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    Ten pounds of Living Soil, this can not be used to calculate the value of the spirit stones. No matter who owns ten pounds of Living Soil, no matter what property he is, the spirit root, in addition to his own use or as a heirloom, there will be no other treatment.

    Now, Li Cheng is in front of everyone, generously gave ten pounds of Living Soil to Yang Chen. The handiwork is big, the volume of the hero, the unparalleled.

    Even Yang Chen, a well-informed guy, couldn’t help but feel a little trembling when he picked up the Living Soil. The cultivation base in the middle of River Turning Strength seems to be heavy with ten pounds of Living Soil.

    This is where the gift can be described, it is simply a super-luxury gift. With this ten pound of Living Soil, Yang Chen's Living Soil flying sword can definitely be upgraded to the point where it can compete with First Wood Penglai Divine Wood flying sword. You know, Penglai Divine Wood flying sword is a whole piece of Penglai Divine Wood refining, the complete Divine Wood, ten pounds of Living Soil is comparable to the whole Divine Wood, it is already Heaven Defying.

    However, Yang Chen's surprise was not finished, and then Li Cheng's words made him fall into a sluggish again.

    "You are a Fire Cultivator. I don't want to come to Fire Seed!" However, the two most suitable Fire Seeds here, you should not have, I don't feel any kind of breath from you. ”Li Cheng said very rudely, and did not hide the fact that Yang Chen was almost uncovered in his front.

    “Fire Seed is actually quite a lot, every grade has it. I don’t know which two?”Yang Chen asked with a smile.

    There are indeed a lot of Fire Seeds on Yang Chen, from First Grade to Seventh Grade's Fire Seed. Dao Sect's Fire Seed has been collected almost once. I don't dare to say that all, but 80% of Fire Seed should already be in the hands of Yang Chen's. But Li Cheng said that there are two types of Fire Seed Yang Chen that are best suited here, but they have raised Yang Chen's interest.

    “Two Fifth Grade Fire Seeds, Third Fire Fireworks, Fourth Fire Red Lotus Fire.”Li Cheng also did not sell the off-the-spot, and directly smiled and said the answer.

    When the word "fire" entered Yang Chen's ear, Yang Chen was shocked. To put it plainly, the fire is the burning of sinners. Whether it is the peach blossom fire or the Red Lotus fire, the legend is that as long as there is a trace of evil thoughts, it will be burned into ashes by the fire.

    Such a Fire Seed, even if it is Yang Chen, doesn't dare to touch it, let alone other people. Who can guarantee that even the evil thoughts in his heart can't afford it? In addition to the hard stone, it is estimated that there is no living thing to do. If there is such a person. Then it is safe to say that no heart's devil will bother him.

    No one dares to touch Fire Seed. Naturally no one can collect it. Yang Chen is poorly searching for world Fire Seed. The two industries were rated as Fifth Grade Fire Seed for unknown reasons, but the people who really can use it have never been. Even if no one has ever seen it, it is like Yang Chen's Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire. There are legends, but no one has ever seen it.

    ‘How?’Yang Chen has heard of these two names, but he has never seen them. Not only that. Even in the process of blending Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire from nothing in this life, he never thought about integrating Red Lotus fire and peach fire. This is no joke. I have to control Fire Seed, not burned to the ashes by Fire Seed.

    “What is impossible with this?”Li Cheng has always been a smile. This time is no exception, the same smile: "Fifth Grade Fire Seed, nothing special."

    "That is a fire, no evil thoughts can be started."Yang Chen looked at Li Cheng, the righteous brother, it was a bit speechless. Even if you dare to make a decision in a fire, it is not a normal life.

    "Oh, evil thoughts, what is good, what is evil?"Li Cheng smiled and asked: "You have to understand this, then you don't have to worry about any good thoughts, you don't have to worry about what the fire is burning."

    "Also ask the big brother to say it!"There is such an opportunity, Yang Chen did not know to ask, then is awesome, so he immediately climbed and asked.

    "The difference between good and evil is just your own so-called moral code."Li Cheng shook his head in disapproval and explained to Yang Chen in detail: "What is the right standard in this world to judge good and evil?"

    "Lying is evil, but in order to cover up the illness for relatives and friends, in good intentions, then is good. But if the person who is cheated does not understand, is it not evil? ”A very simple example, Li Cheng shows that the standard is hard to find: "If there is no standard to judge good and evil, then this kind of good thoughts is not empty talk?"

    "As long as the starting point is good, is it always evil?"Yang Chen asked cautiously.

    Good question.Li Cheng pointed and smiled and asked: "I asked you, when the mother was in distress, the mother let the young son escape and sacrifice himself. Is this not good?"

    Calculation SheetYang Chen certainly nodded.

    "For the son, to change your life with your mother's life, is it not filial?" Hundreds of good filial piety is the first, so people who are not filial, will be full of evil? ”Li Cheng then asked again.

    "…"Yang Chen was asked at once. According to Li Cheng's standards, it is really hard to let go.

    "Or this is a different object and it may be a bit of a hassle. Then, still return to the mother. ”From the beginning to the end, Li Cheng smiled and said: "Mother is willing to sacrifice for her son. This is good, but if she saves her son and blocks the way others escape, it will make more people die in Netherworld. What is she doing, good and evil?"

    Yang Chen has no other thoughts in his mind, only to follow the words of Li Cheng. This question seems very interesting, and even the four women who are listening to it are also in meditation.

    "The ethical cultivator of the human race cultivator, the murder is evil, the killing is good, but it is blinded to kill the good, and vice versa. Don't tell me to use one sentence for the good, although good or not, no intention to do evil, although the evil can be justified? ”Li Cheng is another counter-question: "Good and evil, and where is it so easy to say clearly. It’s calculated that there are few people in this world who are doing good things badly. ”

    It’s really a thing to behave silently, but it’s undeniable that no matter what kind of world, such things are endless and never severed.

    "Actually, to say it, it is just Dao Heart."Li Cheng finally came up with a concluding remark: "As long as you believe that what you are doing is right, then you can go on." What is Dao Heart, this is Dao Heart, it is the perseverance of persistence. Even if it is a devil, as long as you firmly believe that you are right to kill and set fire, then this murder is arrogant, your Dao Heart, Crossing Tribulation ascending is just around the corner. ”


    This good and evil and Dao Heart are my nonsense, and I don’t have to go deeper, thank you.

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