1021. Chapter 994, Chapter IX, The Final Battle (4)

Chapter 994, the ninth and fourth chapters of the decisive battle (four)

In the first year of Wu Zhenxing’s reign, in the early summer of the thirteenth year after Ning Yi angered and smashed the banner of China, many common senses in this world were being subverted.

The fourth round of the Jin Dynasty, which lasted for nearly two years, has come to an end. During this period, the southwestern battle, which seems to be marginalized and is being watched by countless people all over the world, is coming to an end. Wu Dynasty fell and collapsed in the attack of the Jin Guodong Road Army. The tragedy of the entire world to the Golden Man was painful, but it did not surprise many people.

Throughout the Jinwu War, Wu Dynasty had stupid acts and tragic resistance, but before and after the war, people clearly knew that Wu Dynasty was the real weak in this war. The failure of the weak is sighing and heartbroken, but most people in the whole world have thought about this scene at least once or twice.

For the black flag in the southwest, people are not willing to look at it for a long time. The people of Wu Dynasty have more or less misunderstood the impression. Even many of the forces that have long enjoyed mutual benefit with the southwest trade have once huddled in the southwest Liangshan. A few of the hundred people in the area, it is difficult to give a very high evaluation – and this “extremely high” ceiling, at most, is also flush with Wu Dynasty.

Even in the Golden State, most of the people did not seriously consider the threat of the so-called “black flag.” Although the battle that took place in the Northwest in the past caused the Golden State to lose two generals, it was followed by the victory of the Golden State and the massacre of the Northwest. Really saw the black flag threatened only the high-ranking Zonghan, Xi Yin and other gold countries, and their thinking is also stuck in “not too late.” When the fourth South Expedition came, the East Road Army attacked Wu Dynasty, and the West Road Army placed its purpose on the southwest. With the attention of Zonghan and Xiyin, others would no longer have hidden dangers to the black flag. Worried.

Zong Fuzong’s levy on Nanwu is still likely to return to the feathers and return without success. However, the goal of the West Road Army’s gaze – the group of Wu Dynasty 躲 hiding in the mountains – is basically no possibility of hiding. of.

People watched the mighty Jinwu confrontation and watched the process of the crackdown of Nanwu. For the advancement of the West Route Army, most of them held a relatively comfortable state of mind. If Wu Dynasty’s war process can support a wonderful gamble, the development of war in the southwest can only become a gamble in time for a long time: When will Zonghan break through Zhangzhou and when it will break? Chengdu, when will defeat the so-called Chinese Fifth Army, when to triumphantly return to the DPRK… At the beginning of this year, such a gamble may be adjusted, but in the general direction, there is still little change.

Until the southwest of the Heart Demon turned the cards in his hands like a trick master.

No one expects that the black flag army, which has only a few hundred people based on the area, will have such a great power. In the second half of last year, the West Road Army entered the Jiange, and the cards in the hands of Heart Demon were only slowly and slowly turned over. The West Road Army led by Zonghan only thought that it was facing a small pond. .

But this year, especially since February, the face of Heart Demon has become fierce, and even one is more intense than one. The small pond was shaken, the fire was accumulating, and Zonghan and others who had already penetrated into it, saw the magma that surged like a face, and the people who were preparing to fight against the small pond faced the volcanic burst.

In February, Wangyuan Bridge, in March, pursued all the way, all common sense was broken in front of people. People thought that the black flag was only the unruly rebel inside Wu Dynasty – just like Fang La, like Tian Hu, at most Even more extreme and more extreme Fang La and Tian Hu – but did not expect, this moment the black flag shows that it is beyond the rise of the Jurchen, “everything is invincible” terrifying power.

The most terrifying is that such power has not yet reached the bottom. If the firearms appearing in the southwest between February and March are a breakthrough in the Qiqiao skill, by April, Zonghan had placed the final hope of the Hanzhong decisive battle, and people suddenly saw and even surpassed the amazing power of Kit Kat. A scene.

On April 19th, in the records and summaries of later generations, this is the moment when the modern military system and the military beliefs truly reveal the terrifying power. With the seventh army led by Qin Shaoqian rushing to the front, he once had the belief of “sad soldiers” and The Jurchen army, which still maintains the peak of this era in the quality of individual soldiers, was almost smashed to the ground in the midst of being caught off guard. This is the performance of 20,000 Chinese troops facing the 90,000 Jin Jun.

Amazing battle will, excellent battlefield coordination, super high organization, reflected in the field, it is almost the comparison of the strength of the steel knife tofu. On the afternoon of April 19th, the striker’s army led by Pucha was like a huge roller, and it was irresistibly defeated in the unanticipated large-scale beheading tactics.

Before the battle, in this era they were also the tenacious army of steel, but the steel was crushed by hard and hard, and then the finished Yan Sabai could seem to hear the crisp and smashing sound.

The fierce battle continued on this night.

In the years after the death of the Han Chinese war, the evaluation often tends to be in two directions.

One believes that the Jurchen army at this time is already going downhill. Especially after the defeat of the southwest, the army’s military heart has collapsed. Therefore, for the combat strength of the Chinese Seventh Army, it is necessary to make a few discounts. Measure, using Qin Shaoqian’s statement at the time, probably ate the stopped cold rice left by the Fifth Army.

According to another argument, Jin Bing, under the leadership of Zonghan and others, also evoked the peak of the feudal army in a certain period of time compared with the Huaxia Army’s peak strength based on the modern military system. Strength, this is the remnant of the pride of the Jurchen army in the world for more than 30 years. After the defeat of the southwest, with the difficult march of the North Return Road, the resurgence of the Battle of Hanzhong finally inspired a certain sorrow. ——When he fled in the southwest, the consciousness of the mourning soldiers may only exist in the hearts of a few high-level aristocrats, such as the high-level generals. When they reach the Hanzhong side, the middle and lower layers gradually feel that they may not be able to return. That kind of fear.

Such a mourning of the soldiers has stimulated their combat power to a certain extent. In the upper ranks of the army, the performance of several generals is actually very bright, which is even like they burn their own rays of light. For example, in the first time after the rescue of Pucha, the first choice was to consolidate the positional torment defense, and in the second day of leading the cavalry’s desperate raid, it caused a lot of trouble for Huaxiajun.

The most responsive, perhaps the end of Yan Zonghan’s response in this night. Shortly after receiving the news from the squadron, the true Jurchen veteran who had been fighting for more than forty years of the world mobilized the army silently, prepared for defensive night strikes and even counterattacks. Ten li or so outside the second division of the 7th Army of China, the original is Gao Qing, the scene is fierce, the mountain even ignited a piece of fire, but later proved that it is the Huaxia army’s illusion.

Qin Shaoqian led the second division’s main force. In this night, he followed the mountain road to the distance of the severe dozen li. In the early morning of April 20, when people were most tired and sleepy, they attacked Zonghan Camp. Zonghan’s response in this night was like wild. Beast-like accuracy. He himself stayed up all night, and made the soldiers in the military camp ready for the battle. The attack of the Chinese army then fell into a trap. This is the most beautiful scene for the Jin Bing in the Hanzhong War.

However, the quality of the Chinese army was extremely amazing. A company responsible for the front attack first noticed that it was wrong, and began to split the reconnaissance. This made the establishment of the Jinbing unable to surround the Huaxia Army’s brigade. A quarter of an hour after the start of the war, the striker of the Huaxia Army was at a disadvantage because of the cannon and the fire attack, but then it launched a tenacious rebellion and breakout.

In the subsequent battles, both sides showed an amazing battle intent. Zonghan and Han enterprises first went to the front line to supervise the war. When the enemy’s head was found, some Huaxia military companies and classes that had fallen into the semi-encirclement had even launched a raid at the core of the other party. This paid a certain sacrifice and did not get the result. With the retreat of the Huaxia Army, Jin Bing aggressively pursued the attack. In the near future, he encountered the anti-charge of the Huaxia Army, and the thousands of gold troops were defeated in the night.

Compared with the loss of the Huaxia Army before it fell into the ambush, the subsequent battles caused the Jinbing to have more casualties. Zonghan already understood the terrifying of the Chinese military. After that, he built a heavy defense.

This night’s battle also seems to confirm Ning Yi’s previous statement. Although the Huaxia Army has already had amazing combat qualities, it has also concentrated the wisdom of the people through the staff, but in the on-the-spot command and tactical use of war, it is more than killing. The Golden State generals who have survived for decades and have survived countless tests are still inferior. Pang Lu’an lost Huangming County. Due to this reason, Qin Shaoqian’s sneak attack this night was also unsuccessful.

However, the gold will be longer than the tactics, and the director of the Huaxia Army is reflected in the strategy. Ning Yi is good at operations, modern military discipline and cruel training, and the quality of the Seventh Army has been created to smear a little tactical flaws. Even if a thousand people surround 500 people, 500 people only need to turn a thousand people back.

After the night, Qin Shaoqian split half of the troops and rushed north, and cooperated with the first division’s offensive to complete the Yan Sabai, and slammed the power to stabilize the position, trying to drag the situation into the great legion’s position defense battle with the advantage of the artillery. . At the same time, Gao Qing and Zong Han pulled the camp north, and Qin Shaoqian led the troops to attack the road. Zonghan mobilized a large number of middle and low-level generals to launch a round of rounds of killing with the Huaxia Army with a fierce and long-lasting offensive.

Before the Huaxia Army had revealed the amazing power, Zonghan did not choose to retreat. At this time, the retreat was the real dead end. Even though the 7th Army of China has already had a strong fighting force, it adds up to 20,000 people. The female veteran knows that only the clenching of the teeth is the only way out.

He, Han Qixian, Gao Qingji, etc. did their best to maintain the organization of the army, and made a small-scale cutting of the large number of troops, and launched a continuous and frequent attack on the Huaxia Army in one round and round. In the local warfare, there have been many wins and losses, but as long as there is no large-scale decisive battle such as guarding up to the post, Zonghan has decided that even if the number of people is used, the Huaxia Army will be consumed.

In the scope of a hundred miles, the two armies are intertwined in chaos. The two sides are one point at a time. One mountain and one hill compete for the battle. The Chinese army is tenacious, but the Jurchens are under the control of Zonghan, Gaoqing and others. It is dense and responsive. Every time he defeats one of his troops, it is convenient to mobilize two troops to come and defeat two. There must be two troops waiting for the rear. The Jurchen’s style of warfare has always been rude. For forty years, it has been a wave of encouragement. A wave of assaults solved most of the enemy in this world. But after forty years of control over the military, Yan Zonghan had to face another test. No one expected him to respond to this test in this way.

The army of tens of thousands of people was almost cut into units of about 100 people. Zong Han threw these troops everywhere as he played chess. Some troops were ordered to die, while other units’ orders were relatively flexible. A fierce and a murderer received relatively specific instructions in front of him. The message transmission on the battlefield is inherently delayed, but Zonghan et al. predicted the battlefield trend with years of battlefield experience and the reaction of the other middle and high-level generals.

Some of the arrangements were lost, but the big battle direction was almost predicted by the old man in advance. In several high-intensity combat areas, the Jurchen’s reinforcements continued, causing the Chinese military to feel exhausted.

According to the records of several years later, in the days when the Hanzhong decisive battle began, there were soldiers in the Jurchen Army who proved that Yan Zonghan had “not sleeping for three days, and his eyes were red, and he had to be white.” The old man who shoulders the hope of the half of the Golden Kingdom , I have consumed myself to the extreme.

After the initial sneak attack, Huaxia Army changed to a more disciplined and more calm mode of operation. Although the intensity of the battle was extremely high, the attack, combat, division, and transfer were extremely frequent, but the staff of the staff department Not flustered, 20,000 people maintain each other’s echo and integrity in the big direction, every attack is to fight each other with the least cost – since the end of Yan Zonghan has shown a cautious response, can not directly smash the king The killing of the empty, the Chinese army simply turned into countless small mouth, through a partial victory, the other side hard to mental breakdown.

Near Hanzhong, more than a million “Han Army” – or just their leader – watched this crazy and fierce fight. But the news changes even faster than their cognitive ability to reality. From April 19th to twenty three, the people watching from the outside world could not see how the war in the west of Hanzhong burned. At most, I can only know that the Jinren’s squadrons are burning their best to burn themselves, trying to burn the terrifying enemies in front of them, and the Huaxia Army’s offense is like a hammer that once fell, trying to bring the fire of the Golden State. Extinguished, the killing of both has gone beyond the common sense of the past…

At noon on the same day, the strength of a battalion of the 7th Army of China was disguised as a broken Jurchen force after the disguise, and the Hanzhong South Gate was forced. In the afternoon, the focus of the two army battles was transferred here. The war that was originally entangled in the west of Hanzhong suddenly spread, and the whole Hanzhong was turned into a sea of ​​fire.

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