Abyss Summoner of Last Days

Abyss Summoner of Last Days


This is the name of this land.
Bottomless abyss of infinite level.
This is an endless, suffocating place of terror.

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2 years ago

hello there, read this novel to 300 chps. Mc is a person who went back in time before the apocalypse happened if u can even call it that, an energy wave went through the whole world, animals are now monsters, invasions from other planes ( i felt like it was a DnD world-ish). Mc is a summoner, the abyss is a place in DnD that has a lot of crazy demons and creatures so he summons them to fight for him and he gotta deal with the insects and zombies who have evolved. He also deals with post apocalypse world and he sets up his own city and his own army. This is a spoiler but he also becomes…………SPOILER ALERT………….a flaming demon or something, i red the raws so it might be different. And lastly mc is cruel dude so if u r not into it don’t read. πŸ™‚

2 years ago

to return the surveys

2 years ago

Thank you Z Man for bringing us interesting novels to read πŸ™‚

2 years ago

Harem or not?

2 years ago

Thank you, but I didn’t term nor sponsor this novel. the ones with z-man tags are mine. Say thanks to the termers by joining the discord


2 years ago

This novel is about a reincarnationer in the post-apocalyptic world, the mc is cruel and viscous, unscrupulous and shy from no evil or crime.
He doesn’t think twice about sacrificing others for his sake.
The mc has the power of summoning he summons creatures from abyss, a hell full of the most cruel and viscous creatures.
The mc can use his power to strike a deal with other monsters to gain power, he gained flame imprint ( the naming is not accurate) that let him gain some of the flame demon abilities.
He can integrate with a monster, this is different from the previous one as here some part of his body will become that of a monster permanently (or so it was explained).
This novel is extremely dark and not for the faint hearted.
Finally some mc that use his head instead of his dick to think

2 years ago

This novel really portrays what a random(average one without any talent of itself) apocalypse guy could do if he went to the past.
->I have tried to ignore it many times but the mc’s personality is as shit as you can imagine.Thing’s could have been done in a better manner as there
are many apocalypse novels out there but the author have made it seem like this personality is the only method to survive in the apocalypse.Just
admitting that you are cruel does not make anything better.
->Except for the lust part which author seems to have removed considering the bottom line for the readers, mc’s personality is very much like a
selfish dictator.
->Relying on past memory to lift up his powers and basically poaching/blackening any past important/powerful character that he encounters, Killing
other past personalities who does not want to listen to him directly/indirectly.
->No consideration of any kind for any other character just categorizing them into loyal/not loyal and usable/non-usable.
->That’s about the mc’s character, world building was fine for apocalypse scenario but bland with not much new elements compared to other novels.
->Flame Demon transformation was exciting at first but mc literally used it very few times since it is used only as a close combat method and
protection for summoner and could only be used as trump card for final moments.

2 years ago

It was cool until 800s then the author hit a block and cant get over it. I just dropped it around 1200s. Later in the series the author goes on for 10-20 chapters straight without talking about the MC. Just some random nobody. He keeps doing it over and over.
This series is pretty dark and he’s not a fool. He was very cautious until later. As usual when CN authors hit writers block they copy everything.

2 years ago

Good read
The complains should be the slow pace of the story and the excessive use of the same text over and over again, after some time the development is described as “after 2 years of ..”, I mean I get it but how many 2 years do you got?
The reincarnation memories are mostly useless, not so much stealing of heaven chosen chances, just 2-3 are there I mean in his last life Mc died after 10 years and has gotten to gold level, after that is 0 somehow after legendary the identify of reincarnated became useless
3.5/5 for lesser demon character ✌

1 year ago

good popcorn novel