Cultivator Who Travels Between Two Worlds

Cultivator Who Travels Between Two Worlds


The sudden appearance of the portable space actually connected to a world of immortal cultivation.
Li Zhi, who wanted to grow up, accidentally discovered that space could decompose corpses.
Feedback the corpse’s talents, exercises, magical powers, and even blood to him.
Then came the snake demons, the herbal spirits who could alchemy, and the mysterious protector of the country.
Original title of the book: I really just want to be a bad guy

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Spear Immortal
20 days ago

Bad story telling + bad mtl = Confusing didnt even know what is going on

20 days ago
Reply to  Spear Immortal

Yep i agree. There is not a proper flow of dialouges , cann’t figure out head and tail. Mc is again a fucking retard, who bought a dumb girl(cann’t speak), left her alone without money to fend herself for more than 10 days against enemy revenge and He ran away to another world to hide. And dialouges r pretty weird.