1027. Chapter 1002 Warfare (concluded)

    Chapter 1002 Warfare (concluded)


    wind of the afternoon blows the leaves of the mountains, whispers like singing.

    Even many years later, the clouds were able to remember that afternoon when the wind was blowing outside Han’s middle city.

    And after many years, he grew up with the prosperity of the true woman, witness and participate in numerous victories and rejoices. In the medium term of the rise of the Golden State, even if occasionally embarrassed and frustrated by the battlefield, he had always seen pride and unyielding in the bones of the Golden National Army, which had long been embedded in the deepest depth of the heart as the bones struck out of the river shop.

    A woman is so upset, full of inviolability.

    That is why, for the first time in the afternoon, he saw the images that had never been seen.

    The closer it is to the mountain battlefield, the more gold soldiers in the view of the collapse of the vision, the more Yangons, the Chidans, the Turks, and the more true women, in Twos and threes, are scattered like tidals.

    Without the troops of the chief, the wounded were uprooted, moved towards the middle of Han, and there were dispersed soldiers who lost their units and left with their weapons, and saw anyone like a bird of astonishma. Complete colours are trying to close them, but because of time constraints, he can’t spend too much time on this matter.

    A part of the soldiers were brought into his team and continued to move towards the Mount of the Corps.

    The colour asked about the Mission’s mountain battlefield, as well as about the forces and past experience attached to those fighters, first of which were relatively weak forces, but shortly after that, members of the forces appeared, when the core members of the Mountain Guard told him about the situation on the battlefield, the colours had noticed that he had a high body of martyrs, with a face of fear.

    “The men of the Black Flag will not die… if they encounter them in the battlefield, remember that they are very good enough to cooperate, and that they will not die, even if they are three or five.”

    “Left?” Perfect question. The massacre of Mountain Guards is sharp in the army, with officers more of them with a lot of real women and a lot of colours, known as “Leleft-hand”, and battlefield killings are extremely courageous and sexy and impressed.

    “Well,” the soldier Nodded, then he continued to say the impression of the Warsaw Army on the battlefield.

    Over the years, the massacre of mountain guards has been brilliant, and when the sergeant is too sharp, the soldier, after the collapse of the war, has been able to summarize this impression and has been able to act as an officer in the ordinary forces. But the content he described – although he wanted to be as calm as possible – was finally overwhelmed by great frustration.

    And some of the ensuing massacres of Mountain Resistance said that he was reluctant to believe at the first time in the formation of the cruelty of a realistic outline, or in the rapid fashion of his mind.

    The massacre guards led by Lord Johnson were sharp and had been crushed by the Warsaw Army forces on the positive battlefield.

    Nearly 100,000 people in Han, led by a great handsome, have experienced many small-scale killings and victories over the past five days. Despite many failures, as large-scale warfare has not yet begun, most of the Golden fighters, who are at the core and the most acute, are also awaiting with interest the emergence of a large-scale war.

    The reinforcement of Hion soldiers in Han, the outbreak of the war dynamics and the incentive of the army have enabled the martyrs here to launch yet another offensive against the Warsaw Army. But in the first half of the day, the war that took place in the mountains of the group finally struck the fantasy of these great warriors in a positive way, so strong and clear that the victory on the battlefield was so strong that the real warriors felt the pressure of power directly.

    Large-scale buffers cannot form forces, but they can’t be targeted, but they can’t be broken into sand walks, but the Warsaw Army is better than the others; they fight with each other, and they are basically unaffected; the tactics of the past day cannot work, the whole battlefield is like gangsters, and General Warsaw has forced women’s genuinely forces to be inappropriate.

    It is also a nightmare of concealment and sadness that ends up landing on this day’s mountain battlefield, a struggle to slaughter mountain guards, and a part of the real warriors have repeatedly struggled against the Warsaw Army, but after their head is going to die, such an impulse is nothing but futile hands, and the Warsaw army’s strength just seems to be fragmented, but, to a certain extent, it will always be able to form a large and small formation and collaboration, falling into the real army of women, who will be brutally hanged.

    If it were to be recalled at a later date, the complete colour of that time had not been fully eliminated, the troops he led had entered the inside of the Great Mountain War. At this time, he gathered 3,000 people from Han, more than half of them, who had experienced the collapse of the fighting in the vicinity of Han a few days ago or turned into soldiers, and whose hearts had actually begun to disperse during his journey to gather the demobilized soldiers.

    He was compelled to think too much about the moment he arrived at the battlefield, where fighting between the hills had reached a level of white heating, when Lord Johnson’s handsome leadership was heading towards the humility of Qin, and eight knights were packed to the humble back of Qin. Complete colours are not tricky, and he arranged for the military corps at the first time, and then ordered the rest of the force moved to move to the battlefield, followed by the cavalry on the side, to be spared.

    To meet these 3,000 people on the right side is the military strength of a nearby Warsaw battalion, who quickly organized defence on the hill, blocked three artillery blocks and ordered the troops to come on the road, deflected the hill, yet the two sides have not fully entered the fighting, and chaos began to erupt in the visions of the Far East.

    Fifteen years ago, on the afternoon of 24 April, when Johnny ordered the beginning of the siege on the Yamada battlefield, he had invested the entire force in a humble confrontation with Qin, in the strongest moments of war, even with him and even with his relatives, in the fight against Warsaw soldiers. His troops are close, but every step forward, the giant beast is bleeding more blood, and the slaughter at the heart of the battlefield is as if this real military goddess were burning their souls, and at least at that moment everyone thought that he would throw this battle alone to the end, and that he would be bleeding the last drop of blood, or killed by Qin Sakasu’s humility.

    But Johnny finally chose the perimeter.

    Complete colours witness the beginning of this great chaos, which may also be the beginning of the collapse of the entire kingdom. On the battlefield, the flames are still burning, and the colours are wrecked, and the cavalry under him began to stop, fall and move to Warsaw’s position, which was aimed at bringing about a gap between the withdrawal of Johnny, and soon after that, several forces that appear to be fighting forces began to disband in the killing.

    After the colour had unleashed his arm, he had taken thousands of horsemen and began to break the blockade and try to open a way for the perfect man.

    Shortly after that, all kinds of shouting came out on the battlefield. The Warsaw Army shouted, “The golden dog failed…”

    “Stingham wants to escape…”

    “Kill the sticks…”

    In the sound of the Pillar, there is an extreme red leaflet on the battlefield, which symbolizes the signs of victory and persecution, and in the sky keeps directing to the end of the colony.


    red’s smoking goes up, as it extends, burning blood marks.

    The sheep from several li hills, who had previously fought with the complete colour, began to assemble after seeing the fires in the remote red, in the eyes of which the fires continued to spread in the air.

    In the past two miles, at the shore of a small river, three Warsaw soldiers in wet clothes walking by the river saw the red order in the sky, and conversed with each other after a slight sigh. They jumped in the river, and then two soldiers jumped into the river first, and one soldier in the latter was looking for a wood that was hard to take down the water to the opposite.

    There is another team under the sky coming together this way.

    Beyond several li from the Mission’s Mountain Wars, the complete colour of wind and rain is also leading thousands of troops, coming in this direction quickly, and he looks forward to blood red in the sky, starting to lead the guards and drive crazy.


    On the way from the cavalry, the female gendarmerie was like a storm, coming out of the mission’s hill battlefield, and the Warsaw army’s attacks were sweeping, and the collapse of another money-government force was in shape, but, after all, it was difficult to intercept the core of the defectors because of the lower strength of the Warsaw army.

    Qin Xiaoshan approached the hill with humility and looked at the tide of the small unit’s Warsaw troops from all directions, pointing towards the end of the siege, with some complexities.

    “If there’s a chance, I really want to ask Johnny what he thinks.”

    From Early Stage’s strength and the intensity of the offensive, it is beyond doubt that, despite all his determination to kill himself, the entire battlefield will flash to the end of the most intense confrontation, but at the next moment when Johnny put himself into the offensive, he chose to be as suddenly as a conscious reminder.

    The gamblers on the table usually don’t choose to strike at this time, because it’s too late. And as a leader on the battlefield, he has invested everything, and this sudden abandonment seems to be somewhat early – and embarrassing. To be sure, at that moment even Qin Xiaoshan has believed that the purpose of John is irreconcilable until death, and that is why there are some accidents about his sudden siege.

    But it was just an accident.

    Hundreds of thousands of Warsaw troops are assembling this side of the fire, carrying out a wave of interceptions against the fugitive Kingdoms army. On the battlefield, women will be so reluctant to see this defeat, and the leadership has continued to launch deadly shocks on the modest direction of Qin Qin. Some soldiers seized the horses of war and began to assemble under orders, passing through the hills, plain plains, towards Han.

    “Cut the sticks! Grab him! Kill him!”

    Qin Shenzhen has issued an order before it. Under the sunlight of the afternoon, there was a calm wind in the wilderness, the explosion was loud, there was a sound of a shock in the ear, and over the past decades, the most truly powerful women had fled. He was talking to him, and he remembered the evening of many years ago, and he was out of the team, prepared to die from the frontier and the Malaysian corpse, and he sat with Li Heng under that sunset, which was Wu Dynasty’s sunset, father was right, brother was on guard, and everything was beautiful.

    He was willing to pay for all this.

    “Wu Dynasty owes an account…” He remembers Ning Yi’s statement at that time.

    He said, “How many lives can be filled?”

    The wind blows out, SPlendorous and majestic collapses into ruins, brother dies, father dies, he kills the emperor, he loses his eyes, he walks through the palace, the northwest kills, countless screams, the elder’s wife is suffering more than a decade in the kingdom, and the younger child is even beaten up as a livestock in more than 10 years.

    How many lives can be filled?

    “The golden dog failed…”

    “- Kill the sticks!”

    He led the army on top of it.


    Smoke fires, like blood surges, and reports of defeat, are unexpected and appalling, and are not a intended result for most Warsaw military personnel.

    The killing of these days is equally intense, and the fighting of the unity is not necessarily a war in anticipation, and the Warsaw Army is ready to kill Seoul as a psychologist for the next round of battlefield if Johnny chooses to break around and move forward.

    People expect victory, but at the same time, if the victory is not that easy, the Seventh Warsaw Army is ready to bite Johnny irreconcilable until death – I’m not dead, you don’t want to go back!

    In the immediate battle, the psychological expectation of such an extreme point is that, although the Seventh Warsaw Army has undergone several years of training with hatred, the real woman has rarely failed before, and if she only fought with a sense of optimism and cannot break the wreck, it may be the Seventh Army in such a battlefield.

    So, as the fires escalate, the propaganda will slip towards Han, and many people will feel and be surprised by the fantasy of dreams when the orders of the entire team will be intercepted.

    Liu Liu Liu ‘an even had a little bit of a god, and this moment he lost a lot of things in his mind, and then, under the leadership of the chief, they went towards the intended defense line.

    It is still in the mountains, in the wilderness, and in the direction of the hard-headed disarmed forces, some of the already defeated soldiers are brought together, as storms plunder over the wild, sometimes stopping off the road, sometimes bypassing the road, and a Warsaw army is coming around, and the horses are running around.

    The sun looks like a moment or afternoon, in the wilderness of Han, Johnny knows that the night is coming.

    He directs the army to flee, flee from the direction of the sun, and sometimes he will slight out of God, and the fierce slaughter will seem to be pale in the eye, and he has no knife in his hand.

    Until then, near that hill, Qin Sakasu was humble, the first time in more than a decade, the breath of a long violation had risen in his heart, and the memory of many years ago had become clear in his heart. He knows how to fight, how to kill, how to pay this life… when he faced the Yang many years ago, he spared many lives and crushed the enemy under his teeth.

    On that day, he was on his feet again to save this life, just like 40 years ago, when he struck a path in the sky, where there seemed to be no way to go, and then he attacked two Warsaw fighters. Forty years later, in that moment of murder, he finally understood how the Warsaw army before him was a colour force. This understanding finally became true at the moment of the blade confrontation, when he was the most sensitive hunter for women, and he looked at the outline of the giant beast across the snow.

    He gave up the trigger, turned around and left.

    At least at this moment, he has understood what the consequences of the assault are.

    Not now.

    “… Warsaw armaments are constantly growing and fighting in the future will be different from Ning Yi’s words in the past millennium and must be transmitted to more than the entire court tyard… if I want to wait for the soldiers to lose their position on the battlefield, it must be prepared before the war… But especially important, it is to make a great deal of paper that allows the soldiers to read the books… No, it is not that simple.”


    horses of war, the Korean first and the others next to Johnny say those words, some of which sound like a bad word of trusteeship, and others try to break Johnny’s words and get shouted back by him: “Listen to me! Remember this! The Warsaw irreconcilable until death, and if you can’t go back, I’ll be in gold when someone understands that! It’s a different day. It’s gonna be different from before! Ning Yi’s school set, my kingdom is in trouble… but unfortunately I’m old with the Google.”

    He said that someone came to report on the proximity of the Warsaw Army, followed by a message from the leader of Yemen who came from the north-east to rescue, and Johnny shouted: “Kill him to support Han immediately, without help!”

    Shortly after that, a Warsaw army was killed from the side, and the installation also flew fast and sloped towards a chaotic escape path.

    “Who dares to hurt my father…”

    He killed the team, so he wasn’t brave.

    Johnny’s legend: “Let him go…”

    The sun spreads in the sky, the real women flee in killing, the Warsaw Army chases all the way, the piecemeal followers come, and the last power is to bite this struggling on whilst at death’s door giant beast.

    Liu Liu Liu Man followed the team and killed him, and the captain was bleeding and shouted in front of him: “Kill hardly!” He — “They moved towards a long way to bite, around a chaotic war, with a small cavalry coming, soldiers searching for grenades on their body, most of them using light, and two mines from the body of a female real soldier, throwing them out while at war, and riding down, surrounded by chaos.

    “Kill them, catch them, hold them,” the mayor shouted in his murder that he was a bloody wrath with the real woman, and see the real handsome flag of the woman for a long time, and then the hysterical blood qi was brains. It’s not surprising, how many people have broken the door since the woman was really south, with a knife gun and a rare opportunity to be so close, and how many more times in life?

    “I killed you! The same guy with the dog…”

    And there’s a real woman in these enemies who rolled around with cigarettes and dust, and there’s a lot of soldier around. Liu Liu ‘man, with a knife, killed a man in the sound of the other side, then backed by a combatant next to the front, was an old soldier in the Seventh Army who was not serving as a military officer only because he did not prefer commanders, but the techniques of killing on the battlefield were counting on all battalions and groups, fighting on one hand, while preserving his strength and protecting his friends on the other.

    The little barrier, consisting of three shields, hit a real soldier in front of his scream, and passed the call of the chief of the class, “Killing hardly, hitting”, which was a little wrong. Liu Liu Li Man turned his head, and saw only the captain was being stabbed in her stomach, and the long knife hung out.

    “The Han Dog dies – tell my father to go! Don’t worry about me!” He has a real wish, and I can die, and he’s going to live… ”

    The blood sprays with the armor of the horse, and he wakes the steel knife and orders from the next guard. I saw a Warsaw soldier on the side, and he went up all the way!

    On the side of the battlefield, Johnny looked at the battlefield’s installation and ordered that the soldiers would then come in this direction and join forces in Yemeni.

    “Go tell him! Let him move! It’s an order. He’s not my son.”

    Liu Liu ‘an and the Warsaw soldiers next to Liu ‘an are pointing towards the end of the colour, and a couple of women’s real guards are pointing up, Liu Liu ‘man kills a real relative, and shields into the building of Yema, lays down two steps, dancers are pulling back, Liu Liu Man lets off his shield, looks down, a knife falls on the hammer’s legs, lays a horse on the hammer’s legs, runs one step back to the head, throws a razor from the air, a blade from the air, a blade of fire, a blade of four shots, and the knife is on a horse’s helmet.


    was also a noise in the brain, and he also had a knife, and the next moment, Liu Liu Jin had a knife chopped heavily into his head, the Warsaw steel knife was heavy, sugar in the horses and a long knife was blown back.

    There will be a hand-held coming around, and the Warsaw soldiers will rush through, and Liu Liu Liu ‘an and the building will have two knives, and the crumbling will have to hit each other two or three steps back. The building was also stuck by the back stones, Liu ‘man chased the long knife, he was messy in his head, he waged with armor, climbed up from the ground, and he waved a knife, Liu Liu Liu Liu Man waged a knife over his neck and chopped up half his body when he chopped to the fourth knife, and the armor was standing up and bleeding from the blade.

    Liu Lu ‘an was again a knife, shaking and shaking, walking and falling on his knees. He also wanted to go back to the bayonet. The handsome flag of the former Johnny was moving this way, and Liu Liu ‘an had more excuses on his body, followed by a knife.

    On the eve of the sun, Johnny saw his son’s body crushed by the soldiers of the Warsaw.

    “Aaahhhhhhhhh! Ah…”


    the wilderness, the old people were screaming like tiger, his face was twisted, his eyes were shining and terrifying, and the soldiers of the Warsaw Army were coming in with the same brutal gesture.

    Well, we can finally change the title.

    (This chapter is over)

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