Alchemist’s Daily Life In Foreign World

Alchemist’s Daily Life In Foreign World


An old man who is addicted to food, travels through the foreign world as an alchemist.

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1 year ago

“Welcome home then, Mister Smith.” Ms. Harris happily stamped a blue customs stamp on Edward’s passport. Pass the passport back to him with both hands.
Edward Smith took the passport and put it in the pocket of the windbreaker, and then tightened the windbreaker. Putting on the top hat, nodded smiling at Miss Harris and security John. There is no such thing as a slap in the face in traditional novels. He pulled up his big box and walked out of the customs of White Eagle Harbor.
This kind of small detail possibly show it can be a good series.
MC is blonde + blue eyes.

I just started. Seems to have magicians (Sorcerers they call) but also cowboys (?).
MC seems successful/rich at very beginning.

Review is just trying to “wet the tongue” and possibly make others that have time to test it further.

1 year ago

What is the mc’s cheat?

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1 year ago
Reply to  draglide1007

I would also like to know.