Demon Dragon

Demon Dragon


Humans are born of human beings, and monsters are born of monsters.

When people cross into the body of a monster, they are no longer a monster, but a human monster…
The protagonist accidentally travels through and becomes a little snake, but finds that he has the blood of the dragon family, and sees how he plays the Three Realms.
The legend of the demon dragon, please watch.

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1 month ago

Strictly speaking he was reborn as a snake with dragon blood and doesn’t want to accept that he was not human and do some ridiculous things and cover them up as for example a girl seems to have asked her brother to not kill him and mc seems to be moved and started feeling guilty for delivering them to demons and later period did even more unreasonable things that make me question his iq for helping that women

Another example is when he is demon he was excited to get autograph from cultivators with this one can understand what kind of trash this novel is I have to say why do people bother to write monster mc stories when they think like humans

1 month ago
Reply to  Killerarrow

You are not wrong about the fact that this novel is bad but the reasons cited are wrong. In the same chapter, the mc understood his naivety and in the next chapter, snitched on a human cultivator. So, at least read a little further and then complain.

1 month ago
Reply to  Killerarrow

I agree with you, it feels like some kids isekai virgin-mc manga wrote by a Japanese author for kids(not sarcasm or nationalism, it’s just to tell that I am not talking about Manhwas)