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    "There is a fire in this industry, but that place is also going."Li Cheng's words are not many, but it is difficult to hide the appreciation.

    However, it is very dangerous to say that there is a place to go. Yang Chen would doubt that Li Cheng had already been there, otherwise how could it be so prepared.

    The to gain experience of the four women over the past year has been equally fruitful. Going deep into Monster Demon Continent, the Demonization Monster Beast, which has a lot of enemies than their cultivation base, is a limit challenge every day. If there is Li Cheng taking action at a critical moment, maybe the four women are already awkward.

    But this extreme killing to gain experience is extraordinary, and every day is on the death line, almost stimulating the potential of all four women. The killing skills of the four women are simply improving. Everyone faces the 5-Apr Great Ascension Early Stage Demonization Monster Beast.

    Yang Chen's previous to gain experience is relatively safe, and the four women have to cultivation themselves. They don't want Yang Chen to take care of them, so they can only say that they are following the rules.

    The current situation, because of changes, under unnavoidably, can only use this method of killing chickens to take eggs to force out the four female potentials, otherwise the four women will become Yang Chen's cumbersome in the next incident.

    Fortunately, Li Cheng, he seems to be more skillful than Yang Chen in various killing techniques. Whenever the four women take a break, they will sum up and give guidance to the four women, so that their experience is also increasing rapidly.

    The crowd finally set foot on the road to the mountain valley again. The enchantment of miserable, this time of the year. Obediently in front of the four-naughter nanny, I dare not slack off. The Expert of the Great Ascension stage is like this, and people can't help but be embarrassed.

    Everyone is on the road, once again unified the caliber, in fact, mainly let the shadow charm have a saying. Let him find a reasonable excuse for the one-year delay of the face when he is facing the fellow partner.

    The next step is to go all the way, Yang Chen's Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire carefully released on both sides of the building, the way Demon Qi seems to meet the nemesis. Not to mention the people on board, it is impossible to get close to the building.

    Nine Quiet Flying Sword hasn't absorbed Demon Qi for a long time, and the deeper into the mainland, the more intense Demon Qi. Yang Chen certainly won't miss this opportunity. Nine Quiet Flying Sword is on the bow of the building, and non-stop absorbs Demon Qi along the way.

    This time took the severe month and rushed to the destination mountain valley. Well of course! At a distance from the mountain valley, Gongsun Ling closed the boat. Each converges on the breath. Shadow charm once again became the big expert that dominated everything. And Yang Chen Li Cheng and the four women became poor creatures under the coercion of the film.

    Entering the mountain valley and seeing the scene in the mountain valley, everyone could not help but be a little surprised. No matter who sees such a large mountain valley with thousands of Great Ascension stage experts, it is estimated that this will be felt.

    Yang Chen, they also showed the younger generation of the single Nascent Soul Stage. The sudden tension and restraint when they suddenly saw so many large expert seniors, curled up in the shadow behind, and did not dare to say a word.

    “How has it been used for so long?”Someone obviously has waited a little impatient. Send back the message from the movie charm to the present. It has been more than a year, so long. According to the speed of the shadow, the climb also climbed back.

    Say it. On the one hand, a strong pressure has been released, and Yang Chen and others are firmly shrouded, and it seems that they are going to give them a horse.

    "One can't do anything about it, the little guy hasn't seen the world, only dealt with Demon Qi in the periphery."The enchantment answered very casually, and there was no flaw at all. At the same time, the wave of the other side disappeared: "You can only let him adapt to a growing period of Demon Qi. By the way, see if he is really Can clean Demon Qi. Don't you just do it, scare people how to work? ”

    In the mouth, the fascination in the heart is really shocking. If the two comets of Yang Chen and Li Cheng are attacked, they can't say anything else, at least he can't eat it.

    What was the outcome?The other party did not care about his own pressure and was swept away. Rather was very interested in the spectacle and immediately began to ask the results.

    "Not bad, at least after a little adaptation on the way, no longer afraid of Demon Qi."The fascination of the fascinating singer.

    “So what am I waiting for?” Enjoy!Listening to the enchantment, some people immediately became unsettled and screamed. It seems that these people have waited for hundreds of years, and when they heard that there is hope for resolution, they are all anxiously looking forward to it.

    "And slow!"At the request of Yang Chen, who was planning to push the boat, there was a big drink in the depth of the mountain valley.

    "What do you think of Qianxiong?"There is still no opening in the shadow charm, and some people have frowned and asked.

    "He just isn't afraid of Demon Qi, but he still doesn't know if he can purify the Portal."The man who is called Qianxiong is also covered with black crepe. Other people can't see his face. The whole person seems to be hidden in the dark fog. The sullen and sullen, unspeakable people are uncomfortable: "Once it is not, but it is not Damaged Portal, he is a little Nascent Soul, how can he afford it?"

    From beginning to end, these people are talking about what they have to do, and even the four women and Li Cheng who are following are not going to ask. In their eyes, including Yang Chen, it is just a tool that can be used. Who cares about them?

    Everyone heard the words and they felt reasonable. Shadow charms stunned their own hearts, for fear that these people would disrespect, causing Yang Chen and Li Cheng to be angry. Fortunately, Yang Chen and Li Cheng are now very cooperative, just standing still and not talking, it does not seem to be on the spot, which makes the movie enchanted release a long breath.

    "That kid, how can he prove that he can purify Demon Qi?"Someone immediately asked this topic.

    “Is it really worth purifying Demon Fiend Bead?”Shadow charm knows that he has to talk, and hurriedly asks.

    “What does Demon Fiend Bead of Third Grade Fourth Grade say? I have a First Grade Demon Fiend Bead here, and let's take a look at the spot! ”The other party seems to have been prepared, or has already premeditated, quickly took out a huge Demon Fiend Bead from the cosmos bag, put it on the palm, and looked at Yang Chen with both eyes, very arrogantly said: "Kid, give Let's see if you have any usefulness."

    Everyone's eyes are on Yang Chen's. Yang Chen seems to be less scared at the moment. He stepped forward and said with a smile: "I have already said it with the predecessors. Purifying Demon Qi is a reward. of."

    When the voice fell, it suddenly caused a large group of people to laugh. (To be continued ……

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