The latest chapter of Immortal Executioner, the body of the 525th chapter of the absorption of fire (on), floating astronomy
    Li Cheng and Yang Chen said these words, the shadow charm is not qualified to listen, and can not hear. Li Cheng layout's Restriction, not a cat and a dog can break, although the shadow is already the Great Ascension stage expert, but none of the people present did not put him alone in the eyes.

    The four women were surprised to find that Li Cheng’s insights were not even less than their husbands. When Li Cheng killed the Greatest Heaven Sect Supreme Elder with a sword, the four women were not there. They didn't see Li Cheng's prestige. Now it is a little more understanding of Li Cheng.

    Since it is a brother, Yang Chen naturally no longer hides his identity, and Li Cheng is also told the true identity of the four women. Li Cheng also said the origin of his own family. What surprised Yang Chen and the four women was that Li Cheng turned out to be from an old family. Strictly speaking, it was only a rogue cultivator.

    A family of rogue cultivator can have such a profound foundation. If it is known outside, it will definitely attract some big sect's people to come to the door. It is also necessary to take these inheritance in the hands. Just don't know how Li Cheng's family circumvents these big sect's.

    Four women are cultivating under the direction of Li Cheng, and Yang Chen has begun the process of absorbing the fusion of Red Lotus.

    Yang Chen is cautious and careful with the absorption of the Fifth Grade Fire Seed. With the help of the Fire control technique given by Li Cheng, Yang Chen took a look at the flame of the Red Lotus industry into the body.

    The Fire control technique is just a tactic, but in your own body, the final success depends on Spiritual Awareness and Mental State. Especially in the fire, there is no hesitation in the heart. As long as there is an interruption. It will soon be burned by the industry, and even if Yang Chen is already in the shape of Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, it will not escape this end.

    In the process of absorption, there can be no interference at all. Yang Chen knows that Li Cheng is more clear, so Li Cheng is very dedicated to Yang Chen Protector and puts Yang Chen in a special Formation.

    This Formation is really formidable, and when Demon Qi of Haotian encounters it, it seems to have encountered obstacles. Nothing can penetrate. Not only that, but the voice of the outside world shook something, and it could not be heard in Yang Chen's ear. Even Formation has super-formidable defenses that hit the Demonization Monster Beast of the two Great Ascension stages. There is no slight influence.

    The Fifth Grade Fire Seed is completely different from the Fourth Grade, and its power is almost tens of times higher. It was only the moment when flame entered the body, even with the ability and endurance of Yang Chen Fire control, it was almost buried by that kind of severe pain.

    Fortunately, Yang Chen's will not be strong and willing to endure the pain. According to the consistent fusion of Fire Seed, the Red Lotus fire was sent to the Yin Fire of Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire.

    Yin Fire seems to suffer from pain, non-stop madness, but under the strict control of Yang Chen's. Always absorbing a flame in the non-stop, and finally after a pinnacle of pain, a small flame blended into the Yin Fire.

    It's easy to get started, and then it's a glimpse, and it's a glimpse, and the color of Yin Fire becomes bluer than the blue sky.

    Time flies by, and the blink of an eye is half a year. Yang Chen's side, suddenly began to show abnormalities. A blooming Red Lotus flower wraps Yang Chen in it. If someone can get close to Yang Chen's, they will definitely find out. All the petals of this Red Lotus flower are made up of flames.

    At first, Red Lotus flowers were a bit rough, but slowly began to be fine, and in the end, it was just a lifelike experience. Yang Chen's body swayed slightly. Red Lotus also swayed with Yang Chen's body and swayed. Simply is alive in general.

    The four women outside saw this situation naturally, and they were all overwhelmed. The doubtful eyes were all cast on Li Cheng. Li Cheng looked at this scene, but nodded frequently.

    "Not bad, this Red Lotus industry has been able to absorb the integration in just half a year. I really didn't look at the wrong person."Li Cheng is also a little surprised at Yang Chen's speed, but think of Yang Chen's Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, it seems that this performance is normal.

    In the Red Lotus industry, Yang Chen has only the last flame, and the entire absorption process will be completed. After half a year of integration, Yang Chen is already in full swing. The fusion of the flame into the Yin Fire is very familiar, ending the whole process. Just about to get up, the Sea of ​​Consciousness suddenly rose.

    The blue-colored Yin Fire Dragon, in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, suddenly turned into a golden lotus, no longer the shape of the Fire Dragon. The whole Sea of ​​Consciousness seems to be blown by an invisible clean wind, and it can't be said to be clean and comfortable.

    Spiritual Awareness began to improve steadily under the guise of this clean air. As the Sea of ​​Consciousness became more and more reinforced, the Spiritual Awareness cultivation base improved smoothly to Human Immortal Third Grade.

    However, only the fusion of the Red Lotus industry fire, Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire has been somewhat unbalanced, so Yang Chen did not get up, directly began the fusion of the peach blossom fire.

    The process is basically the same, but after the baptism of the Red Lotus industry fire, Yang Chen's endurance and mind are greatly improved. It is much easier to absorb the fire in the peach blossom industry.

    It was only half a year, and Yang Chen's formed a flame peach outside. When the fusion was completely absorbed, Sea of ​​Consciousness, the Yang Fire Dragon of Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, also turned into a pink peach.

    Spiritual Awareness is again upgraded, Human Immortal Fourth Grade. The improvement was so smooth, Yang Chen could not believe it. Even if the previous life absorbed the True Sun Fire, there was a similar experience, but it was only upgraded from the Nascent Soul Early Stage to the Nascent Soul Middle Stage. As it is now, people are still in the mortal world, but Spiritual Awareness has Upgraded to Human Immortal Fourth Grade?

    The Fifth Grade Fire Seed is the Fifth Grade Fire Seed, which is quite different from the Fourth Grade Fire Seed. Of course, Yang Chen also understands that the Fire Seed below Fourth Grade and Fourth Grade, when the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire is integrated, is just the foundation. Now it is the time to reflect the power of Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire.

    Li Cheng had already discovered Yang Chen's change, and after he calmed down, he released the Formation. Because of Formation, this area is already Demon Qi vacuum. As soon as I opened Formation, Demon Qi around seemed to smell the bloody shark and rushed toward Yang Chen.

    Quietly, Yang Chen appeared two flowers outside, a peach blossom, a lotus flower, and the day when Demon Qi touched the two flowers, it was like the white snow met the sunny day, and the silent melting disappeared. There are no traces left behind.

    Can't blame Li Cheng said that these two types of fire are the most suitable flames in the Monster Demon Continent. This innate restraint is really powerful. As long as the two industries are in full swing, even if Yang Chen has no other protection, it is absolutely unscathed under the surround of Demon Qi.

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