Zhanxian Chapter 1030

The latest chapter of Immortal Executioner, the body of the 253th chapter of good and evil and Dao Heart (on), floating astronomy
    Li Cheng's action once again shocked Yang Chen. The gourd is in its own hands. Even if Yang Chen has already cultivated the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique to the level of the River Turning Strength, it is impossible to grasp the gourd and is easily grasped by Li Cheng. What is the horror of Li Cheng? Imagine it.

    There are also many things in the gourd that are incredible. First Wood Spiritual Solution, Seventh Metal Spiritual Solution, Ninth Water Spiritual Solution, Tenth Water Spiritual Solution, these are all described by lakes. Such a huge amount of essence Spiritual Solution, if you want to know, don't you turn the sky?

    But in the transition, Yang Chen calmed down. With the strength and insight expressed by Li Cheng, the district Spiritual Solution is estimated to be invisible to him.

    Sure enough, as Yang Chen expected, after Li Cheng got the gourd, he only recognized the handiwork of Dragon Clan from the refining method. Listening to his tone, it seems to be a little dissatisfied with some of Dragon Clan's guys.

    "I have read some records. These old guys of Dragon Clan each and everyone are afraid that others will know their nest, and the hiding is very secret."Holding a gourd in the hands of a few times, Li Cheng said with some envy: "Ascending will never tell others where the treasure is, I can't think of a cheaper brother."

    "Good luck, luck is good!"Yang Chen didn't know what to say. Even his own wife, he didn't tell them that he was rebirth and he became a Heavenly Court Executioner, and naturally he wouldn't tell Li Cheng.

    "Good thing is good thing, see half of it."The new brothers Li Cheng and Yang Chen are not at all rude. They directly say the words that are halfway through the meeting: "Those old guys brew these wines. It is pointing to compete with Yujing Qiong, but they have not tasted it. They are all here, brother, hahaha! ”

    "Exactly, I don't have any good thing to honour my older brother. These are the right to be filial."Li Cheng said that you are welcome, Yang Chen is not on the mind, some thing, if you want to open, you will not worry. Simply follow the words of Li Cheng and turn this so-called half into a filial piety to the older brother.

    Li Cheng's words also made Yang Chen a little scared. The dragon kings who made them were actually planning to compete with Heavenly Court's jade liquid. Yang Chen simply did not know. Of course, after the previous life Yang Chen ascending, there has been no Dragon King. It’s only a short while for this life to meet with the Dragon King. It’s impossible to know these top secrets.

    How actually Li Cheng knows these insiders. Let Yang Chen always guess. Only Li Cheng was originally a mysterious expert that was invisible. Presumably, there is still a record in the family that has been passed down from generation to generation.

    "How can this be worth it?"Li Cheng is not a person who doesn't know the goods. Yang Chen's gourd, although others can only find the thing that Yang Chen wants people to see, but who Li Cheng is, how can you not find many of these Spiritual Spiritual Solutions, and now I am a little surprised. Changed his face.

    "Big brother gives the benefits of four younger siblings, brothers have not been Many thanks here."Yang Chen can't think of it, Li Cheng can upgrade the thing Magic Weapon level when the four women quenching Life Source Magic Weapon. This gift is enough to match all the Spirit Spiritual Solution.

    Everyone understands the improvement of Life Source Magic Weapon. That is by no means an easy task, which can only be achieved by years of quenching. Li Cheng just played a white light. I finished it between the time and I didn’t know how much time was saved for the four women.

    This is not counting, the more formidable the Life Source Magic Weapon, then means that the future combat power is more formidable. An average upgrade of a large level of Magic Weapon is equivalent to giving a life to four women. Compared with the thing essence Spiritual Solution, it is natural that the life of the four women is more important to Yang Chen.

    "That is a face-to-face ceremony, and nature can't be compared."Li Cheng laughed and said nothing, just took a jade Clean Bottle from his cosmos bag and took it in his hand.

    "My brother, I just like a few mouthfuls of Top Grade wine. You are a rare wine-raunder. You can't say your brother is welcome."As he said, Li Cheng held Yang Chen's gourd, and the gourd mouth was facing the Clean Bottle mouth, so he fell, as if two alcoholic guests were holding a gourd.

    Only Yang Chen knows what kind of wine cellar is in the gourd, a huge lake, so dumping, it is simply speechless.

    Li Cheng is really not at all polite, but the speed is actually very fast, halfway down in three or two. After the pour, I lifted the Clean Bottle and shook it, and I was happy.

    Next, Li Cheng's action made Yang Chen somewhat incomprehensible. He took the jade Clean Bottle and still had the bottle mouth facing the gourd mouth, but this time it was dumped from the Clean Bottle to the gourd.

    Yang Chen didn't know what Li Cheng was doing inside, but with Li Cheng's vision, Liquid, which would have allowed him to accept the jade Clean Bottle in the wine cellar, would definitely not be an ordinary thing.

    “When I traveled to the world, I found a lot of good water for winemaking, concocting pills, and Top Grade, which can't be cheaper.”Li Cheng said to Yang Chen while he was pouring it into the gourd.

    Just some good water, Yang Chen also received the peace of mind. So many wine masters change some Top Grade Spirit Spring, can not be said to be a loss or earn, it is always a few rituals between the brothers.

    "I see that in your collection's flying sword, one handle uses a little Living Soil."Li Cheng looked at Yang Chen and said, "It’s just that there are too few Living Soils. Fortunately, I have a little more here. You should re-quench your flying sword. It should be a little good."

    Li Cheng's words are understated, but they are heard in Yang Chen's ear, but they are no less than Huang Zhongda Lu. That is Living Soil. The Magic Weapon used in the treatment of water, although the water treatment was not successful, the name of Living Soil was spread all over the world.

    Ming Guangruo of Greatest Heaven Sect didn't know how long it took to find a trace of Living Soil. According to Yang Chen's estimate, at most a few millimeters, refining into the flying sword, it was already Peerless Grade flying sword. Now Li Cheng has to give him a little, let him supplement the refining flying sword, which is simply surprising.

    Yang Chen can be expected, the point in Li Cheng's mouth is definitely a jaw-dropping number. And the next facts are as iron-like.

    Looking at the Living Soil in the mouth of Li Cheng in front of him, Yang Chen suddenly felt a rich feeling. Even with so many essence Spiritual Solution, Yang Chen has never felt this way. It’s no exaggeration to describe it with ecstasy.

    No matter who you change, suddenly seeing the ten pounds of Living Soil in front of you, it is estimated that this is also the feeling, it is definitely a kind of happiness that is lost by the gold pie falling from the sky.

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