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Black Iron’s Glory

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Welcome to Freia. A continent where evil magi ruled. Until firearms came, that is. Now the people live free of those demons… More, however, must lurk beneath the surface. Claude, a transmigrator from another world, finds himself in the midst of this changing world, attending ‘middle school’. Or, as he calls it, ‘boot camp’. His destiny was to graduate and join the military, but the future is seldom so simple. His life, and the world, is set on the path of upheaval and chaos the day he finds a cookbook. A magical cookbook.

December 10, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 525
December 9, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 524
December 8, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 523
December 7, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 522
December 6, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 521
December 5, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 520
December 4, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 519
December 3, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 518
December 2, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 517
December 1, 2019Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 516
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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings
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  1. Sarathan

    This one is great. Style of writing is top notch. Due certain reasons author dropped his previous work ‘The Reincarnated Lord’ . But this novel is far better compared to author’s previous work. Characters are explained really well too. Anyway try reading it.

  2. AshrithAsh

    One of my favorite novels, I like all the author’s works…TRL…and Black Iron’s glory…

  3. merong

    This is a great novel and also a fresh type of novel compare to cultivation type novels where the plot are almost the same.
    It’s just that the number of chapters and the 1 chapter a day release rate is quite few and slow for my appetite…

  4. asdfgh

    Probably the best novel on this site. No retarded plot, characters, and power ups. Especially thank god we don’t have to suffer through chinese young masters.

    The author has written ‘Reincarnated Lord’ before it was dropped due to chinese censorship in mainland. If you read it’s translated early chapters of this novel (go to novelupdates for them) the translaters explains the puns the incensed author has put in to mock said censorship (lol).

    This had to be said that author has a very specific style of writing. There are long chapters of info-dumps over indo-dumps. Many chapters are used in explaining what happened to the side characters and other info. This is crucial to world building, but if readers expect it to be MC wankfest that sadly it’s not. Like his last novel MC suffers through setbacks over setbacks because of family the world system he lives in. MC achievements and contributions even get stolen and are not known because he doesn’t have any power and exploitive leaders wants to gobble everything up to preserve the order.

    In this novel MC basically started revolution in the way wars are fought on his own and no one credits him for it(imagine the wars before napolean era. MC brought it to almost World War 2 level). There’s also aspect of Magic in the story but the era of magicians is over after firearms were developed, and strong magicians left the world for another after they exploited the magic resources to zero. So it’s there, but don’t expect much. Magicians can barely produce a fireball now.

    So MC will go through a lot before he’s able to set his footdown and dictate his own destiny. Author tries to exhaust all options MC could’ve taken in his position for better life before he would say ‘fuck it, imma make my own empire’.

    A bit of Spoiler below(around ch 470);

    Currently, MC is undeclared ruler(he is general in army) of his kingdom colony because kingdom was in civil war under incompetent rulers backed by exploitative nobles. Now the kingdom is trying to take back control of colony even though one of the ruler basically sold the colony to enemy kingdom while the other repeatedly ignored their pleas to help forcing MC to develop assault rifles and win the war against the enemy kingdom who invaded them with their full might. I believe this is the tipping point after which the MC and colony will go independent. The old rule was incompetent and exploitative while MC made the colony a literal paradise.

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