Accidentally Knocked Down The Witch While Sword Flight

Accidentally Knocked Down The Witch While Sword Flight


Chen Shun broke through the Foundation Establishment Realm and decided to go for a few laps using flying sword
Speeding? He doesn’t care, sword flight is saf…
Boom! slap!
Big black magic hat.
Black cloak.
Black dress and small leather boots.
black buds…
Chen Shun wiped his nosebleed, confirmed it, and knocked down a witch.
What? The witch is actually my classmate! ?
(Single heroine, daily flow, dog food article)

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12 days ago

I Will taste the poison

12 days ago
Reply to  Avadin

At first sight, I thought this is dating diary of high schooler. But, this is good too read.

11 days ago

this is really rare. This book tells the story of a cultivator and magician falling in love by accident in the setting of modern time. too much dog food bait, dying of diabetes.