At The Beginning Of The Three Thousand Dao Scriptures, I Became A Saint

At The Beginning Of The Three Thousand Dao Scriptures, I Became A Saint


Refining essence and transforming qi, refining qi and transforming spirit, refining spirit to return to emptiness, returning to emptiness and combining Tao, the ancient and mysterious sixteen mantras, all the secrets of cultivation.

This is the story of a young man who, with the help of Earth Star’s memory, became a Taoist ancestor.

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21 days ago

To the person who voted 1 star,did you even read this novel? Stop trolling.atleast read.rating 5 star to fix this

17 days ago
Reply to  freak

Rather than blaming him what were you thinking when you gave it a 5 Star rating? Don’t you think that your actions would mislead others in wasting their time to read stuff? Go google what does review mean first instead of comments finger at another guy, I haven’t read the novel yet but from the review of Anshul I can already tell it’s not something that’s worth even 4 Star as there is no smoke without fire.

20 days ago

Initially it took 7 yrs to understand 2-3 techniques (thats what he said). But after few chapters whenever he is in any trouble. He will start new op techniques without any proficiency problem. Like he doesn’t need to even comprehend it for few min. He was like ahh it easy because i created it. Motherfucker turned weird.

20 days ago
Reply to  anshul123ful1

And he is ur routine neighbourhood Mc – arogant, greedy, twisty and doesn’t like life. He has enemies all over the places and that to many- many realms apart. And he doesn’t want to sit and wait to cultivate. But just keep going out to do this and that. How immortal donn’ylt jave patience. They sit for months and years. And he cann’t sit for 2-3 days. Its all ur plot armour. He is always saved by something or someone.