Cut Down The World

Cut Down The World


I cut from south to north,
I cut from white to black,
I will cut down this thousand mountains and ten thousand waters,
I want the world to know who I am!

I am Gu Zhan,
Gu Zhan, who wants the whole world to surrender!

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
10 days ago

no review?

10 days ago

It’s good, I’ve read all the chapters on here and can say that it is not offensive with the exclusion of the average Chinese sexism. Though I’m not sure if it is really sexism or just how the Chinese language system is. Maybe both.

9 days ago

Seemed promising, but just from the first 10 chapters i can see how this is gonna go. MC transmigrates, gains a exp system and suddenly becomes a genius tactician and his able to outthink everyone. On top of that, it follows the trope of MC indiscrimanently murdering his enemies ( who are officials like him, and in some cases higher then him) and no matter how many times he does it, all the villians constantly think he’ll follow the rules despite him murdering 10 other people before them who were equal if not higher then their position. Rinse and repeat and the MC seems to coast through everything.

7 days ago

I read the whole thing, you must have grown up sheltered if you think this is porn of any sort.
The whole story has the plot of the mc being in a decaying empire so the personalities are rather accurate.