Does It Matter If You Are Trapped In Ashura Field If You Are Not The Protagonist?

Does It Matter If You Are Trapped In Ashura Field If You Are Not The Protagonist?


After clearing the game, the world ushered in BadEnd.
No matter what Luo Wei thinks, the reason for the failure is the female characters around the protagonist.
【Purity Vow Saintess】: Twenty-five-year-old saint, a shopping expert before the decisive battle;
[Scarlet Wing Valkyrie]: The Lanshen warrior who is full of words about tigers and wolves, has no endless hatred, only endless blame;
[Silent Night Witch]: A scheming witch with a thousand faces, slippery stockings that can’t be hugged;
[Nai Mie Sword Fairy]: No one can say it, I am a second-rate sword master who is 50-50 with miscellaneous soldiers;
[Star Miracle Master]: Heavyweight bewildered man, star fooler.

After waking up, he traveled to the world in the game and became an old friend of the protagonist in childhood. He, Rowe Brook, swore on this, that he would personally eliminate the factors that affect the protagonist’s sword drawing, and witness the world usher in a happy ending.
Even if, everything will be borne by him..
This time, she will never be allowed to hinder the protagonist!

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some sacrifice

30 days ago
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That description coupled with the Japanese poster, I see no hope for a mortal to survive that level of disaster.

Fallen Dawn
1 month ago

Poison Tester 404 on duty!

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Doesn’t seem like it.

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Another one down

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