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    Yang Chen is planning further dive into the Monster Demon Continent to gain experience, and in the depths of Monster Demon Continent, there is a group of people who have just received news that someone can completely clean up Demon Fiend Bead.

    These people are in a huge mountain valley. In the mountain valley, almost everything is the same as the gathering point. At least a thousand people are concentrated in the mountain valley.

    In the mountain valley, the richness of Demon Qi is more than people think. The dark Demon Qi is as solid as it is, covering the entire mountain valley, where you don't have to see what the naked eye is. Wanting to be active here, without the powerful Spiritual Awareness, is simply impossible.

    If someone comes to see this mountain valley, it will be shocked. Everyone in this huge mountain valley, the worst is a Great Ascension Early Stage, the Great Ascension stage expert, whichever sect is placed, is a deterrent to the fear of incomparable fear.

    Fortunately for many sects, the people here are not a sect's. No sect can come up with thousands of Great Ascension stage experts, even Dao Sect's first big senter, Greatest Heaven Sect. Of course, if you follow the expert of Greatest Heaven Sect ascending, that's more than that.

    All of the expert's black robes, black crepe covers, and even less talk to each other. But everyone has one thing in common. Everyone is born in Demon Sect. The cultivation's merit law is the kind of Demon Qi Sensen. So many people are together, giving people a feeling of falling into the magic cave.

    The message is also brought by a Great Ascension stage expert, if Yang Chen is present. It must be discovered that this guy is one of the experts at the gathering point.

    What happened in the gathering point, except for the Supreme Elder of Greatest Heaven Sect, the other words that come with the message are very clear. As for the Supreme Elder thing, one is really too late on the face. Second, I don’t know what is in his heart, and he did not disclose it.

    The news spread quickly. At the beginning, many people didn't believe it, but when the expert that came back showed off the pure gold Demon Fiend Bead that had been purified by Yang Chen, everyone started to stir up.

    The most potent places in Demon Qi are the cultivation's guys, not the Dao Sect people, all of them are Demon Path experts. Dao Sect and Demon Sect are just two ways of cultivation's. There is nothing completely correct and wrong. Especially at this stage of the Great Ascension stage, the solidity of Dao Heart. Maybe someone in the opposite Demon Sect might be better.

    The Demon Path cultivator is capable of cultivating to the Great Ascension stage. I don't know how many terrible heart's devils have been overcome. It can be said that I have stepped on various heart's devils along the way. Every time I struggled on the death line, after such a quenching expert mental state, it is not an exaggeration to describe it with Dao Heart.

    At this point, Dao Sect solidly lays the foundation and then follows the cultivation process. There will never be so many heart's devils. Thus, if the light is from the perspective of dealing with the heart's devil. The Dao Sect expert of the Great Ascension stage is probably not comparable to the Demon Sect cultivator of the same cultivation base.

    Able to overcome these horrible heart's devil achievements Great Ascension. The formidable of these experts has been fully explained. This is also the reason for this Demon Qi's strongest place, and there are a lot of Demon Sect cultivators in instead.

    From the perspective of cultivation's, Demon Qi can make some ordinary Monster Beast evolve into a fordable Demonization Monster Beast, which naturally promotes cultivation's. The reason why these Demon Sect experts are gathered here is also based on the use of Demon Qi cultivation's.

    The cultivation of Monster Demon Continent is much more than just the hunter of the Demonization Monster Beast. However, people who don't go deep into the depths of Monster Demon Continent can't understand it.

    A Demon Refining Master that completely cleans Demon Qi, what it means for these Demon Sect's expert, it goes without saying. Although everyone is superficial on the surface, but there is a rush in the heart.

    Outsiders simply don't know what they are doing in this mountain valley, and people here will never disclose it easily. However, it is very confusing to see that everyone is cautious and it seems that something big is happening here.

    Yang Chen didn't know what was going on here. He is now planning to leave the gathering point again and kill again to gain experience.

    The four women have been tempered by Nine Quiet Flying Sword heart's devil for two years. I don't know how many heart's devils have been experienced. In the first days of the year, it was a series of emotional outbursts. Fortunately, there was always Yang Chen looking around and there was no accident.

    In just two years, the four women never thought about it. They have such a rich imagination and emotions, and they can clearly remember the small things that have been forgotten many years ago. It is because of this small thing that triggers a variety of unbelievable emotional outbursts.

    That kind of taste, people who have not experienced it is simply unimaginable. This is the orthodox disciple of Dao Sect, just like the disciple of Demon Sect.

    But I have to say that the effect of this tempering is very significant. It’s only a short period of two years, even in a time when a retreat can be spent, they seem to have experienced thousands of years. I dare not say how strong and unsatisfactory the mind is, but generally any heart's devil that Dao Sect disciples can encounter is meaningless to them.

    However, not everyone has the experience of Yang Chen's previous life, even if the aptitude is as good as four women, it is also showing a tired posture in this heart's devil tempering. Because of exhaustion, it caused a series of negative effects.

    Although only two years, it seems that it has been a long time, even the four women are a little irritated. Just before returning, the killing intent can be converged, and various emotional outbursts cause the death killing intent to appear again.

    Under such circumstances, it is unrealistic to carry out the heart's devil tempering, but it will make the four women more and more into the more powerful heart's devil. The best for the four women now is to let the four women vent their anger. In addition to the crazy demand every time with Yang Chen, a more effective way is to kill.

    At Monster Demon Continent, the only thing that is not lacking is killing. Outside the gathering point, there are thousands of Demonization Monster Beast, just to kill, and not about to use any embarrassing emotions.

    The killing intent of the four women who had been stunned for a long time can finally be released again. They hurriedly bid farewell to Yang Chen and agreed to the time and place of the next meeting, and they could not wait to devote themselves to the outside killing.

    There has never been a moment, the killing intent of the four women's hearts will be so urgent, even there is no hate-driven, simply spontaneously want to use the killing to vent their inner feelings.

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