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    In fact, even Yang Chen himself, after so long Demon Qi caused emotional outbreaks to gain experience, but also a little tired.

    The thing of emotion, not that cultivation base is high, can not be produced. Rather always has time and place. Anyone, at any time, anywhere, will at least maintain an emotion. Whether it is mood, anger, or calm, there is always one.

    This imaginary thing, like the shadow, may not care about the cultivation's on weekdays, but once it is detonated by Demon Qi, it is magnified tens of thousands of times, which means a terrible disaster for the cultivator.

    A little bit of resentment in the heart, after being magnified by Demon Qi, will become a hateful hatred and a hatred of incompetence. It is not easy to maintain your own Mental State under such a level.

    Not to mention this kind of negative emotions, even if it is a happy event like happy and happy, it will become extremely dangerous after being magnified ten million times. When people are excited about this, they will definitely make some incredible things.

    As for the calmness that Mount Tai collapses in front of the eyes without discoloration, is calmness also one of the emotional states? When the peace and calm are magnified many times, there is no more thoughts in the heart, what is the difference with a stone? For stones, what does cultivation mean without cultivation? Perhaps this is the most dangerous state.

    The concentration of Demon Qi used by Yang Chen to gain experience is tens of times that of four women. The power of Nine Quiet Flying Sword, the four women add up to a maximum of 10%, and Yang Chen alone against the remaining 90%.

    Fortunately, the experience of Yang Chen previous life and the Great Principle Golden Immortal's Mental State also helped a lot. Even if it is to suppress their emotional resistance, plus the maintenance of the safety of the four women, it has survived this period.

    In addition to the brutal exercise, Yang Chen's only reward is to know more about his Nine Quiet Flying Sword. For weapons that are emotional, it seems that there is no other defense than the firmly resist.

    Li Cheng has been retreating at the gathering point for the past two years, almost once every month. I don't know what is in cultivation. But no one in the entire gathering point dared to be scornful. Every time Li Cheng came out, it was a horrible wait.

    Every time Li Cheng goes out, he will find Yang Chen to drink. The days of drinking are also the days of Yang Chen and the four women resting. Every time Li Cheng is happy, but every time I look at Yang Chen's eyes, it seems that there will be some changes, I am surprised. There is also a relief, and there is even a touch of joy. And there are others.

    I sent four women. Just in time for Li Cheng to go out again, the two naturally have a drink. When Yang Chen and Li Cheng were drinking, the whole gathering point was silent, without any noise, even the birds that wanted to fly over the gathering point were killed by a group of experts distributed in all directions. .

    All the people in the gathering point are treacherous, for fear that there will be any thing that interferes with the wine of two people. When Yang Chen grabbed the flying sword with an empty hand. Li Cheng's scene of a sword is still in the eye, if not still looking forward to the flow of some Demon Fiend Bead from Yang Chen. I am afraid that people here have long been far away from here.

    Drinking and drinking, Yang Chen and Li Cheng expressed their intention to leave. Li Cheng nodded. No more questions, just a faint gesture: "So, there will be a period!"

    ………. till we meet again!Yang Chen also responded with a fist, then got up and strode away from the gathering point. Behind seems to have always followed Li Cheng's thoughtful look.

    After bidding farewell to Li Cheng, Yang Chen stepped out of the gathering point in the eyes of the Experts “all-in-one” at the gathering point of all. Breathing the familiar air of Demon Qi, Nine Quiet Flying Sword appeared directly in the body and turned into a large group of black fog, which disappeared slowly into the jungle.

    Yang Chen walked away, gathered everyone, except for the guys who were doing business at the gathering point, the others didn't want to stay here anymore. After less than half a day, everyone went clean. Just kidding, a guy with a sword who can smash the expert is okay to stroll here. If there is no Demon Fiend Bead, who will keep enjoying this kind of trepidation?

    Yang Chen, who entered the jungle, also found a direction deep into Monster Demon Continent, and then flew for hundreds of miles, regardless of the Demonization Monster Beast that appeared nearby, the feeling of exhaustion in my heart. Only slightly relieved.

    It is undeniable that unburdened killing is really a good way to relieve stress. Even if it is mentally determined, such as Yang Chen, it is a bit relaxed at this time.

    The next meeting with the four women is in five years, during which time Yang Chen is enough to ease the mood and continue the cultivation. Yang Chen went so far into the depths of the mainland, and the Demonization Monster Beast that was encountered along the way was all killed.

    Nine Quiet Flying Sword works just like the Demonization Monster Beast. Now Demon Qi, which is condensed on Nine Quiet Flying Sword, is far more powerful than the Demonization Monster Beast encountered here. When the instinct of Demonization Monster Beast is further enlarged, it is only a Demonization Monster Beast that can withstand the attack of Demon Qi. It is deeper in Demonization.

    Under the influence of Nine Quiet Flying Sword, these Demonization Monster Beast even had hallucinations and began to go crazy. It was easily smashed by Yang Chen and then absorbed Demon Qi.

    The effect of heart's devil tempering is quite clear in Yang Chen. Even if the monster Demonization Monster Beast is thrown on himself, Monster Beast's Demon Qi has no effect on Yang Chen itself. Plus Golden Bell and Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, even if the Yang Chen station on the spot is attacked by the thing Demonization Monster Beast, it is unscathed.

    Others, unless they are already familiar with Demon Qi's attack, will be uninvitably attacked by Demon Qi once they are injured by Demonization Monster Beast. In addition to healing, they have to work hard to fight Demon Qi. However, such a situation is meaningless to Yang Chen, and he can completely omit this step.

    To be realistic, even if it's coming to Heavenly Tribulation, Yang Chen doesn't have to worry about heart's devil at least in the first few rounds of Heavenly Tribulation. Unless you break the heart's devil swear, otherwise you don't have to worry about what heart's devil.

    However, Yang Chen did not forget the intention of to gain experience. After almost a month of killing, Yang Chen stopped and switched to Blood Phantom Vine flying sword, only in the final blow. Will use the Nine Quiet Flying Sword attack to absorb Demon Qi from Demonization Monster Beast.

    Unfortunately, the Immortal Beheading Blade is not fully quenching yet, otherwise it will directly load the large Yin Yang Five Phases flying sword.

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