After Immortals Disappeared

After Immortals Disappeared


There are gods in the sky, there are people on earth, and there are no immortals in the world.
Three thousand years ago, the fetish came.
The cataclysm of heaven and earth, the weakening of spiritual energy, the disappearance of immortals;
One hundred and fifty years ago, the fetish came.
The rich Chipa Plateau and the invincible Panlong Ancient City have all turned into loess;
Another hundred years have passed, and I have come…
But the starting point to unravel all mysteries, and even the key to survival in troubled times, is to be a scoundrel;
Start with learning to hide the front and be humble;
start with an adventure;
Begin by reversing a given fate;
Most importantly, start by entering the dream of the gods.

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
13 days ago

the fetish came πŸ‘€

13 days ago

“It’s too late…Family? He Lingchuan startled, what did daddy do?”
300 chapters later, mc is still calling his father “daddy”

either way mc is still impulsive asf.

One thing i hate about mc reborn in young masters bodies.
Is they legit emboied the character, they get angry at the smallest insults and yet act smart when it comes to strategics input. when their just stating the obvious/commen sense then gets praiesd for it.

9 days ago
Reply to  gelle

Yep, I get you completely. Just experienced this again in the novel I was reading minutes ago.