Zhui Xu Chapter 1084

“My life is saved, but my burns are serious. It’s hard to say whether I can return to my post in the future…” Ning Yi paused, “I held several meetings in Leshan, repeated analysis and demonstration, their research work… At this recent stage, I’m so excited about what I’m researching… Many indicators are unnecessarily advancing. After defeating the West Route Army, they are too optimistic and want to eat two meals in one bite…”

“Although something went wrong… but it is inevitable. It is such is human nature. You also had a meeting. Didn’t you also have an expectation before… As you said, although optimism will cause trouble, but always Generally speaking, it should be regarded as a spiral. In other aspects, it must be a lot better.” Shishi explained.

“I said so, but I am too optimistic, there is no stone to cross the river by touching it…”

He murmured, sighed, and laughed helplessly. He created this army in the past for many years by simulating the situation in adversity, continuously squeezing people’s potential, and constantly tempering people’s spirit and discipline in adversity. Who knows that the problem will be solved so soon. Next In good times, he was a little uncomfortable.

Shishi failed to hear his mutter: “…huh?”

“Nothing.” Ning Yi smiled, patted Shishi’s hand, and stood up.

“Ready to eat…Oh, yes, I have some information here. You can take it to take a look at it at night. Old Dai is very interesting. While he let his subordinates sell human beings and evenly distribute the profits, he let others Deceive the caravans with no background and fail to get on the line into his territory, then arrest these people, kill them, confiscate their belongings, and gain both fame and fortune. They are going to fight recently, a bit by fair means or foul ……”

It was late in the evening, and the golden sun was shining in the yard by the lake. Ning Yi smiled and turned out an item, put it on the table, and then walked out with her.

“… outsiders can’t see clearly, and their understanding of Old Yu Dai is somewhat ambiguous. We have collected some evidence, but we don’t consider releasing it for the time being. It’s a year or two. You can find someone to write something based on this The story, when the time comes, is posted together with the report, plus the “White Haired Girl” that mainly accuses the black businessmen… Forget it, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, anyway, these types of The drama, it took three years to reach Peak. After the black business problem is resolved, I will kill Dai Mengwei’s heart.”

The sun is falling, people’s words are ringing, and the wind chimes are shaking. In and out of Chengdu, countless people live and countless things are happening. The images of black, white, and gray are intertwined, making it difficult to see. The war is set at the beginning, and many people have a new life. Even those who have signed a harsh contract, after arriving in Chengdu, eating warm soup and rice, they will be moved to tears; the ups and downs of the Hua Xia army are full of optimism and radical emotions at this moment, and they will also be affected by it. Suffered unspeakably. On this day, Ning Yi thought for a long time and took the initiative to make a deviant layout. Some people will die because of this, and some people will be born because of this. No one can accurately know the shape of the future.

This is one of the countless things that happen in the Huaxia Army every day. Also on this day, Ning Yi and Shishi had dinner and received news from the North…

The soldier named Tang Minjie-who is also a sinner-is coming back.

At the same moment, Ning Ji was heading to Ankang, a big city under the rule of Dai Mengwei, with full of confusion. He wanted to take a boat from there and go all the way to Jiangning to participate in the heroic convention that seems to be incomprehensible at present.

(End of this chapter)

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