Immortal Executioner The latest chapter, the body of the fifty-eighth chapter, Demon Qi, when cultivation (below), floating astronomy
    Yang Chen won't worry about what happened to Greatest Heaven Sect. Anyway, they have lost a Supreme Elder. It is estimated that Greatest Heaven Sect can feel bad.

    Now within this gathering point, Yang Chen and Li Cheng are definitely the two most incompetent people, but Yang Chen is relatively popular. .

    Since the promise of purifying Demon Fiend Bead, Yang Chen's residence has been in the market. To this end, Yang Chen had to add another rule and could only receive one person per day.

    Purifying Demon Fiend Bead's compensation, Yang Chen also changed to Fire Seed first, of course, is the Fire Seed that Yang Chen has not yet. On Monster Demon Continent, "Daoists are mixed, there are many Fire Seeds that Dao Sect doesn't have, enough to complement Yang Chen's Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire.

    In just a little more than ten days, Yang Chen received dozens of Demon Fires. High Rank Low Rank has it all. This made Yang Chen get the sweet spot and immediately announced that he had unrestrictedly acquired Fire Seed. He immediately made some Experts with Fire Seed happy. With Demon Fire, there is a chance for Grandmaster Yang to purify Demon Fiend Bead. Enhance the cultivation base.

    Nine Quiet Flying Sword Demon Qi spurred these days, Demon Fiend Bead itself is Demonization Monster Beast condensed, Demon Qi concentration is extremely high, just more than ten days, although not yet restored to original Demonized Monster Vine That's the point, but it's already comparable to some common Demon Fiend Beads.

    Xiao Tian also has a small Demon Fiend Bead as a jelly bean, and slowly adapts to some of the atmosphere here. This change made Yang Chen very happy. If Xiao Tian can endure Demon Qi, then Nine Quiet Flying Sword can play a more powerful role.

    But This process is just beginning. Yang Chen still doesn't know that Xiao Tian is a Dragon species. Can he withstand a higher concentration of Demon Qi and needs careful experimentation. Otherwise, if there is a problem with Xiao Tian, ​​Yang Chen does not know where to go to cry.

    After waiting for a few days at the gathering point, Yang Chen finally waited for his wife. But this time, Gao Yue, the last one in the last row, is now ranked first.

    It was two years without seeing it. Yang Chen wanted to die from his own wife. From the day that Gao Yue appeared. The people at the gathering point consciously did not bother Yang Chen.

    There seems to be a lot of talk between the two people. For a few days, Yang Chen is reluctant to separate from Gao Yue. This time, Yang Chen left Gao Yue and waited for the four women to gather.

    Gao Yue is of course obedient. When he knew from the mouth of Yang Chen that Great Sitreme Elder of Greatest Heaven Sect appeared, he was almost nervous. But then I learned that the Supreme Elder was beheaded by Li Cheng. Even more surprised. Yang Chen was quite unexpected. I didn't expect Li Cheng to be even worse.

    Four women gathered together. Everyone is even more happy. Yang Chen explained to the four women the purpose of this time to get them together.

    After two years of to gain experience, the killing intent of the four women has begun to gradually decline, and then no longer control the intent of the killing intent two years ago. Not enough, it can only be partially controlled, or it can't completely disappear, and it takes a longer time to gain experience. Only then can you master.

    At this level of Nine Quiet Flying Sword, it is just a good thing that can make the four women temper the Mental State. Further words. It may cause a serious heart's devil, leading to unpredictable consequences.

    This method was proposed by Yang Chen. The four women are all very surprised. Those who came to Monster Demon Continent, who were not careful to avoid Demon Qi, feared that Demon Qi was attacking, Yang Chen did the opposite and used Demon Qi to temper his mental state. This husband of his own family is really different.

    Li Cheng said that the most important thing to prevent Demon Qi is that Spiritual Awareness is strong and strong. These two conditions, all four women are in full. Although they are all Nascent Soul Early Stage, the Spiritual Awareness has reached the Great Ascension stage, which is a big enough to withstand this level of Demon Qi.

    Moreover, Yang Chen is around, and I found that I can stop Nine Quiet Flying Sword right away, which is more of First Layer insurance. Under such circumstances, triggering various mood swings is indeed the most appropriate method to get used to adapting to heart's devil.

    The adventure is a bit, but which kind of cultivation is not an adventure? Coming to Monster Demon Continent is an adventure in itself.

    Yang Chen's arrangement, of course, the four women will not refuse, that is, at the beginning, Yang Chen controlled Demon Qi slightly, naughty Sun Qingxue self-deprecating Dao Sect cultivator, the mind is firm and determined, some underestimated, not too serious, the result was Nine Quiet Flying Sword was surrounded and there was an abnormality immediately.

    I don't know what Demon Qi has caused Sun Qingxue's sadness, so Sun Qingxue screamed in Yang Chen's arms and cried all day and night, and it calmed down.

    This is still the case when Yang Chen controlled the impact of Demon Qi full power from the beginning, and stopped immediately under the unsatisfactory situation.

    After this incident, many women no longer dare to look down, all take it seriously. Some warnings that Yang Chen explained, coupled with his willpower, began to furiously resist the invasion of Demon Qi in all directions.

    Yang Chen did not tell them that emotions need to be erupted at first, but only to maintain their safety. Some experiences, not to tell them that they can give them the most attention, are ultimately impressed after they have suffered.

    Some things, do not experience it once, how do you know the taste, and how do you know how to deal with it? Moreover, people are not the same, Yang Chen's method is not omnipotent, everyone is suitable. The four women are all excellent talents, and I believe they can find the most suitable response.

    This is more hard to cope with the heart's devil's to gain experience than to kill it outside. Anyway, as long as you find the weakness of the opponent, and then attack yourself, but now it is the opposite, heart's devil found its own weakness, non-stop attack. Even if there is no life worry, the degree of danger is no less than killing Demonic Creature outside.

    The four women slowly adapted and began to find the right way to resist. Yang Chen also began to increase the attack of Demon Qi, and the four women cope with Demon Qi.

    Yang Chen himself, while protecting the four women, while purging the business of Demon Fiend Bead from the outside, while using the Profound Spirit Furnace to absorb the Fire Seed, he also integrated the Fourth Grade Fire Seed into the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire.

    Cultivation is always a matter of doing things, even Xiao Tian, ​​who is able to taste a small Demon Fiend Bead every day, gradually adapts to Demon Qi. So far, Yang Chen has not found any signs that Xiao Tian has been attacked by Demon Qi. This also means that the large Yin Yang Five Phases flying sword controlled by Xiao Tian will not lack the handle of Sixth Earth Nine Quiet Flying Sword.

    Time flies, and two years pass by. The madness caused by Demon Fiend Bead is still going on, but the Yang Chen family of five has already planned to go deeper into Monster Demon Continent.

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