Aola Star: Parallel Universe
by 百漫马赛克工作室
a.k.a Aura Star: Parallel Universe. Bai Xiaotian transmigrates to Aola Star: Parallel Universe game world as a coincidence. In this
Treading on fire, Yuwen Jun!
by 剑剑 & 本T
Yuwen Jun (Cheng) came to Japan to get married because of childhood arrangement. Instead he got himself into a thrilling
Very Pure Man-hua
by You Lu Wen Hua
Yang Ming is the epitome of delinquents, getting in fights, skipping school, and cheating on tests. One day, he gets
I Shall Seal The Heavens Manhua
by Er Gen & 耳根
THIS IS MANHUA! This is about a failed young scholar named Meng Hao who gets forcibly recruited into a Sect