Asura Martial Spirit

Asura Martial Spirit


I have a loyal heart, so how can goodness become a disaster; I will turn that earthly Shura, and ask the world’s friendship, what is the truth? !
The young man returned from adversity, swallowing the martial soul with one hand, swallowing the world, the sun and the moon, and assembling the martial soul with one hand, he can fight undefeated at the peak!
This world, I have the final say!

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5 months ago

dumb mc who delayed his cultivation and worked hard for his woman to remove poison from body and then diched by her for someone powerful and makes him cripple. most annoying part> when i was waiting for the bitch to die, and unknown powerhouse comes from nowhere and rescues the bitch and takes her away to higher level place for higher cultivation. so clichy. and our mv gotta work his way up while the bitch directly skips to higher level world. i wont be shocked if she runs away again or mc even forgives her since that’s how dickhead mc’s are.

5 months ago

Sikap MC sungguh menyebalkan, terlalu banyak omong-kosong blablabla dan bukannya menaikkan tingkat Kultivasinya dengan martial spirit yang dimiliki.