BTTH – Start With Capturing The Goddess

BTTH – Start With Capturing The Goddess


Chen Mo travels through the world and binds the goddess favor system. Every time he gets a good impression from the goddess, he will get a corresponding return from the system.
[Ding, the bound goddessβ€”β€”Butterfly! 】
[Ding, good feeling +1, get a first-grade pill for power storage. Trigger the hand-in-hand bonus and get the time to realize a stick of incense. 】
Chen Mo looked at the woman in front of him and said in shock: Isn’t this Queen Medusa’s sister?

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2 years ago

Well there’s honestly not much to review here. This is basically porn with everything censored out. No story at all he basically keeps on fucking. Heavy plot armor everywhere, the type where if it can go wrong it will go wrong. And last of all still the old problem with chinese authors putting something that isn’t supposed to be present in the world there. It could atleast be bearable if only elements from the BTTH world were present but the random addition of high sounding shit does not even grant this little luxury. 1.5/5

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shin - the arrogant young master
2 years ago

Not a bad read, mc is a scumbag and his dream is to build a harem but…. the female leads have actual personality so they won’t agree to it, so our mc has to play tricks and fool them, so that they don’t find out his relationships with other women.

The story might be Nothing special, but the harem in it is quite realistic.

Note- I haven’t finished the novel so i don’t know what happens in the end, but untill the part where I read it was decent.

Last edited 2 years ago by shin - the arrogant young master
2 years ago

give me some good novels dude you sound familiar with this website