Zhui Xu Chapter 1082

“Ai, it is indeed my arbitrariness, and the random words in my mouth have stained Sage’s clean name, so take a warning…”

Everyone stayed in the county town for another night. The weather on the 2nd day was gloomy and it looked like it was going to rain. Everyone gathered at the Caishikou of the county town and saw that the young County Magistrate yesterday held the leader Lu and the others. When he came out, Chief Lu knelt in front of the stone platform, and County Magistrate was loudly criticizing the evil of these people buying and selling people, as well as the determination and will of Gong Dai to fight it.

This Xiao Dai County Magistrate is named Dai Zhen, and he is a nephew of Dai Mengwei. Fan Heng and the others speaking of which praised Dai Mengwei for his good governance and teaching.

Under the gloomy sky, among the crowds of onlookers, the executioner raised his sword and cut off the crying leader Lu with one knife. The rescued people were also watching. They had received a promise from County Magistrate to “properly settle”. At this time, they knelt on the ground, shouting to the sky, and constantly kowtow.

Ning Ji watched this scene, extend the hand scratching his head in confusion.

After leaving home for more than a month, he suddenly felt that he could not understand anything.

This Dai Mengwei… is it really a good person?

He is mentally prepared for the murder, so what should I do next? Isn’t there no reason to go crazy?


(End of this chapter)

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