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    "If the devil can do this, isn’t it a big mess in the world?"This time it was not Yang Chen's question, Gao Yue of the four women who were watching next to Rather.

    "How do you know that the person killed by the devil is not the bad person who will be wrong in the future?"Li Cheng's sentence is very philosophical, of course, it also means inscrutable. If you want to use popular words, you may not know what to say.

    Gao Yue no longer asks questions, and Rather begins to think about it. To be honest, the dialogue between Yang Chen and Li Cheng is a bit of a feeling for the four women. Even Yang Chen himself seems to have figured out a lot of things.

    "The so-called good thoughts and evil thoughts are just thoughts. If there is no behavior, then it is just a thought."Li Cheng smiled happily for Yang Chen: "The fire is just a kind of Fire Seed, and there is no wisdom. How to judge whether it is good or evil?"

    "Is it wrong…"Yang Chen suddenly moved and thought of many things.

    Li Cheng smiled and gave Yang Chen an encouraging look. Yang Chen got more confidence and said: "Is this fire only in the case of my own guilty, will it backlash?"

    "A little closer!"Li Cheng's clap of hands gave Yang Chen a very positive answer: "As long as your ideas are not implemented, there will be no impact on the outside world, and you will naturally not be guilty. The so-called good thoughts and evil thoughts are just to see if you regret it. ”

    "Who is the world, who can never regret?"Yang Chen sighed and said: "There are always some things that can't be let go."

    "How can you regret it? Can you change what has happened? ”Li Cheng stared at Yang Chen with a look of usefulness. Laughing and said: "Insist on this heart, if the path of Cultivation is looking after the future, then what is it?" Let's go through the life of the world. ”

    "What is this heart?"Yang Chen suddenly asked Li Cheng seriously.

    "It is the heart that does not regret it."Li Cheng did not hesitate to give an answer that seemed to have been said before. Then one reached out and two more oil lamps with weak flames in his hand: "Two kinds of fires, the most suitable here, take it!"

    "Many thanks Big Brother!"This time Yang Chen is very formal to thank Li Cheng. Just a word, let Yang Chen have a more open-minded and clear-minded. Mental State has naturally improved, and this First Worship is a sincere thank you.

    "A little bit of something, why don't you hang your teeth!"Li Cheng said in his always cheerful tone: "Or we drink too much!"As he said, Li Cheng threw the gourd to Yang Chen.

    Yang Chen took the gourd, but only the subconscious's Spiritual Awareness explored it and planned to see how much less her own. However, under a probe, he was on the spot. Among the gourds. The wine girl is indeed half the size, but there are several other Liquids.

    Li Cheng said. When I visited the world, I found the Spirit Spirit Spring and gave it to Yang Chen. Now in the gourd. There are severe springs that have sprouted, and slowly formed a small lake.

    This is not to surprise Yang Chen. What surprised Yang Chen is another small lake. Or you can't use a lake to describe it. It's just a small pond. A few circumferences don't look very big.

    But this little pond is a Liquid that makes Yang Chen feel familiar but somewhat strange. Yang Chen just probed it carefully. I immediately knew the name of this Liquid.

    Eighth Metal Spiritual Solution, one of the two Spirit Spiritual solutions that Yang Chen can't find. Eighth Metal Spiritual Solution. I don't know where Li Cheng got it, although there is no such thing as Yang Chen's Seventh Metal Spiritual Solution and Tenth Water Spiritual Solution from Golden Star of the Sun and Dragon Palace. But so many Eighth Metal Spiritual Solutions are enough for Yang Chen to take a shower.

    "Take some of your Spiritual Spiritual Solution and naturally make up for you."Li Cheng certainly knows why Yang Chen is surprised now. He smiled and said to the wine cup: "There is no way to go, but I have some Ninth Water Tenth Water and First Wood Spiritual Solution on hand. I took some of them and used these Eighth Metal. Spiritual Solution to add. I don’t confess, I am fine for three drinks! ”

    Li Cheng said that he didn't confess, but his face didn't have any scorn on his face. He held a cup and connected three cups of Jade Dragon Wine. They all smothered and smiled on their faces. As if it has not happened.

    Yang Chen certainly won't care about Li Cheng for this little thing, let alone Li Cheng, which gives Yang Chen a great opportunity. Looking at the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art, Yang Chen is accounting for a small, worthless thing.

    "Many thanks Big Brother!"Yang Chen this time said thank you in the mouth, no thanks for anything, just picked up the wine cup, and Li Cheng Meimei's drink a few cups.

    "Big brother, you can't be more than this."Gao Yue is obviously the most important thing among the four women. See Yang Chen and Li Cheng are happy now. They also came forward and respected Li Cheng for a cup. Then they said: "We have a cultivation of several, you need your brother to give pointers. !"

    The other three women are not themselves. They smell the songs and know the elegance. They are also lined up, one by one toast. Li Cheng is a wine to the cup, very luxurious.

    "Actually, you are superior, all aptitude is good, and you guys, let your cultivation's be the essence cultivation method. In this regard, there is nothing to point to."After all the four women Li Cheng and others had had a round of drinking, they said: "In the future, as long as the Yin Yang Five Phases's cultivation method is complete, there will be no more problems."

    “However, cultivation is not only a matter of realm and cultivation method, but also a lot of practical use.”Li Cheng looks at Yang Chen's eyes. For Yang Chen's four ladies, there is no such thing as saying: "As long as the method of achieving the goal is a good method, the trick to kill the enemy is a good trick, and you don't have to stick to the cultivation base." In this regard, if you have any questions, please come up and discuss the discussion together. ”

    The politeness of the words is to be discussed, but everyone understands that this is already promised. Of course, it is necessary to point out what is going to be what the four women can ask. Li Cheng said that everyone is happy.

    "There are still some days to go, the younger brother you can actually use the two fires to try."Promising to four women, Li Cheng turned to Yang Chen and said: "These two fires are better than your Geocentric Flame and Black Wood Fire."

    After saying this, Li Cheng seems to think that it is incredible. He directly asks: "No, boy, how many Fire Seeds you have, how can you use only these two Third Grade Fire Seeds as your Life Source Fire Seed? No more advanced? Is there any reason for this? Still encountering something that cannot be solved? ”

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