Asking The Immortal Dao

Asking The Immortal Dao


A mortal boy strayed into the immortal way because of an accident, struggling on the road of seeking immortality.
Immortal path is difficult to reach the sky, and in the face of numerous obstacles, his desire to seek the truth remains undiminished.
Looking back again, the green hills are still there, so the old is boneless.

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9 months ago

Are there any cheat or plug in for MC in this novel?

9 months ago
Reply to  gemberforces

Yes he has some buddha statue in his mind which protects hi divine conscioisness from pretty much everything like hearr demon or soul attack and stuff

Last edited 9 months ago by its_shrey
9 months ago

Bruh the story is so slow that i can’t even imagine when he will become a immortal, like its 200 chapter and he’s still foundation building

8 months ago
Reply to  its_shrey

So its a good novel πŸ™‚