Blackstone Code

Blackstone Code

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This is a very interesting thing. It is obviously dim and black, but it can emit a golden light, which makes people deeply fascinated…

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2 years ago

World is similar to earth, and after recent world war most countries are opening up their market for the world.
MC transmigrates in a country, which is ruled by conservatives with isolationism as their ideal. Due to their bad policies economic crisis is coming, social conflicts and contradictions are increasing dramatically.
The main character is going against the current and using the capitalist mentality to plunder the assets and social resources of the masses with capitalist methods.
MC is wise and realistic, he knows how society works, how people respond in certain situations etc….

Pretty good business+politics novel… I enjoyed it more than Master Overlord.

1 year ago
Reply to  AcasualPawn__

this explain more then the summary