Dao Shadow

Dao Shadow


All premeditated dharmas are like dream bubbles.
All the things in the world are just shadows in the eyes, bubbles in the water, sun flames in spring, and dew in the morning, without reality.
And for thousands of years and generations, immortality is just coming from the stars and returning to the stars.
Countless planes, billions of living beings, immortals and mortals vying for a dream, is it not the shadow of my own six dusts?
So at the end of time and space, at the other end of the fairy road, what is that existence that truly transcends everything?
Boundless Essence Sea.
A Three-No Cultivator who died tragically, with the soul of two lifetimes, suddenly opened his eyes…

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11 days ago

Mc former bigshot transmigrate in random trash body. And start his story.
Then Mc can kill buildfoundation dude when he is on first flor first relam. Then he can kill all. Then he get random big bad vilian enemy. And Mc go to walk and get super powerfull artefact that his vilian enemy want get…. Mc have thick plot armor. Women go after mc on after another…

10 days ago
Reply to  zanpol123

Thank You for the sacrifice. Never reading it

9 days ago
Reply to  zanpol123

I don’t see anything new… Maybe, they wanted to publish this novel 5-10″ years ago but got late due to some reason.