Dao Fusion

Dao Fusion


The door of spiritual cultivation is illusory and unpredictable; the door of refining qi is detached from the world and supervises the society; martial arts are prevalent in the world, fighting for dominance in the world; the demons of the demon door are hidden in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to cause chaos.
The catastrophe is coming, the world is gradually chaotic, and the heroes are rising together.
Qin Ziling was reborn as a poor young boy in a small remote county in the Daqi country, and began to repeat a nightmare.
Ugly old man, dragon-head strange bird, hunted for thousands of miles…
In troubled times, how can a desolate and reborn person protect himself?
Until one day, he saw in a dream that a broken finger wearing a ring fell on a certain Taoist temple.

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6 months ago

No poison testers here? I shall leave then.

5 months ago

10 ch review
Mc occupi the body of some dude in ghost and demon world there is also plot twist that random dude body was getting possessed by some evil sect master but mc enter and fuse or whatever then got body fdk this shit is confusing to explain then he got op sprit cultivation tec from the old man special storage ring which is. Rare in world then story countinue