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    I didn’t know that I was already on the death line. I met Yang Chen in a good mood. I especially felt that this was a profit, so I let him go. At this moment, I have already made up my mind about the idea. I am going to discuss with other people, and the young women and Li Cheng who are related to Yang Chen are in their hands. It is true that Yang Chen does not follow suit.

    Yang Chen continues to gain experience here, and the people who are in the shadows are already starting to work. Can not help but say that their efficiency is really high, only less than two months apart, the shadow charm will appear again in Yang Chen's in front of.

    Appeared with the enchantment, there is Yang Chen's friend Li Cheng in the eyes of the enchantment. However, when this time appeared, the enchantment did not last as arrogant in the front of Yang Chen, a little cringing followed by Li Cheng's behind, with a careful face. In Yang Chen's opinion, how to see how it looks like a leading slave.

    "Younger Brother Yang, this time things are a bit interesting, let's go see it!"Li Cheng met and Yang Chen was welcome, very straightforward.

    "Good Ah!
"Li Cheng's invitation to Yang Chen doesn't mind at all. If you don't want to, you will agree directly."

    Not far away, the shadow charm looked at the two people so short exchange, always dare not step forward, do not dare to say a word.

    Now in the mind of the enchantment, there is only regret. I knew that Li Cheng, who seems to be the Nascent Soul Early Stage, was such a horrible character. He borrowed a hundred courage and didn't dare to provoke the uncle Ah!

    The scene that happened that day, like a nightmare, generally appears in the mind of the shadowless non-stop. Let him die until he can die.

    Originally thought that a younger generation of the Nascent Soul Early Stage, as long as the shadows of the horse, it is absolutely easy to win. With such an idea, the enchantment did not even discuss with other people, but directly found the companion who was responsible for staring at Li Cheng according to the secret. The two did not do anything, and appeared directly in Li Cheng's in front of.

    Two Great Ascension stage experts, looking for a Nascent Soul younger generation. What else are you going to prepare? Stop Li Cheng and directly threaten Li Cheng to take a walk with them and convince Yang Chen by the way.

    Li Cheng's response was also very refreshing, only a sword cut off the head of the Great Ascension stage expert who stalked him, and then punched the shadow body into a whole body, and then couldn't stand up again, which asked what happened. thing.

    This is the magic of Li Cheng. Under Li Cheng's small trick, the shadow charm finally knows what it means to survive. Can't die. Don't talk about the questions Li Cheng asked. Even Li Cheng did not ask the question, he also said like a bamboo tube, quickly said it.

    What is it called for death? At least in the mind of the enchantment, the few words that Li Cheng tossed fully explained the meaning of the several word.

    The Great Ascension stage Demon Path expert, which has always been on the top, always decides the ruler of countless deaths in the hands of Li Cheng in the front of. It is a lamb to be slaughtered, and he wants to be born and born. If he wants to die, he will die.

    I thought that the method of my own Demon Path expert could not be said to be the first in the world, at least in the underground. But in Li Cheng in front of, I discovered that the thing thing I knew was just the rest of the game.

    If not Li Cheng Seeing that the Shadow Charm can quickly find the whereabouts of Yang Chen, the enchantment of the moment is already a blood food in the mouth of a Demonization Monster Beast.

    Finally, it is clear why Yang Chen will let Li Cheng decide that Li Cheng is such a horrible expert, let alone Yang Chen, even if it is given a little less, it is estimated that Yang Chen will not do anything.

    When I think of the price of the thing that Yang Chen puts forward, the shadow is a bit bitter. I knew this before, and I directly agreed to Yang Chen, and I didn’t have to take Li Cheng as a comet.

    It’s good now, even if he took the two to the destination, he didn’t know how much grievances would fall. After he promised Yang Chen’s, he didn’t discuss it with the think. Once the fellow companions disagree, how should he explain?

    Can the current situation allow him to bargain with Yang Chen again? Li Cheng already knows everything. He is not a sword. He is already looking at the way he can lead the way. If he can't even do this, is he still necessary?

    The enchantment can never be dared to escape, and he can't help but tremble when he thinks about the way that Li Cheng is asking him. Although he is called Shadow, he absolutely believes that in Li Cheng's in front of, if he escapes, even if Li Cheng let him go for an hour, he will not escape the head.

    Can live to the present, the shadow suddenly found that he is afraid of death than anyone. This feeling made him extremely doubtful about what his previous cultivation was.

    I knew this, why should I be at the beginning? In addition to remorse, there is no other idea in the enchantment, only to obey Li Cheng's mercy, even if Li Cheng did not give him any Restriction.

    "Let's go."Yang Chen did not drag the water, a word, it decided the next trip: "Since Li Xiong also feels good, then then go and see."

    Li Cheng turned his face and just looked at the fascination. The enchantment immediately obediently came over to Yang Chen. After the ceremony, he took the lead and led the two to fly deep into the jungle.

    At the beginning, the speed of the enchantment did not dare to be too fast, for fear that Yang Chen could not keep up. As for Li Cheng, he has already learned a lot, even if he uses the fastest speed, he can't get rid of Li Cheng.

    But soon, the shadow charm found that not only Li Cheng, but even Yang Chen's speed is absolutely not slow. No matter how fast he increases his speed, Yang Chen and Li Cheng are always on a certain distance from his behind.

    In the end, the enchantment has already made the strength of breastfeeding, and the speed has been raised to pinnacle, but Yang Chen and Li Cheng are still so relaxed, not too slow, even the two have spare time. Chatting on the fast side, and the tired eyes that have already spit out the tongue are completely different.

    Even if the shadow is stupid, I can understand it at the moment, and I am afraid after a while. Yang Chen and Li Cheng, two young people who seem to be only Nascent Soul Early Stage, are definitely two horrible guys. I have such a big life. After I have provoked one, I have to take the initiative to provoke the second one. Is it not too eager to reincarnate?

    At this time, there is no other idea in the movie, only to be able to bring the two to the destination, and to make great efforts to convince others, otherwise the two comets will be attacked, let alone they prepare For hundreds of years, it is ready for hundreds of years, and the benefits of the thing are not as good as them.

    Everything depends on whether the fellows are on the road and whether they are cooperating.

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