Immortal Executioner The latest chapter, the body of the fifty-eighth chapter, Demon Qi, when cultivation (on), floating astronomy
    Greatest Heaven Sect's Transmitting Brave Hall, more than ten Faces of Life Source Jade Sign, such a violent explosion, directly let the disciples of the guards Transmitting Brave Hall stunned, after a long while, remembers to hold these broken The cracked jade card rushed to Sect Master to report.

    More than ten Nascent Soul experts have fallen in the breath of severe, which is absolutely a big deal. After learning about Sect Master Li, it was also shocking, and rushed to the core Elders to discuss. .

    “These are people who go to Monster Demon Continent with Supreme Elder.”After Sect Master Li explained the situation, he added another sentence. Others don't know what these people are going to do, but the tops here are clear.

    "Supreme Elder?"Another elder asked. As soon as the voice was exported, I knew that I had asked a silly question and immediately silenced.

    To become a Supreme Elder, in addition to cultivation to a certain extent, you have to take back your Life Source Jade Sign, all of the Primordial Spirit is sealed inside that Formation, otherwise Heavenly Tribulation will come soon.

    That's why Supreme Elder's sect doesn't know if they are Crossing Tribulation ascending or why it's already awkward. The elders asked this question, apparently a little anxious, forgetting this embarrassment.

    What kind of situation can more than ten of the Nascent Soul Late Stage Nascent Soul peak's expert be killed in the breath of the same? To say that it is another Sect's Supreme Elder, it is very possible, but the question is, is that big sect going to send Supreme Elder to Monster Demon Continent?

    These people went to purchase Yang Chen. In the end, it was successful. No one knows. Now everyone knows. More than ten The Nascent Soul Late Stage Nascent Soul peak's expert has died.

    Supreme Elder is now alive and dying, and all the entourage is falling. This situation is almost maddening. Monster Demon Continent is so far away, even if it is sent someone to inquire about the news, it will take two more than ten years to go back and forth, until then, I know what happened, the daylily is cold.

    Anyway. More than ten The loss of the Nascent Soul Late Stage Nascent Soul peak is also a big blow for Greatest Heaven Sect. Even if Greatest Heaven Sect is a big family, it is impossible to casually use the Nascent Soul expert as a consumable cannon fodder.

    There is another thing that bothers these high-level people. Because Li Liheng brought back a message from Demon Free Heart Sutra, it was a solution given by Liu Fengzi's predecessor to solve Li Liheng.

    It wasn't that Liu Fengzi's predecessors were willing to do it, and that Rather Li Liheng was eager to get it. That Demon Free Heart Sutra has been seen by everyone. The text is relatively old, but people can also find human translation. For those of their cultivation base. It’s too easy to figure out what the above is.

    Demon Free Heart Sutra was originally the trophy that Greatest Heaven Sect's predecessors did when they didn't know how many years ago to experience the Demons and Protect the Dao. They were kept in the sect's Hidden Pavilion. Demon Sect's cultivation method uninhabited, plus language. Nowhere, it is gradually being forgotten.

    Now it has been turned over again. After the high-level people have seen it, the unified conclusion is. This simply is not the Dao Sect mind, the cultivation mode of the Rather Demon Sect. This is a Demon Sect method of relying on damaging others and letting the cultivation's own cultivation base be promoted.

    It is different from together double cultivation. The people of double cultivation will improve together, even if it is similar to Sect Master Li. It will not be completely exhausted and fishing. Rather has a sequence and a primary and secondary. Those who are regarded as a furnace will not die, and secondly, they will only delay some cultivation time.

    Even so, some stubborn Dao Sect also regards the use of people as a trick. But compared to the Demon Free Heart Sutra, simply is normal.

    Demon Free Heart Sutra, simply is to eat people. It may be an exaggeration to eat people, but it is absolutely necessary to relie on the life of the Ding furnace to upgrade their cultivation base, and the Ding furnace will die very miserable.

    Because Li Liheng wants to promote Spiritual Awareness, people who are the ones will be pulled away from the body when the Spiritual Awareness is most active. When this is the most violent activity, it is usually the most painful time, which adds to the tragic loss of the last seizureness.

    The final outcome is to die in infinite pain. The price of this exchange is only adding less than 10% of the Spiritual Awareness cultivation base to the cultivation Demon Free Heart Sutra. And the premise is that the Spiritual Awareness of the Ding furnace is higher than that of the cultivation, and must be the opposite sex.

    If you really want the Li Liheng cultivation cultivation method, then according to estimates, Li Liheng wants to completely get rid of the dependency of Spirit Congealing Pill, at least hundreds of furnaces.

    The Demon Cultivator of the previous cultivation Demon Free Heart Sutra was the winner of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the Evolution of the Demons and Protect the Dao. Could it be that the younger generation of Greatest Heaven Sect in turn has to cultivate this kind of cultivating method?

    Everyone was arguing and eventually did not reach a conclusion. It is unbelievable to let the young Sect Master of the well-off Dao Sect leader Greatest Heaven Sect go to the cultivation of this Demon Path cultivation method.

    Let's go, in the end everyone just put it aside. Anyway, there are still a lot of Spirit Congealing Pill, even if it is enough to consume Li Liheng for many years, maybe you have to wait for the Spirit Congealing Pill to run out, you don't have to think about it.

    Li Liheng is certainly not happy with such a result. If he is an honest duty, he is relying on his own hard-working cultivation's person, simply will not ask Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor's head to upgrade his cultivation base.

    However, the high-level conclusion is that Li Liheng can't overturn the change, so he can only suppress the dissatisfaction and accept the sect's arrangement.

    Young Sect Master's unhappiness is naturally in the eyes of Yang Lan. Under her gentle attack, Li Liheng is in the enthral, ​​inadvertently venting her dissatisfaction. So, the news of Demon Free Heart Sutra was transmitted to Yang Xi's ear through Yang Lan.

    Yang Xi is now a mindful Li Liheng. Without Li Liheng, he has been sentenced to death. Because with Li Liheng, now Yang Xi is almost windy and rainy, and no one in the sect will easily offend him. Since the master has troubles now, it is natural for him to share his grief.

    Demon Free Heart Sutra, he remembered the name. When you have a chance to enter the Hidden Pavilion in the future, you will definitely look for this cultivation method and bring it to Li Liheng.

    Yang Xi is completely convinced that when Li Liheng becomes a Greatest Heaven Sect Sect Master, he is one of the best places for Yang Xi.

    At that time, don't say anything about the Fifth Grade Alchemist Master, even the entire Pure Yang Palace, Yang Xi will let them stay in the tile, the whole erase, the hatred of the heart.

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