Cultivation Starts Three Years After Transmigration

Cultivation Starts Three Years After Transmigration


in three years, the transmigrators from other people’s families have already called themselves emperors and become the big bosses among the big bosses.
However, after three years of travel, Zhang Qingyuan, who had a tattered proficiency panel that he could see but couldn’t add, was only a small transparent among the tens of thousands of outer disciples of the …

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7 months ago

Read it very long time ago. In the novel, MC can he said have no cheats. His panel just shows him his proficiency and other data. It has no other role of adding points, no bottlenecks, deduce/merge excercise, instant practice any excercise, etc. It just shows MC his own MC data and does nothing else. Fairly good novel. A bit slow paced. So I got bored after some 200 chapters and quit.

7 months ago
Reply to  devilcrawl

Lol πŸ˜‚ haha

1 month ago

This is a very dry read. The story progression is SLOW. Even by chapter 60 the MC has made only a small amount of progress from where the MC started at the start of the LN. Outside of all of that the author is very flowery with how he writes and how he has the characters talking to each other. Thus there is bunch of extra stuff to read instead of getting to the point. On top of all of that the author repeats him self 3-4 times/paragraphs in a row to make sure that you understand what he said the first time. Thus even more stuff that is just filler and in the way of trying to enjoy the LN. You can skip over this stuff, but it gets to the point that you are skipping so much that you aren’t really reading it anymore, so why bother reading it at all.