Death Wizard Diary

Death Wizard Diary


Thor travels to a wizarding world full of weirdness and danger.
In order to live a good life, he is determined to overcome all difficulties and become a wizard.
But in this terrible world, both apprentices and formal wizards have to face many dangers of death.
Thor is the key target of persecution.
Fortunately, he got a diary that can predict the future.
However, the future predictions in the diary are all:
【You bleed all over your body and die】
【You become Huafei and are satisfied with this new form. 】
【You laughed yourself to death】
[Three years later, you become someone else’s potion material. 】
Thor: (╯‡ β€²)╯︡┻━┻ I can’t take this cheat!
Wait, Thor’s eyes lit up: Did I rule out another wrong option just now?
Soon after……
Diary: (β•―#-dish-)β•―~~╧═╧This cheat is really not a job for books!

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2 months ago

Very weird novel, MC traveling to the wizard world like any other, then he getting target by many people for no reason make my brain hurt. Author doesn’t give any explanation and the only excuse author make that they want to make MC experiment material but it doesn’t make sense when MC is no body and got nothing special there dozen of slaves that die everyday and can be experiment material but somehow MC always being target by everybody for no reason make a furstrating read, I get it author wanna make he’s “cheat” to work and all novel based on the cheat itself so we get excited how he avoiding death but it doesn’t make any sense for no reason everyday some one new try to kill MC just cuz he walked near him or MC looked at someone or because MC turn down a small request etc it become very stupid as it progress there layers and layers of conspiracy to kill MC cuz he offended some one just for no reason there thousands of people and MC always offend some on by doing nothing, MC work is to dissect corpses he doesn’t even see people yet somehow everybody know him and try to kill him non stop cuz he’s not pleasing to the eye author give up on reason why he got permanent taunt buff

2 months ago
Reply to  kappalord

Bro atleast read with your eye open
He is being targeted by only one kid SID because he know mc took his diary of dead aka mc golden finger which reminds him about his dead (he can’t kill mc directly because if he will he cannot aquire the diary so he use indirect means

2 months ago


I feel like u read only 5 chapters he being targeted by multiple people, he got target by kesha/her teacher then got targeted cuz of dairy then tower master clearly want him to be subject of he’s experiment I think u need to open ur brain and understand what ur reading

Last edited 2 months ago by kappalord
2 months ago

mc starts in “hell” difficulty.

Armand Targaryen
1 month ago

goog novel

Mister Op
1 month ago

Chapters 148 to 160 are missing. Please help.