Calamity Crown

Calamity Crown


Death is like the wind, and disaster follows!
When I wear the crown…
Never bow your head!

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5 months ago

Similar to Lotm, but messed up.
The story start very confusing he’s cheat isn’t explained at all only by speculation u can understand how he’s cheat working, the problem with this novel that the MC basically a normal person he’s highest combat lvl is a pro boxer and a decent shooter, yet he kill high lvl transcendents with some tricks and get involved into a very high lvl scheme and somehow survive a chase of a dark church basically the same lvl Rose School of Thought in lotm ofc plot armor save him always some kind of luck.

On a brightside the MC is very decisive and ruthless, he doesn’t trust anybody and isn’t like a Virgin who can’t pass a woman he’s personality is using people around him and won’t put he’s live on line even if he’s a good friends with them, as it should be with world full mysterious especially when everybody want to kill him for no reason.

5 months ago
Reply to  kappalord

So it’s a forced plot type novel? If you have you read more then can you brief us more on his cheat?

5 months ago
Reply to  Kennny

Basically he’s cheat is dead later on, he’s cheat works only if ur relative was murdered with a weapon or like and dry blood left on the object he get a point that he can add to skills to raise them be it sequence or magic skill or just learn a language, MC uses he’s point on useless magic and on boxing that is useless later on but he got another cheat that can travel to another world but still doesn’t change that the MC is weakling and provokes gods a d they send angels to kill him, he’s like a running dog he got 4 worlds that he can travel to escape funny thing that he provokes people that he can’t handle in another worlds too and running around yet he’s still alive by the huge ass thick plot armor, the most retarded about this novel that MC always ends up in the main plot, an example summoning an evil God happens in the same city he woke up at, in another world he happens to be in the city where everyone looking for extraordinary people cuz its a city where extraordinary were born and now they are very small number government want to catch them for the secrets and there is a other 3 worlds same story

Last edited 5 months ago by kappalord