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    “Grandmaster doesn’t want to know what to look for in the Grandmaster?”The expression on the face of the robes was the same, but there was a slight embarrassment in the eyes, and Yang Chen asked.

    In his mind, he said this, Yang Chen should always ask?

    "Don't want!"Yang Chen's answer directly blocked the next words of the robes man into the eyes of the blind man, abnormally uncomfortable.

    How did this happen? The geek man is a bit incomprehensible to Yang Chen, don't tell me Yang Chen, is there no curiosity? The general cultivator encounters such a thing, even if you know it will not be done in the future, you should at least understand it. How can you even have a little curiosity?

    I don't know that Yang Chen did not know how much suffering he suffered because of curiosity in the heart's devil tempering, and he would easily ask for it.

    However, Yang Chen also knows that since the other party is looking for a door, there must be something. No matter what you say, the other party will still tell the matter, then why bother to do it.

    "Actually, looking for Grandmaster, there is something to do!"The geek man sees Yang Chen, and there is no way to hold back, and continue to take care of himself, as if talking to himself.

    He also knows that Yang Chen will definitely not interface, so go straight down: "Grandmaster can completely clean up Demon Qi on Demon Fiend Bead. I want to have a deep research on Demon Qi. I don't want to ask Grandmaster to help a place. Please refer to it. After the event, there must be a thank you! ”

    "If you are not happy?"Yang Chen was finally connected to the topic of the robe man. This makes the robes man finally released a long breath, as long as the opening is answered. The latter things will be easier.

    "It's a big deal, and not about to be the next person, so if Grandmaster is really unwilling to cooperate, it can only be offended."The geek man still maintains that kind of amiable attitude, and the words in the words are full of threats.

    Yang Chen is just a Nascent Soul Early Stage, while the geek man is already the Great Ascension Middle Stage, the cultivation base between the two. There is still a lot of difference in the realm. No matter from which point of view, the robe man seems to have decided Yang Chen. If you don't want to ask Yang Chen for help, maybe he has already started to work.

    You're welcomeYang Chen suddenly smiled: "You are not afraid that I will not do my best when I help you?"

    "Because of this, I don't want to see that situation underneath."The geek man also smiled with a smile on his face. He explained gently: "It is not a very big thing. It just wants Grandmaster take action to purify some Demon Qi." The location is a bit special, presumably Grandmaster will not refuse. Otherwise, Party B will be responsible for the damages caused by it. Grandmaster's senior confidante and the friend named Li Cheng. Maybe there will be some trouble. ”

    Yang Chen is not surprised at the threat of the other person using the people around Yang Chen. These guys may have been eyeing from the four women and leaving the gathering point, just waiting for Yang Chen's attitude.

    But what Yang Chen can't think of is that these guys dared to play Li Cheng's idea. Not about to say that Li Cheng is the first expert that can't be seen after Yang Chen rebirth. Li Cheng has a sword to get rid of the prestige of Supreme Elder's head. I believe that there are no severe people in this world who dare to move him. Are these people broken or deliberate?

    After thinking about it, Yang Chen seems to know the reason. Maybe these people are investigating. Simply I don't know if Li Cheng had killed an expert too. The then people in the gathering point, except Yang Chen and Li Cheng. The atmosphere that was scared was not dare to come out, and there was no one who snorted. What kind of shameful thing, how can they tell others?

    The group of geek men, even Li Cheng's bottom and thin, did not find out, and even dared to use Li Cheng to threaten Yang Chen. I am afraid that they only know that Yang Chen and Li Cheng have had a few drinks, so I thought it was a good friend. This is used to threaten Yang Chen. I don’t know the relationship between Yang Chen and Li Cheng. I don’t know how far from friends. .

    Yang Chen now wants to see the other side or a group of experts want to be ignorant of Li Cheng, suddenly found that Li Cheng is not a lamb to be slaughtered, Rather's expression of a fierce tiger. It’s just that Gao Yue Shi Shanshan is involved in the four girls, and Yang Chen has to be a little more cautious.

    "whats the matter?"Yang Chen finally spoke, and it was an active inquiry.

    “It’s very simple, Grandmaster is good at your work, purifying Demon Qi.”The geek man’s face suddenly showed a relaxed smile. Yang Chen was willing to ask, then there is a door: “Just go deep into Monster Demon Continent.”

    What good is it?"Yang Chen is still in the same tone as the Greatest Heaven Sect Hall Master Mao, ** naked interest.

    “spirit stones material Magic Weapon medicinal pill, Grandmaster, what do you want.”The geek man is even more joyful. Since asking for remuneration, then everything is so good, the trouble that can be solved with spiral stones is not trouble. When I was happy, I seemed to think of something. I immediately added another sentence: "If the Grandmaster likes beauty, then the simpler, the four great Ascension stages, when the Grandmaster wants it, and when it will be sent to the Grandmaster."

    Can't help but say that the tone of the robe man is too big. The front of the spiral stones Magic Weapon What is okay, after all, is something outside of the body, but he is so easy to send the beauty of the four Great Ascension stage, and still do the furnace, this can not help but marvel at his big handiwork.

    That is the four Great Ascension stage experts, which can be repaired to the real world of the Ascension stage. It is not easy, especially the beauty is even rarer. Where will it be willing to be a man? Especially to be a Nascent Soul Early Stage younger generation? Unless it is the Greatest Heaven Sect Sect Master, it may be possible.

    The geek man doesn't know what his identity is. He dares to make such a promise. People have to be curious about what he is asking for.

    No matter what he wants to do, one thing is certain. It is no small matter to be able to ask Yang Chen's for such a large price. According to common sense, if the benefits are not ten or ten times more than the compensation for outsiders, this business will never do.

    Yang Chen is really curious about such a big deal. However, Yang Chen is also well aware of the risks. When he thinks a little, he asks again: "With such a large amount of capital, it is necessary to go deep into the mainland, and there must be a big danger. How to protect the security under? ”

    Not waiting for the robbed man to answer, Yang Chen continued: "Also, Li Cheng is a friend who is underneath. I really want to go with him. I don't know if you can meet this small request." ”

    This kind of thing, Li Cheng is also pulled, there must be a lot of fun things happen, Yang Chen can not help but look forward to it. (To be continued ……

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