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    Li Cheng asked this, and Yang Chen was unexpected. Li Cheng has always been omniscient in the impression of Yang Chen's, and he is completely hidden in Li Cheng in front of. But this time it was clear that Li Cheng was eyeing.

    Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire can simulate any kind of flame that is fused, or it can be said that it is not a simulation. It contains the characteristics of the flame itself, and naturally it can bring out the kind of flame.

    Yang Chen has never wanted others to know his or her own details, so the external Life Source Fire Seed is also two. Third Fire Black Wood Fire, Fourth Fire Geocentric Flame, is a Third Grade Fire Seed, not a sophisticating Fire Seed, but Black Wood Fire or Geocentric Flame is a Fire Seed that is very suitable for concocting pills to handle medicinal ingredients. .

    In this way, Yang Chen is a very pure Alchemist Master. Unexpectedly, this deliberate effect, even Li Cheng concealed the past.

    It's rare that Li Cheng didn't understand Yang Chen's place, and Yang Chen naturally enjoyed it for a long time, which released the already formed Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire.

    The two Fire Dragons fly up and down around Yang Chen. The two purple dragons in purple and blue are like living creatures. Except for the low level of the dragon, you can't simulate all the details on the Dragon Body. Thought it was two living Fire Dragons.

    这是Even Li Cheng couldn't help but widen his eyes. He carefully observed Yang Chen's two Life Source Fire Dragons, and he couldn't speak anymore.

    But Li Cheng is Li Cheng, and I quickly saw some clues. Suddenly the face changed a lot, pointing to Yang Chen's two Fire Dragons, some unsure, asked: "This, this will not be Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire?"

    Li Cheng's words made Yang Chen awe-inspiring, especially for the family or sect that taught Li Cheng. Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire This legend that exists only in Heavenly Court, he can also know that this is not a general heritage.

    Sometimes Yang Chen even suspects that Li Cheng is also the arrival of Consciousness Clone in a Immortal World. But soon he dismissed the idea. Impossible, Immortal World Consciousness Clone lower bound, memory will lose more than 99%, where will be like this.

    "Big brother is really a magical eye!"Yang Chen couldn't help but sigh. Li Cheng is really knowledgeable. Other people can call the name Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire.

    "You really made me surprised."Li Cheng's incredible gaze once again glared at Yang Chen and then turned to two Fire Dragons. Look carefully.

    "Purple mellow, cyan pure. Not bad. This is a good game. ”After seeing it for a while, Li Cheng finally gave a comment, and then asked: "How is the Only Grade, why not integrate the High Rank Fire Seed, your advanced Fire Seed and many Ah!

    "I am afraid that the basics will not be good, so I have never dared to take it."Yang Chen is also telling the truth, for Li Cheng, an expert that can easily control the fire. He also just asked: "I want to integrate some low level Fire Seed, and then use advanced Fire Seed."

    "The foundation hits this part. In fact, it is almost the same. ”Li Cheng nodded first and agreed with Yang Chen's statement. Then after carefully observing two Fire Dragons, this gave the conclusion: "You can fuse the high-level Fire Seed, and you will have a low level Fire Seed in the future. It will not affect Yin-Yang Heaven." The quality of Burning Fire."

    Yang Chen has already had the intention to integrate the Fifth Grade Fire Seed, but it has never been done. Now even Li Cheng has said so, and he has made up his mind.

    "Exactly, Red Lotus and Peach Fire are exactly the Fire Seeds that Monster Demon Continent is most suitable for. It is unique to Demon Qi. On this road, I will help you Protector and integrate these two Fire Seeds. Also one more insurance."Li Cheng persuaded and also gave Yang Chen another surprise: "I have exactly two methods of controlling the fire here. You should refer to it first."

    There is a saying that Lee Cheng told Yang Chen about the good and evil thoughts, plus the control method of the fire that is given here. Combined with the experience of Yang Chen previous life, controlling the fire is no problem at all. The only thing that needs to be considered is the time. This way is over, maybe it has already reached the ground, and one can't do anything about it.

    However, this is not a problem for Li Cheng. The shadow charm is not even breathing in Li Cheng in front of the atmosphere. It is not for Li Cheng to say that the east is east and the west is west. Li Cheng asked him to find a place for the four women to gain experience, not just a matter of words.

    As for the delay time, it is even easier. The movie charm only sends a message back, notifying other companions that the person has already found the whole, and is on the road. Since people are already there, there is no need to worry about the other. Both are Great Ascension stage experts, and one and a half year are normal, and no one will be impatient.

    In the following days, the four women under Li Cheng's guidance to gain experience, and Yang Chen is dedicated to the integration of Red Lotus fire and peach fire. The process is the same as the Low Rank Fire Seed, which is absorbed by Profound Spirit Furnace and then blended into the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire with Profound Spirit Furnace.

    However, even if it is a process, the difficulty is low level Fire Seed. Fifth Grade's Fire Seed can be regarded as the Top Grade that can be used in the mortal world. The previous life Yang Chen is just a combination of a Fifth Grade True Sun Fire, which is the Crossing Tribulation ascending and later the Great Principle Golden Immortal. The fifth grade Fire Seed is amazing.

    Previous life Yang Chen When it comes to absorbing True Sun Fire, it can be said that it was a life of nine deaths. At that time, Yang Chen had to take this huge risk in order to revenge.

    Although the life grade is merged with the Fifth Grade Fire Seed, the difficulty will never be as high as the previous life, but this is not the True Sun Fire that Yang Chen is familiar with, the Red Lotus fire and the peach fire that Rather just received, even Yang Chen. Have to play the spirit of 120,000 points.

    The absorption of the two Fire Seeds into the Profound Spirit Furnace is relatively straightforward. After all, as long as the Yang Chen Dao Heart is strong, you are not affected. Profound Spirit Furnace is also a dead thing, there will be no good or evil thoughts, even if the fire is even more powerful, it is impossible to burn a dead thing without thought.

    But the next thing is not so simple, the Fusion Grade Fire Seed, especially the two fires, a little careless is the result of backlash. Before the start, Yang Chen even had to use Profound Spirit Furnace to control two kinds of fires, refining some medicine in the disorder of medicinal pill, while familiar with various medicine's essence, while familiar with the fire of two kinds of fire.

    Until Yang Chen had already considered the two Fire Seeds to be self-contained, Yang Chen began the process of integration.

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