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    Along the way, the enchantment is at full speed, and there will be some long-distance Demonization Monster Beast. For those who blocked the road, the shadows did not dare to let Yang Chen and Li Cheng hands-on, directly killing these Demonization Monster Beast.

    Both Yang Chen and Li Cheng ignored the film, and Li Cheng on the road just told Yang Chen what they had to do.

    It's also very simple to say, they found a ruin of an ancient sect on the Monster Demon Continent, sealed by a seal Great Formation, they have found the entrance. The only trouble now is that if you are attacked by the very rich Demon Qi, even those who have already experienced the battle can not afford the degree of Demon Qi, but can only watch the entrance but can't enter.

    Therefore, these people are not looking for an expert that can cope with Demon Qi all the time, to help them open that mysterious entrance. However, the expert who knows this is really a lot of people. Everyone is wary of each other. No one dares to leave easily, so that it has not been resolved until now.

    It was not until I heard that Yang Chen's appeared that there was a turn of the line. All the people quickly reached an agreement, and then sent the best-selling shadow and the personal companion to bring Yang Chen to the ground.

    The old sect was even earlier than Demon Qi. Or because of the appearance of Demon Qi, the old sect could not be extended, and was forced to close the entire sect with the Great Formation. It’s just a feeling of a word that has been passed down. You can be sure that within the sealed site, there are countless good things that are worthy of waiting for many years of hard work.

    This is generally the case. The details can be ignored. The ground is in a mountain valley in the depths of Monster Demon Continent. From Yang Chen's location, it's just a matter of more than half a year. This is not the way to deal with the endless stream of Demonization Monster Beast.

    But for the illusion plus Yang Chen and Li Cheng, this is not a problem. The realm of the Great Ascension stage expert makes him able to deal with most of the Demonization Monster Beast easily, as long as there is Demonization Monster Beast. Come out, basically can't escape the end of the scene. Occasionally there is a small fish in the small net, which is also instantly killed by Li Cheng, leaving no living thing.

    Under the full speed. In less than half a year, everyone rushed to the destination. Of course, in the middle of the journey, I don’t forget to circle the severe circle and bring Yang Chen’s four wives along. Since there is such a good thing. Is it a pity not to have four women to see and see?

    On the way, Yang Chen was too slow to let Gongsun Ling take out the boat. The speed of the building and the boat made the movie fascinating, which only garished the words of Yang Chen's.

    Yang Chen let him take action against his lady, but fortunately the senior companion is only far behind. It’s just for positioning and it’s not done. Otherwise, it’s the result. Do not say anything else, just the speed of this building. If someone wants to run, their own people will never catch up.

    Several guys who tracked four women were certainly not qualified to rush to the site. Now on the building is Yang Chen and four women plus Li Cheng and shadow. The shadow is directly thrown at the bow of the bow, and Yang Chen and Li Cheng are some small dishes made by Gongsun Ling. Drink a lot of food.

    Demonization Monster Beast simply can't keep up with the speed of the building. Occasionally, the Monster Beast, which can be used by the severe to threaten the speed of the building, will be killed directly by the shadows.

    Drinking and drinking is so fast, because these days are almost always getting along, Li Cheng and Yang Chen's relationship is closer to First Layer. Under the circumstances of Yang Chen's good intentions, the two quickly became commensurate with their brothers. Li Cheng reported a much older age than Yang Chen, so Yang Chen is a brother and Li Cheng is a brother.

    Yang Chen is still invisible to the current brother Li Cheng. However, as long as Yang Chen is not malicious, he will never refuse to become related to Li Cheng.

    Everyone is a person in cultivation, and there are not so many complicated and trivial things. They don’t need any incense to worship the same-sex brothers. They just drink a cup and start the brotherhood of each other.

    “The younger family feels that the cultivation base is not deep enough, so you can only come to Monster Demon Continent to kill the gain experience. Also ask the older brother to give pointers.”Yang Chen couldn't see Li Cheng, but that didn't prevent him from knowing that Li Cheng had something in his stomach. Therefore, he is very unsuccessful, please Li Cheng to point out the cultivation of the four women.

    "The four younger siblings are all good aptitudes. You can have such a good blessing to the rare brothers."Li Cheng did not directly agree, but did not directly refuse, just to say this. Can't help but say that Li Cheng's eyes are absolutely sinister, and there is such a knowledge without relying on any thing.

    The four women listened quietly, and they knew that Yang Chen would never swear. They are all intelligent people. When they listen to Li Cheng, they immediately go to the righteous brother.

    "Happy today, send four younger brothers and sisters to meet each other."Li Cheng laughed happily, and with a big hand, four white lights flew directly to the heads of the four women, and they almost got into it without any hindrance.

    Suddenly, Yang Chen was shocked. If not There is a heart's devil training with Demon Qi, maybe you will exclaim and stand up. Forcing the surprise, Yang Chen cast a look at Li Cheng's inquiries.

    “The Life Source Magic Weapon of the four younger siblings seems to have just been quenching, and I will give you a little help for the brothers. When the quenching is completed, it will be able to upgrade a little more or less.”Li Cheng seemed to have done a trivial thing, took a drink from the wine cup, and explained it with a smile.

    Li Cheng's opening is never a false statement, and Yang Chen is very happy. The four women are also somewhat amazed, but seeing Yang Chen is so happy, naturally knowing that there will be no fakes, they are all smiling and thank you, everyone has a cup of respect to this righteous brother.

    "Speaking, or your blessing is deep, such a good wine girl, do not know which old guy left, actually cheaper you."Li Cheng's enjoyment of the face, and self-satisfied full of cups, a big mouthful.

    Yang Chen's face is happy, but his heart is also secretly surprised. The four women are still quenching Life Source Magic Weapon, Li Cheng can help with what kind of tricks, this method is simply unheard of, this cheap brother, I am afraid it is a big man.

    "Big brother likes, the younger brother naturally hands up."Of course, Yang Chen would not be sorry for the wine cellar in the district. He took out the gourd directly and was about to split the wine winemaker in half. As soon as he took out the gourd, he was robbed by Li Cheng and took Yang Chen’s present strength and even took it. There are no opportunities for the gourd.

    "Who is my handiwork, it turns out that these old guys are private, can't blame!"Li Cheng took the gourd up and down and said, blurted out.

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