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    After the emotions are tempered, there is endless killing. Monster Demon Continent is a huge whetstone that smashes all the awake people on the road into a slick, unrivaled sword.

    For Yang Chen, Monster Demon Continent is the biggest unknown after his rebirth. He doesn't know what else will be there, and there are some weird things. What you have to do now is to grow in the killing according to the consistent experience. .

    At the moment, Yang Chen faces the Demonization Monster Beast, which is basically the Nascent Soul Late Stage Nascent Soul peak. It is much stronger than the thing Monster Beast outside the mainland. Even the same state of Demonization Monster Beast, here is even more powerful than the periphery.

    Most importantly, Monster Beast here doesn't know for what reason, natural hordes, fierce anomalies, and in the case of Yang Chen's deliberate to gain experience, he had to play a 12-point spirit. Reluctantly coping.

    Yang Chen does not use the Golden Bell, and the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique deliberately converges only on the bones. This ensures that Yang Chen will not be fatally injured, but will not be harmless.

    It is impossible to not hurt at all. Yang Chen knows that when it comes to gain experience, the injury is definitely better than no injury. For this reason, Yang Chen also specializes in how to get hurt. If he is slightly injured, he even uses non-fatal injuries to exchange for certain opportunities.

    No matter who you are, you can't guarantee that you won't run into a stronger person than yourself, and you won't be hurt in your life. Once you encounter this critical time, how to react after the injury, how to counterattack, these experiences are the cost of life-saving in the future.

    Yang Chen is not only cruel to himself. Even the same requirements for your own casual wife. Even if your four wives are all nationally scented, these small injuries can be ignored without considering the future. Moreover, with Yang Chen, there is no problem with the serious injury, and it is guaranteed that no scars will be left behind.

    This time, no one has specifically driven Demonization Monster Beast to besiege Yang Chen, but it is so dangerous to go deeper. Yang Chen also accepted an increasingly harsh siege during his journey.

    Although Yang Chen is also good, four women, everyone has the ability to demonization Monster Beast of solo duel Great Ascension stage, but Yang Chen is mainly cautious, and will never allow everyone to go deep into the depths. Here is where he can't grasp, Yang Chen knows what kind of cultivation base is suitable for what to gain experience.

    It’s been almost a whole year to cut the melon and cut vegetables along the way. Yang Chen finally found a Demon Fiend Bead. However, these Nascent Soul Stage's Demonization Monster Beast. Demon Fiend Bead that can be condensed. At most, it looks like in Sixth Grade. Yang Chen has a smaller hand and only looks like Seventh Grade. Xiao Tian now enjoys the "sugar beans", just take out one, and it is more than double the size of this one.

    Anyway, it is a bit of a harvest. Although Yang Chen wants Demon Fiend Bead, just move his mouth. Countless people will offer their hands, but where do they find their own sense of accomplishment?

    Yang Chen took this Demon Fiend Bead. Some helpless shrugs and shoulders. One can't do anything about it, here is the place he never remembered in his memory. Unable to control. And on the Dao Sect site, the kind of luck of Heaven Defying disappeared, and it took four years to get three Demon Fiend Beads.

    But think about the head-sized Demon Fiend Bead in his cosmos bag, Yang Chen couldn't help but feel the pity for the guys who struggled to gain experience here. Just a few days after he came, he got a Heaven Defying artifact on the outermost side. The thinker stayed for hundreds of years, but he could only take the Third Grade Demon Fiend Bead as a treasure, a meeting between people and people. Can't compare.

    If anyone knows that Yang Chen got a head-sized Demon Fiend Bead and still lamented that he was not lucky, there will be countless people holding the flying sword to chase him to death. He has never seen such a cheap guy who has to sell it. Is it tolerable, can't bear it?

    Demon Fiend Bead Yang Chen in his hands watched it carefully for a long time, and then he took it in his hands and said, in a calm direction, said: "With such a long time, if you have anything to say!"

    “Ha ha ha, Grandmaster Yang is really extraordinary!”When people haven't arrived, there is a burst of laughter. Soon, a figure appears in Yang Chen's in front of: "It's not boasting. In the next trick, the idle expert can't detect it. Demonization Monster Beast Even more, under the actual very curious, how Grandmaster Yang is found."

    The comer is a man with a long-standing body, very handsome, a variety of dark green light green mixed robes, looks like a large piece of jungle. If you don't say anything else, this robes will make him hide his body shape in the jungle. The average person's eyesight is almost impossible, and simply can't be found.

    "Demon Qi in your body is richer and richer than you are around."Looking at the strange dress of the other party, Yang Chen did not care, just a faint mention, it gave the other party an answer.

    In fact, Yang Chen has long discovered that someone is tracking himself. The Spiritual Awareness thread from Three Purities Secret Art cultivation spreads around like a spider web. Anything touched will be known to Yang Chen. To put it this way, it just gives the other party an acceptable explanation.

    So it isThe robe man suddenly took a moment. I also started Yang Chen's tips to uncover the secret that Yang Chen found him.

    Yang Chen is a very fordable Demon Refining Master that completely cleans Demon Qi of Demon Fiend Bead and naturally has a deep understanding of Demon Qi. I found out that Demon Qi is rich, but I don't see any Monster Beast or figure, I can naturally judge that someone is invisible.

    "Grandmaster is really amazing, admire it!"The geek man shouted at Yang Chen and said something very sincere: "You can find the next trace here, Grandmaster, you are the third, admire!"

    After saying this, the robe man waited for Yang Chen to speak. Everyone will have curiosity. When I hear that I am the third one, I will definitely ask who the first two are. In this way, the two sides will have further discussion of the topic, and the relationship will be closer.

    This trick robes man is almost a hundred test Bailing, but this time, but it is a stuffy gourd. After Yang Chen heard him say this, he just snorted "oh" and then there was no more. He did not ask him who the top two were, nor did he ask him about his identity and the purpose of appearing here. The atmosphere suddenly got stiff.

    The robe man stood for a while, seeing Yang Chen’s intention to open his mouth, and his face was a little embarrassing. However, since it has come, it is definitely necessary to show the purpose, and it must be said that only you should open it first. (To be continued ……

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