their hands, the cultivation base will be improved.

    And the Monster Demon Continent gathering point is completely different from the ecstatic mood. The Greatest Heaven Sect side is simply a bleak cloud, almost like a sky. (To be continued ……

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