1010. Chapter 984 turning point (3)

Chapter 984 Turning Point (3)

“Bai’an outside the city of Baiyunqiu, Xiaosuo is sad and windy. Because of the Han Dynasty’s departure from the chaotic day, Zhongxuan has since moved to Jingzhou…”

The old stage is facing the rolling river, and the singer on the stage is an old man with a thick voice but a hoarse voice. The song is accompanied by a loud drum.

There were already round tables in front of the stage. In a short time, several people wearing armor or wearing Chinese clothes entered the market. Some of them knew each other and greeted them in the voice of the poetry. Some people just sat down quietly and watched the rest. Several people. A total of nine people came over, and half of them seemed to be a little servant.

The drums on the stage stopped for a while, then they rang again, and the old singer sang: “Luoshan looked back at Qinguan, and the south to Jingzhou for a few days. Today, only the tears, I don’t know the scenery in Heshan-”

The singer of the old man is very infectious. One of the people who sighed sighed: “There is only tears on the road today, I don’t know where the scenery is in Heshan…”

Next to a literary robes, he smiled and smiled: “Yushan looks back at Qinguan, and south to Jingzhou for a few days… Sikong is writing about the mountain pavilion. From here, how many days…” The palm of the hand patted on the table, “Singing wrong.”

Then I talked, and on the side of the stairs, there were people dressed in costumes. As soon as the tenth person appeared, the previous nine people all came up one after another: “Liu Daren.”

“General Liu.”

“Ping Shu.”

The tenth man smiled and said: “Time hastily, I have slowed down.” The words are majestic and steady. This person is Wu Dynasty after the turmoil, holding a heavy hand, occupying Liu Guangshi in Baling, Jiangling and other places.

The previous book that said the wrong singer said: “Uncle Liu, this one on the stage, sings something profound. You deliberately.”

“It’s not awkward. This old man’s singing is different from the previous Wu Dynasty. It’s tragic and generous. It’s Liu’s heart, so I asked him to sing a few songs for me in the army. Today’s meeting, we must be conservative. Secret, the second is also a bit hasty, so call him out to help sing one or two. Ping Baoxian’s preferences, I know, you do not go today, Jiangling City, recently there are two amazing songs of the arts industry Ji, Chen Fu, Yan Jiuer… After the incident, Shi Shu arranged for you.” He smiled majestic and cordial, “Sit.”

The people settled down, Liu Guangshi waved the people to send the old singer away, and the maid came up to tea. After the maid went down, he looked around and smiled.

“The world is changing fast. Today’s meeting, the things to talk about are not simple. Some of you come here, some are coming in person, and their identities are sensitive. I will not introduce them here. Anyway, for the time being, there are counts. ,how is it?”

Right now is a secret meeting, Liu Guangshi thinks well, but he fell, and a man wearing a half-body armor shook his head: “Nothing, there is a selection of Liu Daren, and today are Han people.” I am a big family, I believe that you are there. The Xia Zhongxin, a monk, is not afraid to be known by all of you. It doesn’t matter if you say nothing.”

“The long-term summer general is famous.” The young scholar had arched his hand.

That Xiazhong channel: “There have been repeated defeats, repeated defeats and repeated battles, no prestige, no delay.”

The young scholar smiled and stood up: “Under Xiao Pingbao, my father Xiao Zheng, please give peace to your uncles.”

Liu Guangshi smiled and looked at these things. In a short while, the rest of the people also expressed their feelings. They got up and made a self-report. The names of each person’s words now represent a force in Jiangnan. Similar to Xia Zhongxin, they have already voted for Juror. Nowadays, a Han army commander who is under the control of Yan Xiyin, the Xiao family behind Xiao Pingbao is a family of families near Hanyang.

Such a gathering, although opened on the site of Liu Guangshi, is equivalent to Juyi. If only Liu Guangshi clearly knows the identity of all people, then he will become the sole ally of the one person. Everyone understands this truth too, so Xia Zhongxin simply shows his side with a bachelor, and Xiao Pingbao then keeps up, breaking this asymmetrical state a little.

Liu Guangshi does not mind, although he is a military commander, but he has been confusing in the civil official’s officialdom for a lifetime, and there is no such scene. He is no longer stuck to this level.

He waited until everyone had introduced it, and no longer had a chill, just smiled and opened his mouth: “You are here, it is actually a statement, and now you have already met, and Liu will no longer bend around. The situation has changed and you are already clear.”

Everyone looked serious and they all nodded. Someone said: “In addition to the situation of the Battle of Tanzhou, now everyone can be a grasshopper on the rope.”

“I never thought about it. After the death of Yan Zonghan, the name of the world will be lost, and I have suffered such a big loss.”

“It can’t be said that the Jurchen is defeated. After all, it is a good thing.”

“Can the black flag win?”

Everyone said a few words, Liu Guangshi raised his hand and raised his hand: “All of you said that there is truth. In fact, the defeat of Jurchen is not bad, but the black flag wins in both wars. This situation is, after all, unexpected. I don’t care about you. In the past ten days or so, Liu’s people have been a lot of people. Ning Yi’s shot is so creepy.”

He said that he took a sip of tea and everyone did not speak. He could understand the shocks of these times. The southwest fiercely played for four months, and Yan Zonghan was still struggling, but with Ning Yi leading 7,000 people to attack, the 100,000 Jurchen army collapsed directly on the front line, and then the whole army was hard-boiled in the southwestern mountains. Pushing back, Ning Yi’s army still bite up without hesitation. Nowadays, in the mountains of the southwest, it’s like two giant babies intertwined and played with blood. The original weak is actually to double the original strength. The Jurchen West Road Army has been killed in the mountains of the mountains in Jianmenguan.

This kind of shot is in the eyes of everyone, even more than his anger at the time, it is still a bit shocking. After more than ten years, the devil has been powerful enough to see who killed him, and even Yan Zonghan, who was almost recognized as the best in the world, is now being beaten by him. Slap in the face, even if you are seen to be killed alive.

Nowadays, there are no winners and losers in the southwestern mountains, but there are countless people in private who are planning for the future.

Things have become too fast after all, and there have been no previous plans, so everyone in this round of activities seems to be hasty.

“I will talk about the situation there.” Xia Zhongxin said. “At the beginning of March, Elder Qin had a change in the other side. The woman really finished Yan Xiyin, and she had already dispatched troops. I was able to prevent it. But the results were all known. I was so old that my 20,000 people were attacked by Elder Qin for two times. The death of the dead and wounded was gone. Then, Yan Yanxi was almost three. I adjusted the soldiers once a day. This is playing chess. I don’t know who is going to be bad for the next time. We all said that they might attack the swords and the two at the end, and they will never go back.”

“Last year… I heard that I played 17 times together. General Qin has never hurt her strength.” Someone answered, “Huaxiajun’s combat power is really strong enough?”

“It was seven days, and I played 17 games in a row.” Xia Zhongxin said with no expression. “How a powerful law has been said to be inaccurate. If you encounter it, you will lose. Finishing Yan Xiyin is awesome, and I don’t want to be a Han Chinese.” He, the man who holds the strongest Jurchen in the hands of the woman, does not dare to rush directly, but only intends to consume it slowly. On the other hand, in fact, Elder Qin used the same group of people in Xiao Canghe, you think about it. In three years, I killed a million troops in the Central Plains and killed the 20,000 people who had been ruined by the Jurchens. The people also grinded for a few years in the west where the birds did not lay eggs. Only came out, his mother’s this is not a person, this is a desperate ghost.”

He paused: “I don’t want you, now on the front line, everyone is afraid. The southwest wins, the old Qin is the idea of ​​a homeless, bloody sea enmity, once the chess is over, the picture is poor. In the black In the middle of the flag and Tushanwei, whoever touches who died.”

Xiao Pingbao, who was on the side, twitched his mouth and smiled: “Forgive Xiaoxuan, why not vote for the black flag.”

In his words, he had the meaning of knowing what he asked, but when everyone sat together, the steps to unify the meaning in the words were necessary, so they were not angry, but said with a blank expression: “How did the southwest get down to Li Ru, now everyone? All know, to vote for Jurchen, to be sent to play the old Qin, cast the old Qin, to be sent to fight Tushanwei, are a dead word.”

He paused: “In fact, it is not everyone’s fear of death. However, the old guys in Beijing are not unreasonable. Since ancient times, you have to surrender. Once you have a chip, you must be valued and lowered. There is a good position, but today the surrender of the black flag, but it is a long delay, and for a few years, who knows what it will be like, and secondly… General Liu has better ideas here, and it is not a good road. The husband is not alive. There is no right in the day. If there is still a road to go, Xia Mou does not want to enter the black flag and become a fire leader.”

In such a discourse, everyone naturally turned their eyes to Liu Guangshi, and Liu Guangshi laughed: “The generals of Xia are arrogant, Wu Dynasty today’s situation, many times, the crime of non-war. The country’s more than two hundred years of heavy literary martial arts, hard to return In fact, there is today’s dilemma, but also helpless. In fact, the generals of the summer on the battlefield, how brave, with the military to raise the enthusiasm, Liu is admired, but to put it bluntly, the summer generals clothed from the birth, the military for many years, which day is not the parties Elbow, the civil servants dictate their fingers and make an autumn wind. Come and tell the truth, Liu can have a few soldiers in the hand, but the ancestors are only Yu Yin.”

Liu Guangshi’s words are said to be in the confidence of Xia Zhong. This ruthless middle-aged man arched his hand and could not speak. Just listen to Liu Guangshi and said: “The situation is different now. To tell the truth, several clowns in Ling’an City have no chance of success. There is a saying in the world, if everything is smooth, no more than five years. Today, sending troops to Fuzhou will inevitably recover Ling’an.”

When he said that he was in the present, he arched his hand and everyone looked at each other and clearly understood the hidden meaning of Liu Guangshi’s sentence. Liu Guangshi stood up and put a map on the map: “In fact, the invitation of Guangshi to come over here is to push forward the situation with everyone. Please see.”

His finger clicked on the map: “There is a change in the world. Today’s situation is completely different from that of half a year ago. But when it comes to it, the unexpected is nothing more than two points. Chen Fan occupies Tanzhou, and Ning Yi stabilizes the southwest. The best situation is to flee back to the north along the Jing and other places. Then, the Huaxia Army actually lost some of its strength. Of course, within a few years, they will regain their strength. When they are connected, they will be connected. To be honest, this site that Liu now occupies is just on the corner of the Huaxia Army.

Liu Guangshi said here, just smiled and said: “Break the Jurchen, the reputation of the Chinese army is so strong that it will not be possible in the future, but ah, one, the general of the summer is right, you want to surrender the past as a fire. Bing, people are not sure to accept it. Second, the Huaxia Army is strict in governance. This is indeed true. Once it wins, the interior is too late, and Liu feels that it is inevitable that some problems will arise. Of course, regarding this matter, We will wait and see for the time being.”

“In any case, for a few years, we have it.” Liu Guangshi reached out and circled between Tanzhou and the southwest. “But only for a few years, this place, sooner or later, will be with the black flag. Friction, we have to think about where to go.”

“With regard to the response to this situation, Liu has some considerations.” Liu Guangshi smiled. “One of them, strong self, there will always be no mistakes, no matter whether you want to fight or to be, you must have the strength to do today. Everyone here, neither of them may be able to wrestle with the forces like Black Flag and Jurchen. But if they join hands, the Chinese military has been hurt. For the time being, there are some advantages in this part of the country. Secondly, we went to the civil service, and we went to the civil service. There is no chance of development.

“But it’s just a joint effort. It’s not strong enough. In fact, it’s plain, even if you repeat the old view of Wu Dynasty, Wu Dynasty is also the weakest party between Jinguo and Black Flag, but the qualification to win is not. There will be. When you look at the situation, the black flag will restore its vitality, stabilize the situation, and the troops will not move. The Jinjun will withdraw from the north. Today, Ling’an is on the east side. You can see how many places are now empty. of.”

Liu Guangshi’s palm is photographed on the map, and the eyes are now in the eye: “You, Zhongyuan! As long as the battle in the southwest stops, the Jurchen goes north, let’s join hands, then break the Yangtze River and take the Central Plains, return to the smashing beam, repeat me Wu Dynasty Old view, you, this is the power of the world! In my Wu Dynasty, in my Han, in my summer -”

His voice fell, and some people stood up at the table. The folding fan was shot on the palm of his hand: “Indeed, if the Jurchen is defeated, the control of the Central Plains will fall to the lowest point, and there will be no influence. Ling’ On the other side, a bunch of clowns can not be considered in the Central Plains.”

Someone said: “Zonghan was beaten in the southwest. Whether he can withdraw it or not, it will no longer be a Jurchen army. If there are a few people on the scene, we may be able to easily recover without any effort. Old days.”

Liu Guangshi smiled and said: “Further, the name is not correct. The Wu Dynasty was defeated last year. Yue Fei, Han Shizhong and others went to the east, but even the emperors failed to hold them. These things, Liu can’t talk. Blame them. Later, the women are really big, some people – traitors! They are really surrendering, and there are many people who are still loyal, such as the generals of summer, although they have to be with the Jurchen and the snake, but have been loyal to me Wu in my heart. Dynasty, waiting for the timing, everyone, ah, Liu is also waiting for the arrival of this opportunity. I waited for the gods to take the emperor’s life, for me Wu Dynasty to keep the fire, revisit the old view, no matter who you are, The confession has passed.”

As he said these words, he took out the charcoal pen and circled the pieces one by one on the map. It covered a large circle of land such as the truss, which is one of the biggest forces in the whole world. Someone shot his fist on the palm of his hand.

Liu Guangshi no longer laughs, his eyes solemnly knocking the charcoal on the top.

“You, this place, for a few years, anything can happen. If we are painful, innovative, and learning from the southwest, what will happen? If it is a few years, the situation changes, the southwest really has problems, then everything What will happen? Even if it is really as people say, my Wu Dynasty National Games will unfortunately decline. After all, I am waiting for the people to be on the side. It is also a great merit. It is good for the world and for China.”

Jiang Fengqi, Liu Guangshi’s words were loud and the people stood there, and for this picture to be serious and silent for a moment, only someone spoke.

“Southwest defeated Jurchen, the vitality has been hurt, and will inevitably be unable to do the Northern Expedition. The Central Plains tens of millions of people have suffered for more than ten years. I have this opportunity. If I look at it again, I will be alive. You, General Liu is right, in fact, Regardless of those plans and interests, today’s Central Plains Limin is also in need of abandoning the suspicion and saving it from the fire and the fire. It cannot be delayed. Today’s event, General Liu takes the lead. In fact, at present, the entire Han Chinese world, and only General Liu, is highly respected. In this matter, I can serve as the head of the league. From now on, I will go up and down with Jiang Family Chen Family, and listen to General Liu’s deployment!

In the scenery that Dajiangdong went, there were many meat eaters who made difficult choices for the future of this country.

The city head changes the king flag. How many people will remember them?

This is the end of March, Zong Han has not yet stepped out of the sword, Qin Shaoqian and Wan Yan Xi Yin are constantly dispatching troops to confront the north of the Jiange. On March 27th, Qin Shaoqian’s general, Qi Xinhan, led 3,000 people and appeared near Fancheng, a thousand miles away, trying to attack the Xiangfan Ferry. And Yan Yanxi is already prepared.

The seventh army of the Huaxia Army was elite, and the first round of the killing of the Jurchen Tushanwei began.

(End of this chapter)

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