Daoist in Magic World

Daoist in Magic World


Elemental magic, steam machinery, prayer magic, elves…
The state of order unifies society by law and develops at full speed under the guidance of the gods.
The demon and evil spirits dormant in the shadows waited for the opportunity to move, looking forward to the destruction and killing brought about by subverting the material world.
Han Qi carried Taoist templates to travel through the world, drawing talisman, refining magic weapons, canonizing gods and earth, subverting magical civilization, and preaching the world.

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1 year ago

Holy shit, this is already about not making a good novels it’s about spray chinese nationalism all over the world a basically copy of Wizarding world with Taoist proves that Chinese culture and super magic originated from China legends r the strongest, feels like author wanna earn some social credits from Chinese government for praising China

Last edited 1 year ago by kappalord
1 year ago

I can smell china’s govt here.

1 year ago
Reply to  its_shrey

The author licked so hard his mouth smells of china govt’s ass

1 year ago


1 year ago

Communist china at it again with the were better then everyone else; nothing is better than us Chinese bullcrap! .0001/5