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    “As long as the Grandmaster promises, everything is fine!”Listening to Yang Chen has the meaning of Songkou, the man in the robe is naturally happy, and he has no choice but to promise.

    "spirit stones, I don't need it, Magic Weapon doesn't need it for a while, I only need a few things."Since Yang Chen made a decision to look at it in the past, naturally, he would not be polite with the robe man, and he would directly ask for it.

    "Grandmaster, though."The geek man is even more happy. Yang Chen said that he has already promised, just look at the price. However, for those of them, what is the price they can't get?

    "Fire Seed, how much better, whether it is a demon fire or a Demon Fire, no matter what grade, I have to."Yang Chen first puts the best thing he wants first: "This time thing, I don't care what it is, at least ten kinds of Sixth Grade Fire Seed, twenty kinds of Fifth Grade Fire Seed, one hundred kinds of Fourth Grade Fire Seed, Fourth Grade There are no fewer than 500 Fire Seeds. If there are more, extra Fire Seed I use Demon Fiend Bead to change. ”

    When I heard this condition, the man in the robe was about to say something, but it was directly blocked by Yang Chen.

    "It’s not that my lion has a big mouth. I think you know the older generation, how big you have to do."Yang Chen's reason is very full and justifiable: "This is not something that the predecessors did alone. You can't do so with so many Great Ascension stage experts. Let the younger generation do a Nascent Soul Early Stage. The risk is not in question. It is known. Not enough benefits, replaced by predecessors, are you happy? ”

    This is very reasonable, at least in the ears of the robes, for the time being there is nothing to arguable. But Who is he, he is not Dao menthose, everyone's reasoning expert, Demon Sect, when you need it, who will tell you reason?

    However, the man in the robes did not speak for a while, and he did not reply. He has already seen it. Yang Chen seems to be inexhaustible. It seems that there are still conditions that have not been finished.

    Simply let Yang Chen put all the conditions first, as promised not to agree, waiting for him to the ground, don't tell me can not be mastered by him? The right is to listen to the silly boy, and solve the problem.

    "What are the conditions? Let's just say it, the one bargaining in the province is not happy. ”The robe man’s face is unchanged. Said quickly in the mouth.

    "pill recipe !"Yang Chen said without hesitation: "Monster Race, Demon Sect. Pill recipe. The pill recipe used above Nascent Soul Stage cannot be less than twenty. ”

    Above Nascent Soul Stage, then is the pill recipe used by the Great Ascension stage. Yang Chen this time is a slap in the face of Kay, the lion has a big opening, and it is not polite at all.

    The geek man is playing another idea and naturally does not bargain with Yang Chen. Anti-rather urged him to finish all the conditions and even reminded him of any omissions.

    "Magic Weapon material these don't tell me you don't want it? We are these people. As long as the purpose is achieved, what the cost is actually does not care. ”The robe man in turn advised: "As long as the value for money. Just outside the body. ”

    “Top Grade's Eighth Metal, Ninth Water material, various spirit spirit power, if any, can be replaced with Demon Fiend Bead or spirit stones.”Yang Chen also knows that it can't be too much, so these things are just the need to exchange, and there is no need to reach it.

    Nowadays, most of the Yin Yang Five Phases flying swords have been formed, First Wood Penglai Divine Wood flying sword , Second Wood Blood Phantom Vine flying sword , Third Fire Bright Light Sword , Fourth Fire is a flying sword created by himself, Fifth Earth Living Soil Flying Sword, Sixth Earth Nine Quiet Flying Sword, Seventh Metal Immortal Beheading Blade, Ninth Water Greatest Heaven Sect contributed by flying sword, Tenth Water skeletal flying sword, only Eighth Metal flying sword.

    However, Ninth Water flying sword Greatest Heaven Sect came out very well, but it was a little bit worse than Yang Chen's request. It needs to be refined with some advanced materials. Now Ninth Water flying sword is just a sword embryo at best. It is not a Ninth Water flying sword.

    Essence spirit power already has First Wood, Third Fire, Fourth Fire, Fifth Earth, Sixth Earth, Seventh Metal, Ninth Water, Tenth Water, and Second Wood True Essence and Eighth Metal True Essence, if you can, Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art is almost complete, only the Third Fire True Secret Art.

    Of course, these are all things that Yang Chen hopes to encounter with luck, and they are not expected to be available. But maybe these Experts have them. If you can exchange them, Yang Chen will never refuse.

    "There is nothing else for the time being, but there is one thing, the Demon Fiend Bead that Demon Qi gets on the road, but it belongs to the next."Yang Chen thought about it, and there was no other requirement. After the last one was finished, I finally stopped asking.

    The robes of the man’s face have been listening with a smile, but the heart has been sneer again and again. It is said that they are so big, and it is understandable to use these costs in exchange for Yang Chen's help. Just then, they are not Demon Cultivator or Monster Cultivator. In this lawless Monster Demon Continent, what kind of thing do you want, do you really have to pay?

    "No problem, Grandmaster, are we on the road?"The robbed man directly took the board and then reached out and made a request.

    "All agree?"Yang Chen’s face stunned and his heart sneered. This guy seems to have all promised, and the other minds that must be played in the heart. Yang Chen is not a fledgling boy, and he has unconditional trust in Demon Sect.

    "One does not fall!"The geek man replied affirmatively.

    "It’s been a long time, I haven’t consulted my predecessors, and I’m rude.”Yang Chen suddenly turned a topic and began to ask for the identity of the robe man.

    "In the next surname Li, the name has long been forgotten, and others have given up a nickname called Shadow Charm."The geek man finally said his identity, but still did not have a complete bottom, just gave a surname and nickname: "You call me Lao Li, you don't have to avoid anything."

    Both sides are self-proclaimed, Monster Demon Continent has no self-proclaimed younger generation. Whether it is Yang Chen or the shadow, it is such a name.

    Yang Chen hasn't been arrogant enough to call him Lao Li. The first time he met, the relationship didn't reach that point. This name can be used casually. If you change to Li Cheng, let Yang Chen scream for Lao Li, this old guy, absolutely no friendship.

    "The predecessors, the next person, I think the predecessors have also investigated."Yang Chen smiled and said: "Do business at the gathering point, virginity. However, this time the business is a bit big. Does the seniors see if they pay some deposits first? ”

    DepositsThe shadow of the enchanting face was a sigh, and the heart began to churn.

    It is reasonable to say that Yang Chen can't be overstated, but it's not in the shadow, but not. He had the idea of ​​emptying the white wolf from the beginning and letting him pay the deposit. Isn't this a terrible thing?

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