Buddhist Cultivation: Starting from Divination

Buddhist Cultivation: Starting from Divination


As soon as Zhao Huai opened his eyes, he realized that he had become the last prince of the Great Yan Dynasty, but he was not excited, because the Great Yan had already perished, and now the world is ruled by a new dynasty. He went into exile in the south, settled down, and became a prince. The little owner of the pawn shop.
From the Prince of Yan to the unknown pawnshop owner, all Zhao Huai can rely on is a golden copper coin when he just crossed over.
As long as you flip a coin, you can get instructions in your mind, know whether things are good or bad, and divination in advance to face the blessings and misfortunes of things.
In front of you is a mysterious ring, whether to collect it or not, the instruction you get is 【Fu】.
You collect the ring and get the character and life [Lucky Pawn]
There is a marriage in front of you, whether you agree to marry him or not, the instruction you get is【Cause】
You choose to marry a new wife, and you will get the heavenly character and destiny [Tianxin Huiyan].
Demons are wreaking havoc in Zhongzhou, and if you have achieved great cultivation, you will be instructed whether to come out of the mountain or not.
You defeated the demon lord with one sword, shocked the world, and gained the emperor’s life [Sword Master].

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4 days ago

Its stupid. And forced romanse from the start destroy climate.

4 days ago
Reply to  zanpol123

Almost all chinese novels are stupid, this isn’t a genuine review. What if turns out a slightly better novel amongst all? If so, your comment would have made many skip it for nothing.

Next time someone write a review, do mention the chapter number you read up to and what you hated in it.

3 days ago

After reading till chapter 80, its an average novel. Though like the comment said it has early romance…..
The novel starts three years after the MC came to this world. MC’s previous body owner was the prince of the Yan Dynasty. His kingdom was overthrown by the Xia dynasty and since then he had been on run. During the escape, the previous body owner kill himself, thus allowing the MC to occupy the body.

Now, lets come to the story. The MC has been in this world for three years and has opened a pawn shop. After he woke up, he found a coin on him which is his cheat. This cheat tells him whether the upcoming events for him will be good or bad and has the power to provide him new fates..

For example, MC thinks about going to market today, so he tosses the coin, and in his mind, will be text whether going to the market will result in something unfortunate or fortunate.

The other function of this cheat is not explained properly, but it is something like this;- looking at the auction house pill, a small light flowed in his mind and a new line of text emerges. [Pill Master: You have twice the chance to succeed.]

As for how this cheat works, it will be perhaps explained later in the story.

Now, lets come to the world itself, the characters and the power system.

It is your typical, qi 1-9 layers, Foundation 1-9 layers etc. Nothing ground breaking. As of reading chapter 80, MC is in foundation which is neither fast paced, nor slow paced.

Now, lets come to the world building – Nothing groundbreaking. Just your typical, lives in this city, of this kingdom. The author is perhaps slowly introducing the world to us, as of right now, he hasn’t introduced any sect. There is one girl from a particular sect, but that is all.

Now, the final part… The romance….

Well…. How to say this… It is just plain… Like literally…. MC tossed a coin when the army was searching in the city for some person *Cough cough* their princess. He then finds out, the only place where he could be safe is the marriage bureau. He then goes there just to pass some time. Then picks a random girl from the list of women the agent was showing him. He then proceeds to the wrong room number where he met the FMC.

Kind of like, blind date going wrong.

The woman however became interested in him. MC then tossed the coin and sees that nothing bad will happen after marrying her, so he marry her..

Eh…. That was the romance part. After that it is MC goes out, some events happen, comes home, then goes out and so on.

Overall, this could have been a great read if only the author could have properly introduced the FMC and the human interactions.

But still, this is a relaxing novel that you can read if you have nothing else to read. Much better than that palm on immortal crap novel that was added here.

3 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

Why is it that every time I write a review, the novel starts to go downhill a few chapters later…..?
MC’s wife is the daughter of the current emperor, who is now almost dead because of an assassination attempt. Now she is considering going to meet him and perhaps take the control in her own hands.

A few chapters ago, the MC also got a fate skill called “thousand man”. The buff it gives is that the more people MC fight, the stronger his momentum will be till the end of the battle…

I hope this wont turn into novel with the court and king conflicts. So far this novel has been decent. Not too good, but not too bad.. That is because of the MC and the laid-back decision he takes. Like, not poking his nose into other’s business.

If the MC goes into the kingdom and start supporting his wife, then I will have to drop this novel.

Before marrying this woman, the coin showed that he would be blessed after marrying her. But after marrying her, there has been almost three assassination attempts on his life so far. Talk about being ‘blessed’.

Just another bullshit from author to force romance.

Let’s hope it wont go into the direction I am afraid of.

3 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

Well, I will be damned… This actually got better.
Though not a lot good, but the typical cancer scenario thankfully didn’t take place.
Will write final review after reading the last.

2 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

As I thought, it got better only for it to get bad….

The whole premise of the story is that the Yan Dynasty turns out to be an immortal-level force that was founded by an immortal. After MC goes into the monster’s lair for god knows why, he kills many monsters there and levels up, increasing his realm. In the end, a gold aura erupts from him into the sky, forming a dragon that was super duper exclusive to the Yan Dynasty…

Thus alerting everyone and their grandma that someone from the Yan dynasty bloodline is still alive. Especially the demons….

Overall, this novel started with some decent ideas only to be butchered later. Ultimately leading to the “FROM GREAT KINGDOM, AND NOW WILL REVIVE THEIR DYNASTY.”

Could have been much better, but shame it turned out this way.,

If you like these kinds of story, you guys can go ahead and give it a try. But for me, I am afraid my journey ends here.

Good luck future readers.